The holy month of Ramadan brings peace, harmony, and blessings. During this month, iftar is the meal that breaks the fast after sunset. There are hundreds of attractive places to choose from across Dubai. A lot of hotels and restaurants offer traditional middle Eastern buffets. However, some others offer feature contemporary set menus.
Normally, the fast is broken with dates and a small drink of water, juice as well as Arabic coffee. Then prayers are undertaken and the iftar menu is served. This year, a lot of restaurants in Dubai are opening their doors for the best iftar buffet in Dubai. you can enjoy your menu at yachts as well as outdoor. if you are still undecided that where you have to go, lets’ have a look at some of the best places for an iftar buffet.

Bombay Borough

The signature iftar buffet of Bombay Borough is something that you should not miss during this Ramadan in Dubai. it is fascinating to know that Bombay Borough is considered amongst the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. The popular eatery is known for serving an extraordinary but expensive AED 1,000 biryani.
The restaurant is offering a tantalizing unlimited 2-hour iftar buffet in Dubai. you can enjoy an unlimited iftar menu there. Some of the eateries include Indian mezze with dips, fruits, and dates. Now coming to the main courses, try the succulent curries kebabs, biryani, and the irresistible mithai platter.

The Bay- unforgettable iftar buffet in Dubai

If you are looking for a forgettable iftar experience, never miss out on the enchanting offer at The Bay restaurant. It is known as a great iftar deal in Dubai for all the residents of Jumeirah. You can enjoy the scenic views of the Arabian Gulf at the beachside brasserie. There is the freedom to choose from a range of fresh salads and flavorful courses. However, the main courses are seafood, succulent spiced meats as well as tempting gourmet desserts.

Farzi Café                                                                                              

Farzi Café offers an innovative iftar menu for all the people. It is the blend of Indian and Middle Eastern flavors. The sharing-style meal are classic Arabic dishes and North Indian specialties such as paneer curry. The iftar menu starts with a date-yogurt drink. After that, you will be served with a light chicken soup, syrup-soaked jalebi, lamb chops, kebabs, chicken tikka, falooda, and much more.

BICE Ristorante

If you are looking for a tempting Italian iftar buffet in Dubai, there will be nothing best than RICE Ristorante. The restaurant serves an Italian iftar daily during the whole Ramadan. the elegantly decorated restaurant with stunning floor-to-ceiling windows as well as a garden terrace offers picture-perfect views. RICE Ristorante is the perfect place for a relaxing iftar buffet.
There is a great need to know that the BiCE Ristorante iftar menu in Dubai tempts the guests with live cooking stations, Italian classic dishes, multiple food items along with the traditional Arabian fare, soft beverages, fresh juices as well as mouth-watering desserts. Furthermore, the eatery also offers a separate dining area for private iftar.
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In order to enjoy iftar in a luxurious setting, Giardino at the iconic Palazzo Versace is the best place for you. it is fascinating to know that Giardino allows you to get an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy a grand iftar buffet with a delicious array of dishes as well as traditional delicacies next to the glistening Dubai Creek.
It is a jungle-themed restaurant that offers Middle Eastern and international dishes. During the month of Ramadan, the entire menu features a wide selection of live cooking stations with freshly grilled kebabs, grilled meats, rotisserie, salads as well as fresh juice stations. Patrons indulge in tempting handcrafted desserts in order to complete their luxurious iftar buffet. You can enjoy the entire menu at affordable rates.


During the entire month of Ramadan, Enigma allows you to celebrate a family-style iftar along with traditional Persian fare. You will be surprised to know that Enigma is known as one of the most popular Persian restaurants in Dubai. The menu for iftar features tempting starters such as sabzi Jordan, fresh herbs along with walnuts, and dates. Most importantly, homemade Persian cheese and toasted bread are loved among all people. You will get the best option to choose from hot or cold starters that is significantly followed by a hearty warm soup, main courses, and decadent desserts.

Iftar Dhow Cruise

Other than these restaurants, in Dubai, there are numerous other ways to enjoy Iftar. You can get from simple home-cooked meals to five-star feasts. Everyone can enjoy iftar according to their convenience and budget. However, if you are looking for a truly unique iftar experience, there would be nothing more memorable than a luxury yacht charter. You can enjoy an iftar cruise as well as dinner packages with the nearest and dearest people in your life.
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