The Islamic Hijri (lunar) calendar’s holy month of Ramadan is the holiest and most sacred month. Fasting during daylight hours and devoting themselves to spiritual refreshment through reading the Qur’an and prayer are two ways that religious adherents mark the month. While those are traditional Ramadan rituals, there are other ways to honor the month of Ramadan.

Muslims do fasting during the month of Ramadan. This increases their spiritual and bodily subordination to God. They must refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in husband-wife intimacy from sunrise to sunset.

Visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan will allow you to see a different side of the city. Ramadan in Dubai is one of the greatest times to visit and explore cultural and traditional customs. Also, you can explore authentic food, and revel in the festive ambiance as the often busy city slows down. Understanding the festival season’s history and scenario can help you respect the local culture. Check out this quick guide to help you plan your trip to Dubai during Ramadan.


Ramadan begins with individuals in Dubai wishing one another ‘Ramadan Kareem’ or ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ at the start of the month. Because this is a holy month, Muslims avoid both intentional and unintentional sins. People fast for a specific purpose and worship in gatherings within adjacent mosques. The month of Ramadan is a time to commemorate the revelation of the Holy Quran. And the people of Dubai remain friendly and helpful throughout the month. Beautiful decorations in subtle colors and lamplights adorn shopping malls and street markets. Throughout the month, fireworks keep visitors and tourists entertained at various locations throughout Dubai to. If in Ramadan 2022, you’re in Dubai, then you’ll experience so many new things. This modern city will show you a gorgeous and blessed side that you’d surely love.

1.   Change in Working Hours

Working and school days are often shorter, starting later in the morning and ending in mid-afternoon. Normal working hours are reduced by two hours during Ramadan. It makes the typical working day roughly six hours long, according to UAE labor regulation. While this does not apply just to Muslim fasting employees. They are not compulsory to work for more than six hours.

2.   Greeting

“Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak” is the customary Ramadan greeting, which can be heard frequently throughout the holy month. Spread this greeting if you want to become active and participate in local customs.

3.   Traffic

Another key factor to consider is traffic. As previously said, after dusk, you’ll see a slight increase in traffic as people rush to iftar celebrations (see below). The combination of hunger’s negative effects and the heat makes the roads dangerous even during the day. As a result, traffic accidents are at an all-time high. Fortunately, Road Safety UAE has put together a guide to help you travel the roads safely at this time of year.

4.   A change in City Life

You may also observe the city transform from a deserted and tranquil retreat in the mornings to a vibrant and vivacious hub of activity by dusk during Ramadan. If you’re ready to endure the crowds, head to malls. You will find amazing discounts and deals. So, you can shop for Eid or some gifts if you want.

Smaller enterprises may benefit from reduced working hours. Most malls and stores, on the other hand, do not change their timings. They open at their regular timings (about 10 a.m.), but stay open far longer than usual, closing well beyond midnight. Before leaving, double-check the hours of operation.

During the day, many malls, theme parks, prominent sites, and attractions are quite deserted. Ramadan is one of the greatest seasons to visit Dubai. Also, you can avoid the throngs that characterize the bustling city. Due of the extreme heat, Ramadan is not generally the busiest tourist season. This can benefit you because you will be able to explore landmarks and tourist hotspots without the normal crowds.

When Muslims go out to celebrate the conclusion of their fast after sunset, however, the resulting rush can be overpowering and traffic can be chaotic. If you want to eat out, it’s a good idea to make a reservation ahead of time. This is because restaurants are often full and wait times can be long.

5.   Several events and charitable activities

In Dubai, the government and numerous groups set up Ramadan tents for citizens and distribute free and open iftar meals. The Dubai International Holy Quran Awards organize annual memorizing of the holy book of the Quran. Muslims can attend the event in Dubai in 2022 during Ramadan. Students and residents can enter the competition for a chance to win cash and other rewards. The government also hosts a variety of additional events to raise awareness of Ramadan and its significance. Such initiatives spread information among local and international residents. Furthermore, citizens and government join forces to provide Iftar meals to the underprivileged and needy.

6.   Glory of Iftar

Iftar is the evening meal served after the Maghrib prayer to commemorate the completion of a fasting day. Iftar is a wonderful event when friends and family meet to share a meal. Also, it is a true feast with many courses and food from all over the world. Many restaurants have unique iftar gatherings, and as previously indicated, you can take advantage of some fantastic deals. Locals frequently extend open invitations to non-Muslims to attend the festivities. If you’re invited to an iftar celebration, take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about Emirati culture and the holy month’s traditions.

Iftar in Dubai features delectable delicacies with authentic flavors. The following are some of the most popular Ramadan dishes:

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·         Lamb Thereed:

Lamb Thereed is a vegetable-filled lamb stew served with Emirati bread. The stew is cooked with local spices to give it a particular Dubai flavor.

·         Lamb kofta:

A lamb dish has been grilled until it has acquired the smokey flavor of charcoal. The meal is served with rice, vegetables, and sauce, depending on the individual’s preferences.

·         Khabeesa:

It’s a popular dish in Dubai, and it’s created using flour and sugar, as well as saffron, oil, almonds, and resins.

·         Harees:

Boiled wheat and beef are used in a popular Ramadan dish. It’s a porridge seasoned with native spices.

Iftar buffets are also available at several restaurants and the Iftar Dinner cruise You ca also get live cooking stations, with traditional specialties. If you want a more real Iftar experience, go to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in the old Al Fahidi district, where you can sit on the carpeted floor and enjoy the traditional Iftar in a wind tower house. Alternatively, enjoy your Iftar in a festoon-lit banquet hall with classical Arabic music inside the Dubai Opera’s auditorium. In Dubai, there are also magnificently decorated Ramadan tents where people may enjoy their Iftar meal, smoke Shisha/Hookah, play board games, and have family reunions till late at night.

Dubai Iftar Time Today


1.   Visit The Mosques

Visiting the mosques in Dubai during Ramadan ensures a culturally enriching experience. The visit provides a visual treat and understanding the festival’s religious significance. The majestic Jumeirah Mosque, the environmentally friendly Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque, Imam Hussein Mosque, and Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque are among Dubai’s most important mosques, where you may learn about Ramadan’s religious and cultural significance.

2.   The Dubai Mall

Although practically all of Dubai’s malls are closed during the day, most of them reopen in the evening and stay open until late at night. During Ramadan, tourists visiting Dubai can enjoy an exclusive experience at the Dubai Mall. The mall is lit up with dazzling lights, and businesses are offering special discounts on their merchandise. After evening prayers, restaurants and cafes serve food for Iftar.

3.   Have An Iftar Party On A Dhow Cruise At Dubai Creek & Dubai Marina

Along similar lines, during Ramadan, don’t miss out on an Iftar Dinner Cruise marina and creek with your friends and family. So, double your blessings this Ramadan and enjoy the wonderful buffet in a regal manner.

Cruising down Dubai Creek is an enticing experience that no one should miss. Imagine yourself at an Iftar buffet on a Dhow Cruise during Ramadan, surrounded by the dazzling and captivating lights of Dubai, with a variety of your favorite desserts, salads, main courses, and drinks. Yes, you are welcome to attend the Dhow Cruise Iftar Dinner, where you will enjoy new and delectable international vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals while taking in the breathtaking views of Dubai’s landmarks from the dhow cruise. You can enjoy Dubai’s glittering stars and sophisticated structures.

4.   Shopping And Entertainment During Ramadan In Dubai

  •  Enjoy exclusive Ramadan deals in shopping malls and theme parks, as well as reduced ticket prices at Motiongate, SkiDubai, Wild Wadi, and other attractions. Restaurants and cafes are also offering special Ramadan and Iftar offers.
  •  Visit the bustling night markets, which light up the city as the sunsets. The Ramadan Night Market at Za’abeel Hall World Trade Centre Dubai is one example of stalls specifically for Ramadan special night shopping. There are nearly 400 shopping outlets, interactive workshops, a children’s area, Henna stations, and other attractions at the market.
  •  At the JBR Walk, take a tour of the Ramadan RWAQ, an annual month-long event showcasing Arabian art and culture, art exhibits, shops, and fusion specialties.
  •  Football fans can visit the Dubai Sports City’s Ramadan Football competition, which features a 7-a-side football tournament in a fully air-conditioned FIFA-approved indoor arena.
  •  Take a Ramadan photography trip with Gulf Photo Plus, a photography center that hosts tours, exhibitions, and other events to educate travelers about photography. Sign up for the Old Dubai Iftar Walk to attend a community Iftar and shoot street photography in Old Dubai’s backstreets.

5.   Visit Dubai’s Top Attractions

The majority of Dubai’s major landmarks, amusement parks, malls, and tourist sites are open during the season and offer large ticket reductions. Throughout Ramadan, the areas are relatively empty during the day, which is often lively and congested throughout the year. Muslim families, on the other hand, go out after sundown for Iftar and other holidays, and malls and commercial centers become busy. In the evenings, traffic is also at its peak.

6.   Practice Generosity

Following the commencement, Kindness Exchange Stop & Help was launched in the UAE last year to assist families in need. Those who are able to assist are linked with a pre-screened and approved family in need of the assistance they can provide, to whom they can deliver groceries or other supplies on a regular or one-time basis. The Baby Registry is one of the services available, and it allows you to give good-quality, gently used baby and children’s clothing, toys, and other goods.

Things To Keep In Mind During Ramadan In Dubai 2022

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims; thus, visitors to Dubai should be mindful of local customs during this time. The following are some of the points:

  •  If you’re visiting Dubai during Ramadan, keep in mind that eating and drinking in public areas is strictly forbidden.
  •  Because some hotels provide food on their premises, travelers should inquire ahead of time.
  •  Tourists should avoid wearing exposed clothing and instead stick to traditional garb.
  •  Loud music is strongly discouraged since it upsets those fasting for the month.
  •  In Dubai, tourists should avoid public displays of affection.
  •  If driving for lengthy periods, people must get enough sleep to avoid mishaps.
  •  Tourists should reserve taxis ahead of time because cabs are scarce during rush hours.

Final Words

If you want to have a culturally enriching experience in Dubai and don’t mind the heat, Ramadan in Dubai is one of the greatest seasons to come. Because it is not peak tourist season in Dubai, you may get fantastic bargains on flights, accommodations, tickets, and even food during the festival days. During the day, you can see a different aspect of the city, with peaceful streets springing to life in the evenings and a different side of the city taking on a slower pace of life. The only thing you need to be aware of is the situation in Dubai during Ramadan, including the significance of the holy month and particular public etiquette to observe, so you may enjoy your vacation without insulting the faith or their culture.

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