• What is Tanoura Dance?
  • History of Tanoura Dance
  • Is there any Philosophical Description of the Tanoura Dance?
  • Costume and Props for the Tanoura Dance
  • How Tanoura Dance is Performed?
  • Best Places to Enjoy Tanoura Dance in Dubai
  • How to Hire Tanoura Dancers in Dubai?

No doubt, the Dubai desert is known as one of the significant spots to witness real and authentic beauty. Within Dubai tours, you’ll enjoy various activities in a wide spectrum. Dance is a form of expression and a way of praising skill. Like other dances, the Tanoura Dance Dubai includes attractive multi-colored costumes leaving the viewer amused.

Tanoura dancing is an ancient style of soothing entertainment. It indicates the beautiful culture of Egypt and Turkey. People get a spiritual feel from Tanoura dance in an indulging way. In this blog, we’re going to cover all about the Tanoura dance. Moreover, you’ll also get to some of the amazing places to enjoy Tanoura dance in Dubai with your family or friends.

What is Tanoura Dance?

So, let’s start from the beginning. Tanoura means “skirt” in English. Tanoura dance is a kind of folkloric dance, common in Islamic countries like Turkey and Egypt. A Sufi man performs the dance for the Sufi music. the dancer continues the spinning, making it one of the highlights of Dhow cruise Dubai Marina and desert safari trips.

Tanoura dance includes multi-colored skirts, as the distinguishing aspect. This type of dance has grown to be popular. It also dominates other dancers outside the Islamic World.  Tanoura dance includes Sufi Music as well as performed by Sufi men. However, the lead dancer represents the sun whereas the background dancers act as the planets. The dancers wear four skirts that they can manipulate in order to come up with various designs.  Moreover, all the dancers achieve a trance-like state while performing. It’s fascinating to know that, the dancer spun for over 30 minutes without showing signs of dizziness.

History of Tanoura Dance

According to some valid resources, The Tanoura dance was started in the 12th century. It was originated from the Sufi fraternities where the Sufism came to light. The skirts are well crafted in the Sufi order, in order to secure this beautiful tradition.

 Is there any Philosophical Description of the Tanoura Dance?

The Tanoura dance is a religious dance along with symbols in the spiritual world. However, if we talk from a philosophical perspective, the spinning demonstrated an idea. This world begins at some central point in order to end at the same spot. That’s the reason why, it moves circularly. He moves four multiple skirts as the dance ends. It symbolizes four seasons with an anti-clockwise movement.

Costume and Props for the Tanoura Dance

When it comes to creativity, the costume plays an essential role. That’s the reason the Tanoura Dance is enriches with a series of colorful skirts. In the night time, dancers also use some lights at the entrance to attract the audience. For the best performances, evening/ night time is ideal in order to observe the dancers showing their magic.

Keep in consideration, the colors of the skirts of the dancers vary from one location to another. You may experience a huge difference in these colors. However, the concept is same. The costumes worn by the Tanoura dancers are made of silk.

Another light material can also be preferred that allows them to move freely. In terms of colors, very vibrant and bright colors are good. These colors add an overall spectacle of the performance. However, the props in the Tanoura dance show an important part of their overall performance.

Some dancers use daggers or swords while performing. It creates a visual effect on the stage and adds an element of danger.

How Tanoura Dance is Performed?

The performance of the Tanoura dance starts from a group of singers reciting old versions from poetry. As the singers sing, they start moving slowly. The movement continues smoothly in circles. The tone depicts instruments with Egyptian drums. With some passage of time, this sound eventually builds up to a harmonious melody.

The environment portrays unison and beauty at the same time.  At the final stage, six older skirts occupy the stage. At this stage, the dances repeat the same words “Allah “again and again. They perform smoothly in dim light.

The Tanoura dance comprises three important parts. The first one is an introduction serving as a demonstration of various musical talents. Second one is the presentation and finally the dance that take over the whole performance.

Places to Enjoy Tanoura Dance in Dubai

Tanoura dance is one of the best and most affordable activities to experience in Dubai, if you want to cherish the teal taste, these are some of the best places:

  • Karama Souk 

Karama Souk Dubai is as one of the best places in Dubai to enjoy live Tanoura dance performances. The vibrant colors of the spinning skirts of dances with grace grab the attention of the visitors. Karama Souk is located in the heart of Dubai city. There are number of stalls to explore. The atmosphere is and you can easily watch the dancers performing from various vantage points.

Karama Souk in Dubai is an idea place to get up close and get personal with a Tanoura dancer. The dancers are so friendly and welcoming. They’ll will gladly pose and capture some photos with you. You can also ask them for a free a spin around the dance floor.

  • Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

In order to enjoy a traditional Tanoura dance show, there could be no better place than the dhow cruise Dubai Marina tour. The dance is a beautiful sight to behold. It is something that you won’t want to miss on dhow cruise Dubai tour. People enjoy the cruising and double the joy.

Moreover, Dhow Cruise Dinner is likely the thing you will definitely don’t want to miss. A wide exhibit of tasty buffet including several dishes are offered in an embellished cruise. In fact, you can spend quality time on a dhow cruise with your loved ones. Appreciate the comfy feel and the generosity in the Arabic atmosphere.

  • Evening Desert Safari Tour

If you’re looking for an amazing way to experience traditional Egyptian culture, you can check out it during your desert safari Dubai tour. A Tanoura show is performed in the middle of sand where a dancer spins around in circles. In the night, the skirt has lights attached to it. It creates a beautiful and mesmerizing effect of the dance moves.

These shows depict traditional Egyptian music and offers an amazing opportunity to see traditional dances. Hence, your Dubai desert safari tour will be more enchanting, if you add a Tanoura dance show with live BBQ.

There are numerous other places to admire this traditional dance. But dhow cruise Dubai marina and desert safari are quite common in Dubai. So, what you’re waiting for? Book an evening desert safari tour and cherish this great opportunity. Come and enjoy the inspiring performance away from modern Dubai.

How to Hire Tanoura Dancers in Dubai?

In order to add some unique and exotic excitement to your event, there’s could be no better way than hiring a Tanoura dancer. Although, there are several places in Dubai to hire them but these are the best ones:

The first place is look in the hotels. There are number of hotels in Dubai having Tanoura dancers. They can provide you on demand for an event.

Secondly, you can contact one of the tour operators in Dubai. They have a few Tanoura dancers that they can recommend you.

Thirdly, there’s also option to find independent Tanoura dancers online. You can easily book them from various for upcoming events in Dubai.

Tanoura dance is one the affordable experiences in Dubai. You must enjoy this show with your family and friends to admire an authentic culture. You can add this activity while booking for desert safari. On the dhow, it’s complimentary to watch.

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