The holy month of Ramadan has approached and it is the time to start planning your Iftar dinner in Dubai. It is not only a religious affair for Muslims but also an exciting Muslim feast with friends and family. Throughout the Holy month of Ramadan, hotels and restaurants in all over Dubai serve special Ramadan menus. From traditional food items to exotic international delights, the iftar dinner option in Dubai can be as diverse as the city itself.

1. Yacht Charter

Sun 01 Yacht (147 ft)

To have the most spectacular time, let yourself float on the Arabian Sea on a beautiful yacht. Yacht gives multiple options to stir your senses. It is superb to indulge in the taste of sumptuous international as well as traditional buffet iftar dinner in the lap of a magnificent yacht in the middle of the sea. Have a delectable feast in the cool Arabian waters with picturesque views in your surroundings. Sail away on a culinary adventure.

2. Dhow Cruise Marina

dhow cruise dubai

Embrace Ramadan this season and enjoy a truly authentic iftar dinner at dhow cruise Marina. Dhow Cruise Marina is the perfect option to enjoy the blessings of Ramadan. Hearty selections of traditional and international dishes are served with the picturesque views in surrounding in a traditional ambiance. Indulge in an eclectic selection of traditional Arabian delicacies in the ambiance of Arabia while feasting your eyes with the spectacular landmarks of Dubai. Dhow cruise Marina also provides a prayer facility onboard. Invite your friends and family to iftar dinner on the beautifully adorned dhow and enjoy this religious festivity with Arabic hospitality.

3. Dhow Cruise Creek

new year dhow cruise

Dhow cruise creek will take you to the nostalgic Arabic past when dhows sailed by tranquil waters. This unique floating restaurant gives visitors a chance to go on a cruise on a rustic wooden dhow that has twinkling lights festooned along its length. From refreshing beverages to artfully prepared platters, the international buffet at the dhow cruise creek feature a plethora of delicious options. As you slowly cruise down the creek, you will see the fantastic skyscrapers of Deira. Let it be your best iftar dinner with awesome hospitality when you manage to pull yourself away from enchanting views around.

4. Meditteraneo, Armani


One of the best ways to break your fast is to go to hotels or restaurants. As celebrating Ramadan has become the fusion of culture and religion, most of the iftar venues in Dubai are bedecked with Arabic and Ramadan themes. If you keep the style in mind then take on classical cuisine of the Mediterranean, Armani Mediterraneo’s iftar buffet dinner situated at the ground floor of the Burj Khalifa. You can also enjoy the view of the Dubai Fountain.

5. Imperium Palm Jumeirah

Imperium Palm Jumeirah

If you are after a thoroughly elegant affair, the swanky restaurant Imperium Palm Jumeirah is the ticket. This cheery restaurant offers a lavish iftar buffet with traditional staples and international and French-inspired cuisine. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of sunset, sea, and Palm Jumeirah Island by dining out in the terrace.

6. Al Dawaar

The revolving dining room is a unique venue for iftar dinner this season. Enjoy the 360-degree views of the city from the rooftop while having a classical buffet of Arabian and international dishes. Experience an international culinary journey with a blend of cuisines.

7. The Address, Dubai Marina

The Address, Dubai Marina is a spectacular venue that features beautiful interiors where the warmth and hospitality of Arabian tradition come to life for this Ramadan. Guests can enjoy a sumptuous Arabic feast in Constellation Ballroom featuring fresh dates, salads, mixed grills, traditional dishes and plenty of live cooking stations. You can also unwind at the terrace tent with sheesha and a variety of games.
Savor traditional and international specialties in different venues with your friends and family this Ramadan. Facilitate your taste buds with the new flavors by breaking your fast in breathtaking places.

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