Learn all about the things you can do when you visit Dubai during Ramadan. Try the best Ramadan tents in Dubai and explore the Arabian culture and cuisine.

Dubai is a global city and people come from all over the world to find jobs here. But although most people come here for better job prospects, Dubai is essentially designed to be a business hub and a tourist attraction.

Dubai has seen considerable growth in its tourist’s admissions over the years. Since, it is a Muslim city, many tourists wonder if they can visit this exciting city during the month of Ramadan. And the answer to that is, yes of course!

If you are looking to do things in Ramadan while you are in Dubai then do not worry, we’ve got you covered!

Things to do during Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. They fast each day throughout the month from dawn to dusk to fulfil a religious duty.

Though you might need to follow some basic etiquette when you are out in Dubai during Ramadan but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the hustle bustle of Ramadan!

Following is the list of the things you should do during Ramadan:

1. Shop till you Drop:

As we’ve mentioned before, Ramadan is a month that Muslims keep close to their hearts. That is why; there are various discounts, promotions and deals available on shops in malls and in local bazars.

This is an opportunity you can not miss. Grab your bag or wallet and head out for shopping!

2. Experience the Culture:

Ramadan is a part of the Muslim culture and what better way to experience its essence than visiting the cultural heritage museums and centres.

3. Islamic Centres and Mosque:

The crowds in these places during Ramadan are insane! But the sprawling pristine architecture of mosque and dunes will make you praise its beauty automatically.

4. Charity & Volunteer Work:

No matter who you are, you can always make someone’s life better by participating in charity events or doing volunteer work.

Just like everything else, the scale of charity is huge in Dubai!

5. Iftar Tents:

One of the most exciting places that people want to visit in Dubai during Ramadan is the Iftar Tents. If you are visiting Dubai in Ramadan then the chances are, this will definitely be on your ‘thing to do in Dubai during Ramadan’ list.

Many non-Muslims would think that since Muslims are not allowed to eat in the day during Ramadan, then there will be fewer food festivals but that’s a misconception.

Muslims celebrate Allah’s blessings during Ramadan and food is one of His blessings. Each year, there are Iftar Tents set at different places around the city where mouth-watering buffets are arranged. The scale of these buffets is massive!

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Following are the few popular Iftar tents to visit in 2019:

· The Majlis at Dubai World Trade Centre:

If you want to see the Arabian culture at its finest, then the Majlis tent at Dubai World Trade Centre will surely exceed your expectations.

The various mouth watering Arabian cuisines prepared by Dubai’s finest chefs will be enough to please your taste buds.

This tent will not only offer you an Iftar buffet but food for Sahar as well. If you are a food enthusiast then you can not miss this chance!

· Asateer Ramadan Tent at Atlantis the Palm:

Almost everything in Dubai has a luxury aspect included in it and iftar tents are no exception!

The Asateer iftar tent at Atlantis the Palm is the embodiment of luxury.

The tent is decorated so lavishly that you would need a moment to take in its grandeur. Moreover, the foods here are Arabian delicacies that you might’ve never heard about before.

If you want to live the luxurious life for a day and spoil yourself then don’t forget to visit this tent during your stay in Dubai.

· Fairuz Ramadan Tent:

If we are talking about the best Ramadan tent in Dubai in 2019 then the Fairuz Ramadan tent is bound, make to it into this list!

Located in the Arabian Courtyard, the Fairuz Ramadan tent follows the colorful theme of Morocco.

The wonderful interior along with attractive lighting creates an eloquent ambiance. Furthermore, the food is finger-licking good with Arabian and even a few Moroccan dishes included in the menu.

The above-mentioned tents are the best Ramadan tents of 2019 and you are guaranteed to enjoy your visit to one of these tents!


Ramadan in Dubai can be considered as a religious celebration that stretches over a one-month period. There is so much you can do in Ramadan and there are endless opportunities to enjoy Arabian cuisines and its rich culture!

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