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Ramadan- the holy month of the year is all about spirituality and calmness. The month is also popular for warm hospitality and mouth-watering food. People celebrate this month with various ways with their friends and family. In Dubai, visitors and residents offer an array of options for making iftar a unique affair.

Either you are planning for delicious suhoor or exclusive iftar, there is nothing better way to enjoy on a yacht to feel really special. Create your own feast on a yacht allowing the team to create a sumptuous feast. It is fascinating to know that yacht charter Dubai allows you to celebrate a special iftar party with your family, friends and teammates.

In Dubai, there are numerous ways to enjoy your Iftar. You can easily choose from simple homemade food to a five-star feast according to your need and budget. However, if you are desiring for something really unique and remarkable, hire a luxury yacht charter and enjoy your iftar cruise Dubai and dinner package in the middle of the sea.  Moreover, sharing your iftar with your special ones also gives more significance to this event.

Enjoy the magnificent views

Yachter charter in Dubai allows your host an iftar feast, spend quality time with your loved ones as well as relish enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai under the glow of the setting sun. here you have the best way to give your guests a gift this Ramadan. They witness the towering buildings and the gleaming yachts lining the Dubai Marina.

Admire the majesty of the iconic Burj Al Arab- world’s most luxurious and seven-start hotel. As you cruise around Dubai Marina, wonder at iconic attractions of the Dubai skyline as well as embrace the beauty of the mythical Lost City touching the elegant Arabian vibe at the sight of Atlantis, The Palm.

Sharing iftar with friends and family gives more joy and meaning to the festive season. You can select from the fleets of yachts and celebrate a unique iftar party. Share the blessings of food with the dearest people in your life spreading the message of peace, in an amazing way.

Celebrating Ramadan on Yacht

Mala Yachts – one of the leading yacht rental companies in Dubai is providing an extravagant Ramadan Iftar dining experience along the vast blue ocean. Have a yacht party with your friends and family in Dubai, spend an Iftar feast as well as have an exclusive corporate get-together in order to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan.

Book a yacht and we will arrange for Iftar and dinner served on board. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of the sunset while breaking your fast cruising along the Dubai Marina. Enjoy the view of skyscrapers, iconic Burj Al Arab, the incredible Palm Island, as well as the Atlantis. Having your Iftar outdoors, surrounded by your closed ones with the majestic skyline views is such an amazing experience when you’re in Dubai, especially during Ramadan. Book a luxury yacht for a grand Iftar as well as share the blessings of food and company.

Make your Ramadan adventurous

This Ramadan, spend a day or two rejuvenating yourself with water sports activities. It’s an ideal time for swimming as well as if you want some adventurous activities. Enjoy banana boat rides, jet-skiing, kite-surfing, and water slides. Enjoy deep-sea fishing bringing along the joy of fresh ocean breeze. Catching a tuna, a snapper, and some other fish species have its own charm.

Experience having the best barbecue on a yacht. There is nothing more enjoyable than barbecued meat whilst cruising through the sea on a yacht. Exclusive packages are available. Don’t wait and book a yacht this Ramadan for unique fasting as well as take-home memories to cherish for life.

Be on safer side

Yacht charter Dubai practices all the safety norms of COVID-19. After the announcement of yachts rental companies to resume operation, they ensure a safe environment by maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. It is fascinating to know that the yachts are frequently sanitized in and out. The staffs on-board observe social distancing guidelines while maintain proper health audits regularly. Moreover, use of protective gloves, face masks and personal protective equipment are followed strictly.

When it comes to safety, the guest gets the top priority to the well-being. A clean and safe environment is provided to break their fast as well as spend quality time with the beloved ones.  This Ramadan, you can also have a memorable Iftar party on a yacht.

Celebrate with your beloved ones

Mala yachts offer customized yacht cruise packages for all events and occasions. For an exotic iftar meal, opt for a sunset cruise in order to enjoy the magnificent glow of sunset with your family and friends. Have a relaxing experience of breaking your fast with your loved ones.

You can easily select from a wide range of luxury yacht rentals. Witness the best view of Ain Dubai, Atlantis the Palm, and Burj Khalifa while relishing the finest Arabian meal for Iftar. However, if you want the best Iftar experience, indulge in luxury cruising as well as share a meal with your loved ones on Mala Yachts. Enjoy the mesmerizing views on a private yacht cruise in order to have the best time with us.

Delectable feast of Ramadan

As Ramadan is popular for warm hospitality, people celebrate this month with their dear ones in order to make Suhoor or Iftar a unique affair. Not to forget the gourmet cuisine of Mala Yachts catering to the best of traditional Arabic delicacies as well as intercontinental cuisine on board. The guests get the best dining experience making it a remarkable feast. Break your fast with authentic Arabian food surroundings with your loved ones for an experience leaving you with memories to be treasured forever.

As pandemic has left us being cautious regarding our surroundings- necessary for our safety. Hence Mala Yachts assured you a guarded environment in luxury cruising in Dubai. We are maintaining sterility while providing an amazing atmosphere throughout your yacht stay. So, enjoy the safest yacht party as well as make the best memories ever.

We guarantee a perfect setting for group Iftar bookings as well. Have a grand yacht party this Ramadan for your family.  Moreover, if you want to enjoy night-time views of Dubai, and host an Iftar party for near and dear ones you can choose exclusive cruise deals. Your overall experience on Mala Yachts will be a brilliant one to cherish through the years.

Indulge in the panoramic views of Dubai Marina and Jumeirah beach while breaking your fast with the best of Arabian as well as Intercontinental cuisine complemented by our warm hospitality. Make your every moment special with Mala Yachts.

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