Travelling has always been the truest wish of your soul. Wishing to plan Dubai holidays is a lot more exciting than it sounds. Dubai has such an epic kind of a location; you get to find adventurous desert sites and one of the most beautiful beaches all in one gem of a city.
The city has incredibly turned itself into an absolutely worthy 8th wonder of the world. Being a tax free city, with no sewage problem and 0% crime rate, who wouldn’t want to travel to such a relaxing place?
Not every city is blessed with ultimate modernized buildings, a desert AND a perfect shore for the best location of floating restaurants. Dubai has the winning rate of successful floating restaurants which are no less than the perfect and relaxed treat throughout the entire tour.
Here’s a list of some great floating restaurants in Dubai that you should definitely know about before you lose your chance of experiencing their magic.

1. Al Khaleej Floating Restaurant

The 4.2 rated floating restaurant will bring you nothing but satisfaction throughout your stay at the restaurant.
Floating restaurants have a thing of their own which the normal restaurants obviously don’t have.  But they also have an extra attractive feeling that keeps us asking for more of such places.

2. Dinner Cruise Floating Restaurant

Since the city does everything at its best, so you’ll find nothing in the city that was built with any less consideration. The 3.7 rated floating restaurant has a lot of perfection to offer you.  Whether you’re a 5 year old or a 50 year old, nothing can exactly beat the excitement of having a nice meal in a floating restaurant!

3. Rustar Floating Restaurant

The restaurant isn’t rated 3.9 for nothing! The place is filled with elegant and alluring ambiance. Each glance of yours will be happy while having a nice meal at a floating restaurant of the rustar cruise. The weather sure is hot during the daytime in Dubai but it gets evenly pleasant around the sunset. Such type of a weather and time is just perfect for your cruise experience.

4. Al Faris Floating Restaurant

Dubai is currently the best with all the fascinating cruises, floating restaurants; they’re definitely making good use of the huge amount of tourism they receive so frequently.  This one’s rated 4.5 and you can’t simply pass by the beautifully structured restaurant. Since, there are many floating restaurants not much far from each other so, keeping the competition all of them never fail to be of the best quality.


5. Sun and Sky Floating Restaurant

The last but not the least since the city is filled with amazing floating restaurants. This floating restaurant is rated 5.0 and will leave no chance to inspire and engage you into coming back again. The upgrades these restaurants make always manage to be exceptional, truly one of a kind.Cruising in Dubai should definitely be the one of your prioritized things to do in Dubai because in the end, we only regret the cruises we didn’t take.

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