Ain Dubai, the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel, celebrated its first visitors and opened to the public after great anticipation. People from all walks of life gathered to see the start of the wheel.
Residents and tourists who purchased tickets ahead of time were given priority access to the landmark structure. Thousands of people attended the celebration, which included fun-filled family activities, live DJ sets, and stunning inaugural light, drone, and fireworks show at the Ain Dubai Plaza.
“It’s just gigantic, and it’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed,” said Vitalii Grytsenko, a Ukrainian realtor with Aqua Properties.
At 2 p.m., excited guests who had pre-booked a 38-minute rotation in the state-of-the-art cabins were treated to the first spin. According to Vitali, the entire journey takes around 38 minutes, and they arrived at the top of the wheel in 15 minutes.
“Our cabin had around 15 people in it, and the cabins are quite large.” We could easily go about and enjoy a relaxing day.”
The lucky winners of the Ain Dubai treasure hunt across Bluewaters competition held earlier this month were also featured in the first cycle. The enthralling wheel filled up the sky with a dazzling light, drone, and fireworks performance after the sunset, as the world observed the historic event.
Ain Dubai’s General Manager, Ronald Drake, said: “It was a proud occasion for us to hold such a celebration to formally welcome the world, allowing so many tourists to enjoy the best of Ain Dubai. Our visitors were ecstatic with the unrivaled and amazing social and celebration experiences, as well as the variety of entertainment, all set against the gorgeous backdrop of Dubai’s spectacular skyline. This is just the beginning; we urge everyone to join us at the Ain Dubai Plaza today for further entertainment, as well as to reserve a spot to enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of Dubai in luxury comfort “.

First Impressions About Building

ain dubai
The Ain Dubai building, according to visitors, was a work of art in and of itself. On entering, customers are greeted by a modern white welcome area with massive columns that attract emphasis to the ceiling. They’ll notice a “chandelier” feature up there, according to Ron Drake, Ain Dubai’s general manager.
It was, in actuality, a translucent part of the ceiling through which guests could see the building and its gently rotating cabins, an exciting taster of what was to come.
The reception has a lot of admirers. A peek of the pods was slowly spinning through glass panels while standing in air-conditioned comfort, great for extra photo possibilities.
A single spin on Ain Dubai took approximately 38 minutes, and people arrived early to complete the entry process, purchase food, and enjoy the festivities.

Ain Dubai Opening With Spectacular Fireworks And Drones Show Display

During the official launch of Ain Dubai, fireworks light up the sky in Dubai. The night had a lot of appeals. People were also treated to musical performances and food kiosks. People said that watching live fireworks that night was breathtaking and fantastic. For over a half-hour, the firecracker shoe was present.

Crown Prince Of Dubai Expression About Ain Dubai Launch

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Sheikh Hamdan has experienced the ultimate thrill by soaring over his emirate’s cityscape from a cabin atop Ain Dubai, the world’s largest and highest observation wheel, which recently opened to the public. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Dubai’s Crown Prince, shared a video of himself riding on top of the wheel on social media.
Sheikh Hamdan posts photos and videos of his excursions and journey to the ain Dubai premiere on social media regularly. Sheikh Hamdan sat atop a pod, sipping a drink while safely tethered to what appeared to be a harness. As Sheikh Hamdan sat atop the tallest pod, a full picture of Ain Dubai and the sea became visible.


Many people attended the unveiling of Ain Dubai, which serves as the backdrop for a life-like laser show. The spectacular fireworks display took place. Bluewaters was also a big hit with Ain Dubai visitors.
Sajan Antony, a UAE native, was the first to try out the wheel. He told The National that he has been on the London Eye, Melbourne Star, and Singapore Flyer, but that this is his favorite so far.
It was pure luck that I was one of the first to go behind the wheel. “We had planned to go tomorrow, but we were able to obtain a slot today, and it also happened to be a holiday, so everything worked out.”
According to Antony, they attempted to schedule an evening time but were unable to do so because it was fully booked. “I believe the view will be much more spectacular at night.”

First Resident Step into The Wheel

Matteo Cesari, a 26-year-old UAE resident from Rome who won a competition that entailed discovering a fortunate ticket on Bluewaters Island, was one of the first to take the wheel.
“The cabin is impressive, so quiet, I really like it, and you get to see parts of Dubai that you wouldn’t be able to see from any building’s rooftop.” The entire event flew by, but it was incredible. It was extremely cool, from the quality of the accommodation to the details, to the crew,” he recalls.
People who rode the first day claimed they felt peaceful at the top and could see a breathtaking view of the JBR, The Palm, and other sites. Yup, it probably goes without saying that Ain Dubai provides unparalleled views of the mechanical mastery that makes the wheel so impressive. The people are going to love that element of the experience after the first experience at Ain Dubai. People are advised not to miss the opportunity to visit this location.
According to the individual, the Ain Dubai launch event was a lot of fun for everyone. Despite the fact that all of the tickets have been sold, many people still want to visit this amazing location. People’s initial impressions of the site and services at Ain Dubai are positive. It has surpassed the record set by the High Roller in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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