When we talk about Dubai, we talk about the top-most tourist attractions of the world and the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is regarded as the jewel in the crown of the Arab world without any exaggeration to this assimilation. It is perhaps the only city that brings together diverse experiences for its guests. You get to see skyscrapers, deserts, beaches, shopping malls, theme parks, heritage sites, and much more. A pertinent question when one considers visiting Dubai is “what is the best time to visit Dubai?” Well, Dubai is phenomenal at all times and every time of the year offers its own specific delights. However, if you are very specific about the weather and festivals which characterize Dubai, Dubai’s winter is the ideal time to visit Dubai.

When Winter Starts in Dubai

Winter starts in Dubai in November and lasts till March. Temperature variation during these months is between 17°C and 30°C. Skies are blue with buildings projecting into the blue arch overhead. Summers in Dubai are characterized by scorching heat as the city has grown out of a desert and there is no natural vegetation to absorb the heat of the sun. Summers are rather testing months and are only advisable if you are extremely excited about a lot of heat and sunlight.

Winter is the Peak Tourist Season

Due to temperature falling in bearable range, winters in Dubai are marked by a huge influx of tourists. You don’t want to be visiting Dubai at a time when there is hardly anyone around you due to the raging sun which is extremely exhausting and dehydrating. The company is always great and a place like Dubai is only worth visiting when it is bustling with people. Blue skies and the gentle breeze make it extremely pleasant as evenings get chilly. Humidity is virtually absent in winters which rid you of all the panting which accompanies high humidity levels.

Winters have Greater Chances of Rain

Precipitation in Dubai is not that significant but whatever little rain Dubai receives, it occurs during winters. Winters are the best time to visit Dubai as you may experience the scanty rainfall only in this season. Walking on the sand becomes possible more than at any other time as it is never too hot to bear.

Dubai Shopping Festival Awaits You in Winters

Dubai and shopping malls are interchangeable terms. Dubai is home to the most famous and elite brands when it comes to shopping. Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event spanning over a month and organized regularly by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment(DFRE). For many people, this festival is the ultimate reason to visit Dubai. It kicks start with a marvelous display of fireworks and what follows is a month-long shopping spree. Tourists are attracted by the amazing discounts which are offered to grab their attention in the first place. Shopping takes the form of a festival as you shop in the middle of performing artists and musicians. Contrarily, if you visit in summers, you don’t get to have any of this and you will just be confined to air-conditioned malls.

How Can You Miss the New Year?

New Year Eve is the defining moment of Dubai’s nightlife and festivities. People make advance bookings for this time of the year as the fireworks are just jaw-dropping and iconic. One has to be vigilant with the bookings as you may be left out in this season as there are too many people eager to be in Dubai.

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival

Most of the tourists visit various places around the world to know more about the culture which characterizes various regions. The same stands true for Dubai too. Al Marmoom Heritage Festival in Al Marmoom Heritage Village is a defining feature of the cultural and traditional festivals of Dubai. Camels are at the center stage of this festival as they are an inalienable part of the Arab and Bedouin culture, and the UAE government leaves no stone unturned to promote this unique and beautiful part of their culture. This event is also a part of the winter package.

Dubai International Film Festival(DIFF) will Blow You Away

Rulers of Dubai not only promote Bedouin culture, they also bring together cultures from around the globe in the form of the Dubai International Film Festival(DIFF). Held in December, it signifies a marvelous effort to promote art and artistic expression in the form of movies and documentaries. This grand festival brings together film stars, producers, directors, and other artists of the film fraternity to promote the soft image of the UAE, and bridge the gap between various cultures around the world. You definitely would like to be a part of this iconic event of the Arab World.

International Jazz Festival is a Unique Experience

Another event involving art and music is the International Jazz Festival which is organized in February each year. People gather and dance to the tunes of artists from around the globe.

Diwali is Full of Colors and Lights

UAE’s one-third of citizens have Indian origin. This makes the festivals that are near and dear to Indians a very important feature of the festivals of Dubai. Hindi Lane and Karama at Bur Dubai are the top destinations to be at during Diwali celebrations as you will be witnessing stalls and shops embellished by lights and candles. Fireworks and crackers are super exciting to watch. This event marks the priority which Dubai’s government attaches to its people from various descents and reveals the commitment of the UAE to make it more inclusive for its eclectic set of citizens.
Hence, winters are marked by greater activity and excitement in Dubai. There are far more tourists in winter than in summers which adds to the liveliness of the tourist experience. No one wants to be alone on a trip and it is always good to have a lot of people around you. So winter is the time for you to visit Dubai by all means.

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