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If you are a Dubai citizen or whenever you go on a Dubai trip with your friends or family, you are always attracted to the most tasteful restaurants of Dubai. From desert food and live BBQ to Seafood, Dubai also has the best Italian cuisine too. There’s a wide range of restaurants, from casual trattorias to more formal fine dining. So, everyone can find something they like. Thus, we’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best when it comes to Italian restaurants in Dubai.

List of Italian Best Restaurants Near You in Dubai

The best restaurants in Dubai always serve the highest quality food of all cuisine. Most often, the food at these restaurants is always made with fresh ingredients. In this way, you might be wondering why so many people like to eat at Italian restaurants. People like Italian food because it tastes good and is good for you. And you know that traditional recipes for food have been passed down from one generation to the next. Thus, here is our list of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai that are well-known and worth going to.

Italian Restaurant in Dubai

List of Italian Best Restaurants Near You in Dubai

  1. Bussola
  2. II Borro
  3. Massimo’s Italian Restaurant
  4. Scalini Italian Restaurant Dubai
  5. Cibo Italiano
  6. Roberto’s Ristorante
  7. Solo Italian Restaurant and Bar
  8. Cipriani Dubai
  9. Trattoria
  10. Jazz @ PizzaExpress
  11. IL Passaggio



Bussola Dubai

Bussola is a popular place and Dubai’s best restaurant to eat in the winter. It is because it has three restaurants in one. The traditional fine dining restaurant is on the ground floor, the wood-fired pizzas on the rooftop are the best in town, and Bussola Mare is a luxury beachside treat. From here, you can also see Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah in the distance as the sun goes down. The menu is a tribute to Sicilian food and has a lot for people of all ages to enjoy. Try the handmade ravioli filled with mushroom and truffle cream or the Bussola pizza, which is their signature dish.

Address: The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 12pm noon.

II Borro

II Borro Dubai

II Borro quickly became popular with foodies in Dubai. Only at Il Borro can you get the best of Tuscany. Even though the menu takes fine Italian dining to a new level, you can still taste the real thing in every bite. Thus, thanks to homemade recipes that highlight organic ingredients. In the winter, you can book a table on the restaurant’s airy terrace. And thus ask the staff to recommend their favorite dishes. You can also just order the tried-and-true classic Italian ossobuco. It is a slow-cooked veal shank served with creamy mash.

Address: Jumeirah Al Naseem, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 12pm noon.

Massimo’s Italian Restaurant Dubai

Massimo’s Italian Restaurant

It is a simple restaurant with classic Italian dishes, gelato, and outdoor seating on the water. Here, you can eat there or take it to go. The best thing to eat here is Focaccia Caldas, which is Focaccia Pizza Bread with Rosemary. They offer the best pizza in Dubai. Further, they have a great terrace right on the water and are a real Italian restaurant in the middle of Dubai Marina. In the end, they make traditional Italian dishes from scratch and serve them. Therefore, you can say Massimo’s Italian restaurant is Dubai best restaurant. You and your family can enjoy a delicious, varied breakfast. Additionally, you can also enjoy a real Italian lunch and a high-end, exquisite dinner there.

Address: Dubai Marina, Dubia.

Timing: opens at 12pm noon.

Scalini Italian Restaurant Dubai

Scalini Italian Restaurant Dubai

Scalini at the Four Seasons Resort on Jumeirah Beach Road is the best place to eat Italian cuisine in Dubai. A lot of the recipes on the menu come from old Italian cookbooks. The patina al Limone is one example (veal escalopes in lemon sauce). Also, the spaghetti all’Astice and the spaghetti with lobster which is their signature dish, are both very good. Scalini has an air of old-fashioned sophistication thanks to its classic Italian-style furniture, soft neutral colors, and colorful artwork.

The patio, which looks like it came from Campania, is where people can eat. Scalini is one of the best restaurants in Dubai. So, its menu has big, comforting dishes that are typical of traditional Italian food. Because of this, they are meant to be shared. In the same way, adventurous mixology uses the best spirits and fresh ingredients to make drinks.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 12 pm noon.

Cibo Italiano

Cibo Italiano Dubai

The specialty of this restaurant is the Real Italian food they make in Dubai for a long time, so they know how to do it right. Because of this, their chefs use high-quality products and fresh ingredients. Thus, they keep the culture, traditions, and authenticity of Italian food at its best. They promise you a taste of traditional Italian food. Truffle pizza, tiramisu, pasta, and desserts are all popular dishes. People say that this place is known for its laid-back atmosphere, great service, and comfortable seating. Thus, it is also good value for the money and good customer service.

Address: Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 8 am in the morning.

Roberto’s Ristorante

Roberto's Ristorante Dubai

This restaurant has both traditional and modern Italian food. It is also famous for its modern design and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Its menu includes Beef carpaccio, ravioli, risotto, seafood, tiramisu, and cocktails. So, these are the most popular things to eat. Further, People say that this restaurant has romantic food, a cozy atmosphere, and being worth the price. Brunch at Roberto’s is a three-course feast fit for all types of foodies. On the menu, you’ll find modern Italian food with hints of flavors from all over the world. That’s the reason it is one of Dubai’s best restaurants.

Address: Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai.

Timing: from 8 am to 3 am midnight.

Solo Italian Restaurant and Bar

Solo Italian Restaurant and Bar Dubai
Every dish they make is a real example of how Italians used to cook. One of the best places to eat in Dubai is at this Italian restaurant and bar. Solo Dubai takes diners on a soulful trip through real Italian tastes by giving traditional dishes a modern twist. So, they serve them in big portions in a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Brunch fans in Dubai can go to “Solo Gusto” every Saturday and Sunday for a tasty family-style brunch.

Address: Wafi – Sheikh Rashid Road – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Timing: opens at 12pm noon.

Cipriani Dubai

Cipriani Dubai

Everything about Cipriani says “real Italian food” when you walk in. This restaurant in DIFC has been around for a long time, and all of the waiters wear traditional Italian clothes. The dishes on their menu will make your taste buds go wild. Their Ravioli and Gnocchi are two of their best dishes. In the same way, it’s clear that Cipriani cares about cleanliness, which is a good sign. Cipriani is an Italian restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Dubai. So, it is a great place to go on a dinner date if you want to eat a delicious meal in a place that feels like the real thing.

Address: Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 12 pm noon.

Trattoria (Temporarily closed)

If you want to see some of the most beautiful views of Dubai’s waterways, Trattoria Toscana is a great place to go. This is one of the Italian Dubai best restaurants, and it’s close to the beautiful Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Eventually, it also has a casual, family-friendly atmosphere and serves traditional Tuscan food. Trattoria Toscana is a great place for a fun night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

In addition, the food at Trattoria Toscana is very tasty, and everyone can find something they like. In the end, the appetizers are the best. The best choice is the burrata mozzarella. For the main course, you can’t go wrong with Al Dente spaghetti Bolognese. And of course, Italian food isn’t complete without a tasty dessert. Thus, this restaurant has the best tiramisu in the world. So, Trattoria Toscana is known for both its excellent service and its tasty food.

Address: Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 12 pm noon.

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Jazz @ PizzaExpress

Jazz @ PizzaExpress

Jazz @ PizzaExpress is Dubai best restaurant and is well-known for its pizza and Italian food. It’s at the Movenpick Hotel in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). Calamari fritters, chocolate desserts, chocolate fudge cakes, strawberry mojitos, margaritas, and pizzas are some of the most popular dishes. People say this place is known for its live jazz band, great music, great service, and live entertainment. In the same way, you can get breakfast, have it delivered to your home, use the full bar, listen to live music and book a table here. This restaurant is also one of the best in Dubai because you can eat outside and the Brunch is delicious.

Address: Cluster A, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 9 am in the morning.

IL Passaggio

IL Passaggio Dubai

It is one of Dubai’s best restaurants. This homegrown idea on Palm Jumeirah makes you feel right away like you’re with family. Eventually, thanks to the warm, friendly staff and bright interiors of this restaurant. So, it’s called Il Passaggio, which means “passage” in Italian, because there is one in the middle of the restaurant, with open kitchens on either side. People can look in and get hungry by seeing how pastries, desserts, bread, pizza, and other foods are made. Further, their service and guest care are well known in the city.

Address: The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

Timing: opens at 9 am in the morning.


Where in Dubai can you get the best pizza?

Some of the Dubai best restaurants to get pizza in Dubai are Eataly, Pit-Fire Pizza, and Jazz @ PizzaExpress.

Which Arabic restaurants should you visit in Dubai?

Tagine and Aroos Damascus are two of the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai that you should try. Our list of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai is now over. It’s time to go out for a great meal with your family or friends. Italian food is the best food in the world.

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