“Eid is the major Muslim festival celebrated twice each year across the globe by Muslims. The first one indicates the ending of Ramadan’s sacred month; in which the Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset for a month, it is referred to as Eid-Ul-Fitr as due to the mandatory act of charity Fitr. While the second one marks the 10th Zil Hajj (the month of holy pilgrim) that is renounced for performing acts of sacrifice of animals in memory of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.). Both the festivals have three days’ duration and follow the Muslim lunar calendar. UAE and especially Dubai Government make significantly glorious efforts for these celebrations and that is EID DUBAI is top of the list for travelers planning vacations.

The authorities organize multiple Eid season gatherings with fabulous fun to attend each of them. Live entertainment, shopping festivals, and outdoor dinner are the main part of the Eid celebrations. Several department stores and supermarket chains also offer special Eid discounts and activities.

One of the best ways of getting into the spirit of Eid is to wish people a “Blessed Oath” in Dubai. There is plenty of time to celebrate this important Islamic holiday. However, the main question is What is Eid? and when is Eid in Dubai?

What does Eid ul Fitr Mean for Muslims?

Eid Dubai

When the definition of Eid for Muslims in Dubai and all over the world, is “the festival of the fast-breaking.”. Eid ul Fitr festival is an exciting time in Islam and gives the chance to visit families, friends, loved ones, as well as other communities after a month’s abstinence and devotion to Allah. At end of the month, the Holy Qur’an was initially introduced on Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Muslims around the world devote most of their time in reciting the Qur’an and connecting to Allah (SWT) in Ramadan between sunset and sunrise. Eid ul-Fitr is great a time for families and loved ones to receive blessings after a month of devotion and commitment.

When is Eid ul Fitr 2023 in Dubai?

Considering the festival of ending the fast, the Eid festival immediately comes after Ramadan. The month lasts for 29 or 30 days, depending on when the new crescent moon is sighted.  According to the International Astronomical Centre, Eid 2023 in Dubai is expected to begin on May 2, Monday. However. It’ll be confirmed by the UAE’s moon-sighting committee.

Eid al-Fitr 2023 public holiday

The Eid al-Fitr holidays in Dubai have been officially confirmed. The public sector will have its holidays starting from the 29th of Ramadan to the 3rd day of Shawwal according to the Islamic calendar. In other words, its Eid will starts from Saturday, 30 April to Wednesday, 4 May 2023. The holidays will no doubt prompt UAE residents to take advantage of various Eid activities. Keep in consideration, these holidays announced by the UAE authorities is applied to the private sector.

How Eid in Dubai is Celebrated?

dubai eid

Eid is celebrated as a family occasion in Dubai as well as all over the world. Families celebrate by waking up early and then going to the mosque to for special Eid prayer. A feast is enjoyed with close friends and family. The most exciting part of the day is when everyone exchanges gifts as a gesture of goodwill and luck. Donations to the poor people are also given away during this time.

Eid al-Fitr, comes from the Arabic word meaning “the Festival of Fitr (mandatory donations for charity) is a significant day in the Islamic calendar. Muslims worldwide mark the close of Ramadan and celebrate the beginning of Shawwal. The Eid Al-Fitr (a.k.a smaller Eid or sweet Eid) marks the end of the month of Ramazan. It is believed that the Holy book- Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in this month. The Eid Al-Ada (a.k.a Big Eid or Baqar (goat, due to popular choice of sacrifice) Eid), is observed after the completion of the pilgrimage of Hajj.  Eid- Eid Al-Adha is celebrated in honor of Hazrat Ibrahim’s willingness for sacrificing his son in submission to God’s command.

The residents and government of Dubai decorate the streets to celebrate, particularly before the first day; Hotels, government departments, and all major attractions are decorated for the occasion. The entire city shines like its people. The roads are jam-packed and all kinds of reservations are to be made in advance. Airline tickets are usually sold out. It’s a glorious time with fun and vigor as there’s no sad stone left.

Eid celebrations in Dubai


The supermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores understand the tradition of donation during Eid. For this purpose, there are some good deals to be taken advantage of. From big brand stores to department stores, you can find the shopping item on discount. Huge promotions are revealed usually at the last minute. It would be best to check out all the websites, especially malls, if you’re in Dubai in order to enjoy some unbelievable offers.

The Eid ul Fitr time is a deviation from Ramadan month and for Dubai festivities, entertainment takes place. Spectacular activities are experienced by visitors in shopping malls and entertainment centers. Live shows, performances, music festivals, and much more are available. Dubai and throughout the region, all theme parks have something special to offers for Eid celebrations.

Keep in consideration, giving gifts and donations is an indivisible part of the festival. For those looking to give some gifts for their loved ones, Dubai people are accustomed to take advantage of special offers. Eid gift-giving is true tradition between Emirati families and friends representing a sign of affection.

Children are also given gifts or money as Eidi. It is also customary to give zakat al-Fitr to the need. The best thing is, that the Emirati children celebrate Hagg Al-Layla. They dress in their best clothes and go around their neighbor’s houses. In return, the neighbors reward them with various of sweets that they put in their traditional cloth bags.

Eid Days in Dubai

Eid in Dubai is celebrated with great passion. This year, several events will take place to engage people in the lavish fiestas of Dubai. The regional stars at concerts give their best with their most famous songs. Some local musicians also shine a bright light on culture. The famous malls and brands in Dubai put their new collections online so that you can get your presents at your doorstep.

Ways to Celebrate Eid ul Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr festival in Dubai is a meaningful way to celebrate the end of Ramadan month. Still, before the celebrations begin, it has to be held several rituals to thank Allah for all that he did. Before the ghusl’, purifies the body, Fajr prayer is conducted. Following the purification, the families wear new clothes and go to the nearest mosque to offer special Eid prayers and wish their families and friends a standard greeting termed as Kul ‘am wa-antum bi-khayr (May you celebrate every year). Fitrana is a gift of charity that must be made before the start of Eid prayers. It is given to the needy people so they can also partake in eid celebrations. In Dubai, it’s traditional to exchange presents during the Eid celebration.

Eid al-Fitr is a national holiday in several countries with large Muslim populations. Schools, offices, and companies are closed to enjoy the celebration. Muslims in the UK request to leave school or work to visit or celebrate with family. Muslims also decorate their homes with lamps, lights, and flowers. Special meals are prepared and relatives are welcomed.

Eid guidelines 2023

As the Eid holidays are combined with togetherness and merry-making. In the light of the pandemic the authorities have not issued any official COVID-19 safety guidelines in 2023. However, the Omicron variant is on the rise, we should do our best to perform the health protocol. Keep the social distancing during a family gathering as well as in public places.

UAE government has mandated the vaccine booster for all UAE residents. Furthermore, if you have to visit your family abroad, ensure you have taken your vaccine booster before traveling.

Why Spend Eid in Dubai?

It is fascinating to know that the residents of Dubai celebrate Eid with fervor. To accommodate this, restaurants, hotels, attractions, and authorities all over the city prep themselves in advance. However, there are several reasons to celebrate your Eid-ul- Fitr festival in Dubai. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting reasons.

The Excellent Food


The Dubai food culture of Eid applies more to ‘Eid-al-Fitr’ as it marks the end of Ramadan. Therefore, most of the celebrations in Dubai revolve around eating. These days, the sharing of food is one of the major focuses of family celebrations.

Here is a list of specialty dishes during Eid in Dubai


Ouzi is a local specialty of the UAE prepared by slow-cooking succulent lamb/ goat before mixing it with rice. The topping is done with fried pine nuts. In Dubai Ouzi is one of the signature dishes of Eid festival.

Chicken machboos

Chicken machboos is another popular dish that is prepared by cooking chicken thighs in tomatoes, onions and various herbs. The dish is served with basmati rice.


Luqaimat- a delicious dessert dish is made by dipping balls of dough in honey. It’s so delicious and the dish is ideally suited to the occasion.

Where can you see Eid Fireworks in Dubai?


As there’s a long weekend this Eid, and most of the people are probably wondering how to spend the extra days off. However, if you are not jetting off, Dubai offers plenty of things. Known for its decadent celebrations in order to celebrate UAE public holidays, there will be a mesmerizing firework across Dubai for Eid Al Fitr 2023.

Here’s some important places where to see Eid fireworks in Dubai

  • The Pointe

The dazzling fountain of the Pointe’s is going to be complemented by a huge firework on the first day of Eid Al Fitr. Although the first day of Eid- ul- Fitr is not confirmed, it’s likely to be on Monday May 2. Whichever day is, expect to see fireworks light up the skies at 9pm.

  • Global Village

It is fascinating to know that the Global village’s date has been extended till 7th of May. On this Eid, the Global Village spectacle will be turned up a notch with fireworks. The musical fireworks display will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday behind Carnaval.

Buy Online Global Village Tickets

  • Dubai Festival City

If you looking for ever-impressive fireworks in Dubai, Dubai Festival City Mall will come alive with a spectacular three-minute fireworks display. The show will take place with the colorful light, and sound show, and laser. Are you looking to make a night of it? Buy a ticketed concert on the South Side that is going to take place on Tuesday, May 3.

  • The Beach, JBR, and Bluewaters

You can also expect to see stunning fireworks displays at both the shorefront of The Beach, JBR as well as Bluewaters. However, both displays will take place on the second day of Eid at 9pm.

Places to Visit in Dubai During Eid Holidays


No doubt, Eid is a joyful occasion to celebrate with family and friends, but it has a different sense if you are spending it in Dubai. It’s exciting to know that Dubai offers numerous Eid activities to enjoy this most awaited time. Whether your idea is spending lavish staycations, visiting parks, or even enjoying a unique fine dining experience, we got you.  As we all are waiting for Eid. Here’s good news for all this year the Eid holiday is a long one that makes it more exciting.  Eid Al Fitr holiday starts from May 2nd until Wednesday, May 4th, 2023 means that you’re on a holiday for five days. Let’s discuss some of the best places to visit in Dubai during the Eid holidays.

  • IMG World of Adventure 

If you are thinking where to celebrate your Eid in Dubai, there is no better place than at a theme park. Enjoy your time through thrilling rides at IMG Worlds of Adventure. IMG adventure park is the largest and first indoor theme park in Dubai where you are allowed to visit 5 different epic zones.


  • Explore the multiple zones of the park
  • Enjoy various rides
  • Shop through the various retail stores
  • Watch a movie at Novo Cinemas

The Festival Wheel

Riding the Festival Wheel is known as one of the best things to do on this Eid in Dubai. This key intersection includes a massive wheel of 40 meters height offers a spectacular view from the top. Along with this, you can also can witness the magical sunset from above. Bring your camera to capture this moment.

  • Dubai Opera

Another amazing thing you can do if you are thinking what to do in Dubai during Eid holidays is watching live entertainment shows. It is fascinating to know that Dubai Opera presents enjoyable concerts during Eid. Whether you love classis, jazz, or Arabic music, you can find them all. Dubai opera is the best choice to relax your mind.

  • Downtown Dubai 

Go and celebrate your Eid at Downtown Dubai between its stunning attractions, Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. The one-of-a-kind Dubai Fountain includes fascinating shows on different music. Another option is to go for shopping at Dubai Mall for some self-pampering during the holiday.  You’ll have much fun in downtown Dubai as well as you’ll feel the joyful vibe of Eid with your friends or family.

  • Modhes world

If you are still thinking for what’s the best way to spend your Eid holidays with your family, then Modhesh World is an ideal option. Modhesh World works on placing all plans for the Eid holidays in one place. the best thing is, it’s packed with a lot of fun and entertainment as well as chances of winning prizes in multiple fun contests.


  1. Have lunch with your children
  2. Experience ziplining
  3. Enjoy climbing
  4. Try skating
  • The Green Planet

Without any doubt, the unique Green Planet is one of the most attractive places to visit in Dubai, especially during Eid. The green planet is first indoor tropical rainforest in the UAE.  It has created a sustainable ecosystem for more than 3,000 species making it close to setting a world record. You’ll feel like you are walking in a real African city through its outstanding nature.  You’re so lucky to have this kind of attraction in your city. Just go and enjoy a distinct experience away from the normal outings.


  • Camp in the rainforest
  • Play with the birds
  • Snorkel with Piranhas
  • Watch closely the reptiles
  • Have a brunch with a sloth

Ski Dubai

Here you have the best way to explore another side of the city. Ski Dubai certainly tops the list of one of the best places to go during Eid holidays in Dubai.  In this cool place, live a polar life with so numerous fun activities in a snow park spreading over 3000 meters. You’ll never regret to going to Ski Dubai for Eid celebration in Dubai.


  • Build ice castles
  • Watch the penguins
  • Make a snowman
  • Have an amazing chairlift ride
  • Start snow fights
  • Enjoy a coffee at the cafe

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Still didn’t find for the best place to visit during Eid holidays in Dubai? Then you must give yourself a chance to Dubai Parks and Resorts.  It’s where you can find three different and unique theme parks. It all depends on you whether you want to live in the world of Hollywood and Bollywood. Without any doubt, visiting Dubai Parks and Resorts is one of the top things to do for all ages.

Al Seef by Meraas

Are you spending this Eid with your family as well as searching for a place that suits all the members? If yes, Al Seef leisure destination will meet your demands. It’s one of the best places to visit during Eid. This waterfront gem by combines both the old vibes of Dubai and its modern facilities.  You will also feel amazed by its architecture. Besides, find many restaurants by its marina in order to relish a meal or a drink.


  • Stroll among its alleys
  • Enjoy your time with photo booths
  • Shop through its boutiques
  • A staycation at Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai
  • A lunch by the stunning water view
  • Dinner Cruise at the yacht

One of the most attractive places to go on Eid is the Dubai Marina- a notable city attraction. Get to experience a delicious dinner cruise lasting for two hours and a half of live entertainment. Not just that, you’ll also enjoy watching the mesmerizing views, sunset, and dinner. Having a delicious meal with a dazzling view—is there any better way to celebrate? Indeed no.

  • La Perle By Dragone

Visiting La Perle By Dragone is the answer for you if you are asking yourself what to do in Dubai during Eid. La Perle By Dragone is a must-see attraction, as it’s also considered to be presenting the best acrobatic show in Dubai. It includes the live showed like no other significantly designed to impress adults and kids.  Furthermore, you’ll feel astonished by the exciting performances, making it a remarkable memory.

  • The Lighthouse Restaurant

The fantastic lighthouse is another perfect place to visit during Eid. It is a unique restaurant that take you through a European feel. The place is well- known for its vibes of light music as well as white interiors with outdoor gardens. Get to connect with artsy side stimulated with the designs, books, and textiles available in the linked store.

Popular Dishes

  • Salads
  • Mediterranean dishes
  • Boulangerie
  • Tapas
  • Bakery
  • Desserts


What are the traditional foods to enjoy on Eid in UAE?

Muslim communities around the world have various food traditions. From spicy Afghani Bolani and South Asian Biryani to popular Arabic Maamoul and Russian Manti- you are allowed to pick from wide range of mouthwatering traditional savories.

Can I perform Eid prayer at home?

No, you can’t, because of Khutba, this may differ from sect to sect

What’s the basic origin or Eid and Ramadan?

The holy month of Ramadan and the essence of Eid teaches us to be grateful, patient, and considerate towards others. Ramadan is the month when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Moreover, Eid Al Fitr marks the end of this blessed month.

When Eid ul Fitr is celebrated?

Eid ul Fitr is celebrated on the 1st of Shawwal. However, the Gregorian date depends on the moon sighting for the month of Shawwal. So, it could be after the 29th or 30th of Ramadan.

Are there Eid sales/deals available in Dubai?

Yes, there is amazing Dubai Eid deals available in order to make your Eid festival more exciting. Check the official sites of the shopping mall to stay updated.

When Eid 2023 in Dubai?

Expected to begin on May 2, Monday.

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