Sea breeze, cool evenings, twinkling skies- Dubai is blessed with such a romantic environment. There’s no surprise, Dubai offers hundreds of romantic places to have a great time. Couples visit this city to celebrate their love as well as some romantic memories- that they can’t get enough of it. It’s fascinating to know, some activities add more fun when experienced with your beloved one. Here we’re going to discuss some of the best activities that will get you closer to your partner.

Romantic Date on a Yacht

romantic dinner on yacht

What about measuring Dubai’s coral waters on a yacht with a beloved? Well, you can add charming moments with a romantic dinner cruise on a yacht. The couple can take a package from yacht rental Dubai according to their need such as a three-hour cruise with a three-course meal, unlimited soft beverages, as well as a romantic table setting with candles and flowers. It’s a Mega yacht dinner cruise that will boost the love between the two. Explore marinas authentically and plan a romantic date on a yacht- mesmerize the couples and their loved ones.

The yacht ride is amazing for the lovers as they are well kept as well as very clean. Book a yacht equipped with fridges, soft drinks grills, towels, as well as everything one needs. Furthermore, it’s fascinating to know that the entire crew of a Yacht treats the guests with great hospitality.

Romantic Limo Drive

limo couple

In Dubai, it is one of the popular activities among couples. Book a limousine and take your partner on a special ride. Feel like a boss with limo rental Dubai as the luxury vehicle pulls up and opens the door for you. You’ll enjoy the charm and sounds of the city during the ride. Moreover, you can also stick your head out of the sunroof in order to enjoy the wind on your face. Renting a limousine is luxuries as well as affordable at the same time- packed will all amenities to make the whole ride a romantic one.

Romantic Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai


If you’re looking for the best romantic place in Dubai- Imagine yourself with your partner on a cruise in calm Dubai water. A romantic dinner under the stars and enjoying a cool breeze is what the Dhow cruise Dubai Marina is all about. Board the cruise from Dubai Marina and enjoy a romantic journey. On the cruise, you’ll be served a welcome drink on a table decorated with flowers. Soon, there will be a dinner time- buffet dinner including delicious Emirati as well as international cuisine. After dinner, head to the roof of the Dhow for enjoying the nighttime views of Dubai, under the stars and moonlight. However, this entire scene will make you feel closer to your partner.

Romantic Luxury Dinner in the Desert

desert dinner

Watching the sun going down in the middle of the sand makes your visit memorable. Watching Arabian belly dance, henna painting, and delicious barbeque is one of the ideal ways to spend quality time with your partner. If you choose an overnight desert safari package, you’ll be taken for dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding and bonfire. A romantic night in camp under the thousands of stars is such a special addition to charm something unique. Enjoy an endless supply of coffee. Furthermore, in the morning, you’ll be served a delicious breakfast before getting back to the city.

Romantic Destination at Majlis Al Bahar

al bahar camp

Being an international city, Dubai offers amazing restaurants in order to spend quality time under the stars. A romantic dinner at Dubai’s coastline with a stunning view is something every couple wishes for. There are numerous restaurants near the coast, set up a date at one of these. Reserve a table and enjoy the amazing sea views. Majlis Al Bahar- located near the iconic Burj Al Arab is one of the best places for couples in order have the experience of a lifetime. If you feel that, it’s pricey, check out some other places that have sea views. However, it would be best to book your table in advance to have an ideal time.


Visit Dubai Miracle garden with your partner


There is nothing better romantic spot than nature itself. While surrounded by over 450 million flowers, it’s surely romantic for everyone. If you want to experience too, head to Dubai miracle garden. Have a walk amongst the beautiful flower arrangements- a treat to walk hand-in-hand in the largest flower garden in the world.  As there’ll so much beauty around you, you’ll forget that you are in a city recognized for its giant man-made structures and concrete buildings. One of the best things regarding Dubai miracle garden is, you’ll new flower arrangements at every season. However, keep in consideration, due to extreme summer heat, the garden remains closed from May to September.

Walk and dinner on the beach

walk and beach

Dubai is blessed with wonderful beaches, so nothing is better than a quiet and calm walk on the beach. A lot of beachside hotels allow private beaches for small amounts. They give huge preference to the guest who are with them. However, it would be best to pack your picnic basket and head towards a public beach with someone special. Nothing is more romantic than sitting on the sand, eating your meal and enjoying the company of your favorite person. You can pick any beach and make that place an ideal spot for a romantic dinner in Dubai.

Shop till You Drop

dubai shopping

It may not an ideal way to spend quality time with your loved one, but if you really want to impress her, shopping is the best choice. With a number of traditional souks and modern malls, Dubai is such a bliss. If there is a need for something precious, take her to a gold souk and buy gold/ diamond jewelry. Along with this, Dubai mall- the world’s largest shopping mall with over 1200 local and international stores gives you the great chance to buy whatever you are looking for. Ibn Batuta Mall with its six-themed court is another amazing experience to enjoy in Dubai. Moreover, for an ultimate shopping experience, it would be best to take her during Dubai Shopping Festival– a dream shopping destination for all.

Dubai Fountain Show on a Lake Ride

dubai fountain

The Dubai Fountain Show is considered one of the best things that you can see free of cost. You can watch it everywhere from the lake. If this great show is not enough to mesmerize you, the lake ride is an ideal option for you. Get a chance to cruise on the lake while watching the spectacular Dubai Fountain show from the vantage point. The ride lasts for about thirty minutes- one of the most romantic places to propose.

Romantic Picnic at Hatta Mountain Safari


If Dubai desert safari isn’t romantic enough, you’ll definitely love the Hatta Mountain Safari.

The natural springs and picturesque mountains will offer a perfectly romantic ambiance.  Explore the mountain trails in a 4×4 vehicle. Never miss the chance to visit the monuments, Hatta Heritage Village, an ancient fort, mud houses, a 200-year-old mosque, and modest buildings indicating the Emirati art of the 16th century. Take a dip at the mountain springs while visiting the Hatta Dam. One of the best parts is the Hatta Hill Park, get to have a delicious buffet lunch there in the company of greenery.

 A Posh Dinner at At.mosphere –Burj Khalif

burj khalifa

What are your feelings on top of the world at the world’s tallest restaurant? There is nothing romantic than planning a romantic dinner or an anniversary evening at the Burj Khalifa. Located on the 122nd floor of the building- At.mosphere is the world’s tallest fine dining restaurant. The place offers an extraordinary combination of top-notch services with delectable cuisine.

The feeling is exhilarating overlooking the panoramas of Dubai’s beauty. It’s a luxurious treat worth doing once in your lifetime. Your moments spent here will definitely be etched in your memories.

Romantic Pictures Around Dubai Frame

dubai frame

Dubai frame is a unique creation in the field of architecture located in Dubai’s centralized location. This amazing landmark in Zabeel Park is the biggest frame on earth picturing both old and new Dubai in one frame. The main purpose of the development of the Dubai frame was to allow people to view the city through a massive single frame. Holding a record of being the largest frame in the whole, as a couple, you must get some photographs. Dubai’s frame is 93 meters wide with an elevation of 150 meters. Moreover, the ground floor is featuring a museum that features the story of the transformation of Dubai into a fine metropolitan.

Dubai Global Village

global village 2022

It’s fascinating to know that, the Dubai Global Village is another most romantic place in Dubai for couples. The Dubai Global Village is the largest tourism, entertainment, and leisure project. Unlimited fun and excitement await you, no wonder it’s one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai. 32 pavilions are representing over 75 countries, each representing their cultures. Pick up the souvenirs from each country.

Number of shopping and dining options are available here. Theatres offer spine-tingling acrobatic performances, cultural performances, concerts, and much more. If you’re in Dubai, never miss the Dubai Global Village.

The World’s Longest Zipline

zipline dubai

Here you have the best way to drive over to neighboring Ras Al Khaimah in order to check out the world’s longest zipline. It is one of the most romantic places as well as adventurous activities in Dubai. If you and your partner are the adventurous types, the 2.83km span of zipwire is all what you want for an adrenalin fix.

The zipline starts 1680 meters above the ground, at the highest point. Feel yourself flying over the magnificent Jebel Jais Mountains, landing on a suspended platform. Experience the greatest high of your life here, It’s an unbelievable experience to try as a couple if you’re planning for a day trip.

Intimate Hot Air Balloon Riding


A Sunrise hot air balloon ride is one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai. Take a hot air balloon ride over the desert out on the distant horizon. It’s up to you, you can opt for a group tour or book a private hot air balloon. There is nothing more intimate experience for you and your spouse.

Soar hundreds of feet high up in the air above the vistas of the desert, wildlife, cliffs, peaks, and flora. Enjoy an incredible sunrise and marvel at how the golden light turns the desert dunes into pale gold. As the balloon gears up, your romance would elevate, all that you get to witness is the city of Dubai from a spot that not many get to reach.

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