You are visiting Dubai and haven’t experience Dhow Cruise, then believe me; you had just wasted your money and time. No doubt, Dubai is one of the wonderful places on Earth, especially visiting Dhow cruise offer something unforgettable to its visitors. No need to be baffled from the term DHOW, basically Dhow cruise is a wooden boat that is famous all across the globe for its amazing features. There is so much, one can enjoy while traveling on Dhow in Dubai.

Tanoura Dance at Dhow Cruise, Something Memorable and Amusing

Tanoura Dance is a fascinating thing, you will experience in Dhow Cruise. Well, it’s a kind of traditional dance that was performed by Sufi men in the past time. In Tanoura Dance, men normally wear long multicolor skirts and each and every color represents one Sufi Order. In short, Tanoura Dance is one of the main attractions of Dubai. In short, on Dhow Cruise, you cannot only enjoy the beautiful moonlight but charismatic tanoura dance too. There are various companies that offer affordable packages to their customers that include Dhow buffet dinner, Tanoura Dance and much more on Dhow Cruise. People from different countries visit Dubai in order to get amused from this traditional dance and beauty of Dubai every year. In addition, tourists can’t deny that wonderful soft music, glittery sea water, moonlight, delicious dinner and Tanoura Dance make their trip to Dubai, a memorable one.

Dhow Cruise Dinner is something you can never forget

Moreover, Dhow Cruise Dinner is most likely the thing you will definitely don’t want to miss. A wide exhibit of tasty buffet including Arabic and international dishes are offered in pleasantly embellished conventional dhow voyage. In fact, you can spend a quality time on dhow cruise with your loved ones as well as can enjoy the luscious taste of different dishes. Well, simply appreciate the comfy feel and the generosity in Arabic atmosphere. Drench yourself in the fantabulous views of Dubai’s historic points from the lap of pleasantly embellished dhow voyage, while appreciating the mouthwatering dishes presented with incredible cordiality and the fascinating music in the background. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Dubai, then don’t forget to take ride of Dhow Cruise.

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