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Dubai is home to so many options when it comes to entertainment, dining out, and great hospitality. It is no surprise then that the list of options for the local residents as well as the tourists keeps on multiplying. The latest in the list of entertainment options is Bluewaters Island which is finally open in Dubai after much anticipation.
Bluewaters Island is everything that one can ask for and the perfect package for the entire family. The visitors can get to the island by the 254-meter pedestrian bridge, which is the “Wharf Link” that connects Bluewaters Island with the beach at the JBR.

So what does Bluewaters Island have that makes it so special?

Situated right next to the JBR, in the heart of the city, Bluewaters Island is finally open to the public. This means that tourists and residents alike can now check out this great new leisure spot and everything it has to offer. Bluewaters Island includes a variety of hospitality, retail, and entertainment options. It has about 132 restaurants and shops in total on the property which will surely leave the visitors feeling dazed on their first visit! Moreover, the island also boasts the newly constructed “Ain Dubai” which is an Observation Wheel and the world’s largest one as well, standing at 250 feet tall. Bluewaters Island also features residential options which include apartments, penthouses as well as townhouses. This is surely turning out to be a whole new city within a city!

What else does it offer?

Still not sold? Never fear, for the list of features does not end here. The Bluewaters Island will also be home to Caesar’s entertainment package. This means, that Meraas and Caesar’s Entertainment have entered into a partnership where Caesar Entertainment is going to open the world-famous Caesar Palace hotel which is going to be the second of its kind at the Caesar’s Bluewater Dubai. What this means is that Caesar’s Bluewaters Dubai is surely going to be a great new holiday and entertainment destination which will feature great hospitality accommodations, awe-inspiring entertainment, mouth-watering dining experiences and amenities which have something for everyone. The new hotel will have some epic features which include six brand new restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, a health spa and of course, a fitness center! To top it off, the Gordan Ramsay fans can even head out to and dine at the famous Gordan Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen for a mouthwatering meal!

How to get there?

The location is very easy since it is located right at the center of the city. The visitors can get to Bluewaters Island through the Wharf Link, which is the 265-meter bridge for pedestrians and it connects Bluewaters Island with the beach at the JBR. Moreover, there will also be the Wharf Station, which will be like the dock at the JBR for water transport. The island can also be reached by road if you want, with about 2,000 parking bays. With retail, entertainment, and dining options Bluewaters Island is surely an indulgence that will keep visitors of all places coming for more!

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