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Dubai is a land of food lovers and it welcomes its tourists with exotic aromas, delicious tastes, thoughtful colors and open hearts.
Although, Dubai being an international city gives you tastes from all around the world, but it is particularly famous for its traditional tastes. Since Dubai is an Arab Emirate, it has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods on its cuisines. And the beverages are equally aromatic and tasteful.
Apart from the luxurious food palaces and restaurants, the streets of Dubai are filled with roadside food corners too. You will find some amazing meals and snacks in almost every nook and corner of Dubai. Visit the streets and restaurants, and you will be amazed to see the variety of food cultures and tastes. If you happen to be a food lover, Dubai is just about the right place to fill in your temptation for food of every kind.
Dubai treats its guests with the world’s largest dish. What can you expect from a desert land better than a roasted camel; and that too as a whole? It is one of the most interesting dishes of Dubai. A whole camel is stuffed with rice, eggs, chicken, lamb, fish and spices and then roasted over charcoal. It is mainly served at the elite weddings or other large gatherings, but you can also find it in a street restaurant as well. It is something that you will only find in Dubai.
This Gulf land is also famous for its Shawarma. Though the dish is the most popular one in the country, it also has its varied versions in other Arabian countries as well. It somehow resembles the American hot dog but is made in a totally different manner. Shawarma is an everyday meal and is found in every other street of Dubai. It has pieces of marinated and cooked chicken along with other spices and pickled vegetables rolled in round bread. As delicious as it is, you can smell the amazing aroma from a distance!
You will be amazed by the exotic tastes of the vegetarian dishes of Dubai too. Do try the most famous dip of Emirati cuisine; hummus while you’re in Dubai. It is made with chickpeas, garlic and olive oil along with other spices. And when it comes to beverages, the most interesting thing you will be served with is the traditional Arabic tea in beautiful small tumblers with the most delicious dates. There is not a chance that you won’t love this unique combination.
No matter what part of the world you belong to, or what flavors you are used to, you will definitely find Emirati food full of delicious flavors, attractive colors, and tempting aromas. The perfect combination of ingredients and spices makes traditional Arabic food a favorite of everyone. So, if you are in Dubai, do take a break from your usual tastes and try the best traditional Arabic food in the world. You will come across the tastes that you will remember for a long time. Dhow cruise dinner in one such way of enjoying delicious dinner with romantic music and cool breeze of sea.

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