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What’s with fishing that it is holds a strong attraction for people. Other than the fact- that people fish for food, sport fishing has gotten lured in hook. One of the significant reasons is, fishing satisfies the primal urge of catching. Fishing enthusiasts find adventure in the challenge of hunting a fish and feel victorious when they finally take the fish out of the water.

If you also love fishing, it is the best idea to hire a yacht and go fishing in Dubai. In Dubai, deep-sea fishing is an exciting kind of fishing because you can only find the best and biggest fish in the deep sea. Yachts have a professional and friendly crew in order to assist you. Most importantly, quality fishing equipment’s are provided onboard for entire fishing experience. In deep-sea fishing, the choices are wider.

While you are searching for various fishing spots or purchasing proper equipment, it needs more budget and effort. In the flip side, hiring a yacht for deep-sea fishing it easier. Deep-sea fishing in yachts is one of the best experiences to do in Dubai. Relax inside the comfortable rooms as well as enjoy light refreshments are provided onboard.

What is deep-sea fishing?

Deep-sea fishing involves venturing into the deep waters away from land. The significant criteria for deep-sea fishing in Dubai are, the minimum water depth should be 30 meters. Keep in consideration, deep-sea fishing is best for fishing enthusiasts who are damn serious about their job.

One of the essential perks of deep-sea fishing is, it is teeming with big fish such as tuna, sharks, and swordfish, in contrast to the shallow waters. While sailings on a yacht, the crew definitely help you out in order to make the endeavor memorable and fruitful.

Best time for deep-sea fishing in Dubai


However, there is no set rule as to when you can go for fishing in Dubai. People do it all year round. But knowing the peak fishing season is essential if you are wanting a specific catch.  Winter is an ideal time for fishing in Dubai. The reason is, fishes are near to the surface in order to enjoy warmer temperature during winter months. However, in summer, fishes usually go deep into the sea as the water gets hotter. In Summer, you can go for fishing before sunrise or late at night. Moreover, fishing on full moon nights are just magical experience in Summers.

October to May are perfect for fishing in Dubai for species such as King Mackerel and Tuna. On the flip side, June to September are suitable for Queenfish and Sailfish. Furthermore, all year round, other fishes that you can catch in Dubai are Hammour, Barracuda, and Tilapia.

There are numerous ways to enjoy fishing in Dubai. You can do it yourself as well as go through licensed vendors. People who prefer fishing on their own carry their fishing equipment towards any fishing spot in Dubai. Whatever the case, having a fishing license is mandatory for any kind of fishing trip in Dubai.

Types of fishing in Dubai

While planning a fishing trip in Dubai, you can count on an intense bite, that even a youngest fisherman will also show off his trophy catch. For freshwater fishing, it can only be possible in artificial reservoirs. Fish lives there, locals and visitors perceive it as the elements of decoration of this rich as well as prosperous country.

The popular fish in Dubai is the mighty sailboat. If you meet this mighty monster, get ready for an intense fight lasting for hours. Along with this, the giant caeax is also known as Giant Trevally, lives in the waters.

Sea fishing in the Dubai is fishing:

  • In an open sea
  • In the surf near the shore
  • On the reefs and surroundings

In addition to the sailboat and Giant karanx and in the waters, you can catch: tuna, mullet, royal, Indian mackerel, dorado, as well as sharks. For any fishermen, a special delight is the catch of barracudas. Moreover, Ibrahim, Sherry, and Hammour are considered an exotic catch.

Bait and bait fishing are widely used in Dubai. In addition to deep-sea trolling and bottom fishing, you can also do casting (for large fish) as well as jigging. Crab fishing is also an exotic option, usually this catch begins closer to dusk as well as takes place in shallow water. You can easily fish in Dubai with spinning or directly from the beach too.

Best spots for fishing in Dubai

Fishing aficionados feel the adrenaline rush in Dubai. With more than 500 different species of fish, Dubai is one of the renowned fishing destinations along with unique fishing spots and abundant marine life. There are many best places for fishing in Dubai. However, where you go significant depends on what you want to catch. From bridges to beaches, there are perfect locations.  Not to mention this city is the ideal place to pair a fishing trip as well as or relaxing holiday. If you are looking for some good fishing spots in Dubai, here are some recommendations to choose from.

  • Bridges 

There are two main bridges named as Al Garhoud Bridge and Al Maktoum Bridge. These bridges are decent fishing spots in Dubai. The weather can be on warmer in these locations. However, make sure to take plenty of water with you. That means these sites are teeming with fish. One slight downside is, it may get crowded here during the weekend. If you avoid the mornings, you are more likely to get a quieter period. Hence, there are some ideal locations if you want to catch yourself some Tilapias and Barracudas.

  • Beaches 

There are plenty of beaches where you can fish. It is fascinating to know that Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is abundant with Sarracudas and Sultan Ibrahim. Along with this, you can even enjoy watching the stingrays swimming. Some popular beaches for fishing are Hameed, Al-Bateen, and Al Raha Beach. Be careful while fishing in some of the rockier areas of the beach, they can be slippery.

  • The creek 

The Dubai Creek Park is another great spot for recreational fishing. The fishing spot is famous for swarming, Kingfish, and Hammour. Dubai creek park is an ideal location if you are desiring to sit back and relax, especially if you’re a beginner. There are numerous comfortable places to sit and unwind. Moreover, you can also pop to the nearby shops for refreshments.

Deep-sea fishing in yachts is an effective option if you are looking for an amazing fishing experience. You can cook the fish you caught and have them afresh. It is going to be one of the most delicious meals you have ever enjoyed.

Essential things to have before fishing in Dubai

As it’s described above, fishing is a popular pastime activity in Dubai. Abundant marine life in the waters with fishing heritage is a fishing haven.  There are numerous options in Dubai for a jigger. Enjoy from handline fishing to chartering a boat. Keep in consideration, that handline fishing is best for those who are optimistic, whether you may or may not find a fish. However, going to the deeper seas on a boat will ensure you a great catch. Along with this, it also has several additional perks.

For an enjoyable fishing day out, there is a great need to prepare some things beforehand from paperwork to gears. Here are some of the essential things to consider before a fishing trip. However, these things are needed for both shore and deep-sea fishing.

  • Dubai Fishing license

Fishing license is most important of all, as well as the first point. A license from the governmental department is needed for anyone in order to fish in Dubai. Keep in consideration, that fishing without a permit incurs your hefty fines that can go up to 1000 dirhams.  Thousands of people come to Dubai every year for fishing. Therefore, the government has placed some rule on where you can fish and fishing outside of these zones is punishable.

Fishing spots allowed in Dubai with a recreational fishing license are:

  • Umm Suqeim
  • Al Garhoud and Maktoum Bridge
  • Dubai Creek
  • Al Seef Road
  • Jumeirah

Obtaining a fishing license from the authority is not a tough task and it is issued by the Environmental Department of Dubai Municipality. An individual license is free of cost. You can easily apply for the license online or by visiting the office of the environmental department.

Fishing rod and reel for sea fishing

When we discuss fishing equipment, the very first thing that comes to our mind is the fishing pole. Selection of a right fishing pole is confusing, especially if you are new to the sport. Though a fishing rod is just a long stick, but it is available in various types and each one have their own functions. For your information, note that dishing rods come from one meter to super long ones measuring up to 10 meters. These rods are responsible to provide better mechanics while casting. They differ in flexibility and strength.

It seems easier to get carried away while shopping for a fishing rod. Getting a versatile one is cost-effective if fishing is just a hobby. Graphite rods are strong, however, they come at a premium. Deep-sea fishing needs a stronger rod and it need to be thicker and around four meters in length.

Moreover, Reels are fitted on to the rods in order to pull in the line. Like rods, there are a bunch of reels too. For starters, a spinning reel is a good choice as compared to a baitcaster reel. Along with this, spinning reels are easy to operate, whereas, baitcaster reels are difficult to use and sometimes end up with a tangled mess of line.

Rod holders

Rod holders are a small thing that are handy. Apart from being able in order to fix the fishing rod in place. the best thing is, they have great portability. Some rod holders also come with fancy features such as bite alarms to out a siren if a fish is hooked.

Fishing line

Fishing lines are available in multiples sizes and shapes. There is a great need to consider the stretch, size, as well as color while getting a new line. Thicker lines are stronger as compared to the thinner ones. Braided lines are also strong even if they have a smaller diameters. The best thing is, fishing lines take up less volume on the spool and carry more weight.

Furthermore, monofilament lines are one of the great ways to learn the game. They are also available in wide range sizes and colors. The monofilament lines have good stretch as well as abrasion resistance. However, the downside is- that they break down over time as well as turns weaker.

Fishing weights, hooks, floats, and swivels

fishing kit

Fishing weights

Fish sinkers or weights are responsible to keep the bait underwater. It also provides better casting distance. Keep in consideration, most of the weights are made of lead however, steel, brass, and tungsten ones exist also. For newbie, the basic split shots are fine. However, the shore near the edges needs something that won’t easily jam.

However, you should not use more weights because too many weights mean you can have a hard time feeling the fish bite. It also makes it harder to cast the line.

Fishing hooks

In terms of fishing hooks, there are a million of them to select from. But there is a great need to consider that a Gamakatsu hook is every tackle shop and don’t buy a snelled hook. Ensure that your fishing hooks are sharp. One more thing, the thicker hooks are a disadvantage when you use live baits as they can kill the bait faster. Dubai fishing license will only allow you to fish with one rod at a time as well as up to a maximum of three hooks.


The final piece of tackle is afloat, or bobber. Although floats are not much important for deep-sea fishing, but they are helpful while jigging from the shore. Along with this, floats also keep the bait from sinking to the bottom and it’s a visual indicator when the fish bites.

An indirect advantage of floats I, they reduce the tension on the rod and line that mean you can use lighter gears with a float. Furthermore, they also have weight markers that aid you in selecting accurate weights.


A swivel is used to connects the tackles to the line and keep the line free of twists when you reel in the catch. Twists weaken the line that ultimately cause breakage. However, a tackle bag is also necessary for keeping all the items organized.


A fishfinder is your best friend as it shows the fish deep by locating the source of the sound. Fishfinders use GPS in order to track the fishing points. It is very helpful for finding find the spots that give the best catch. You can choose from various types of fish finders. Larger ones are used in fishing boats to find fish deep inside. They come with larger screens. Whereas, a portable variety of fishfinders enables are single-handed

How to find a good cap?

It’s a fact, some of the most talked-about fish the tastiest ones.  There are a number of fishes that you can search for a perfect dinner for the evening. It would be best to discuss with your captain the fish you want to catch because they know some secrets that nobody is going to tell you.

There is a great need to know that every fish requires a different technique for catching. The captain/ crew can help you a lot with the right procedure. For example, tuna fishing needs a good knowledge about everything. Only a professional will tell you from where you can find them consistently and what lures they are going to bite. So, nothing is better than renting a yacht to enjoy fishing like never before.

Essential Tips to know before going deep sea fishing

When you’re in a Dubai, there’s no surprise that sport fishing is one of the popular hobbies. It is both a relaxing as well as thrilling way to unwind after days of working routine. You don’t even have to be a professional to catch a fish. A lot of tour management companies offer many skilled coaches in order to help you have remarkable fishing in Dubai outing. However, here are some essential tips to know when you try your hand at fishing.

  • Do a weather check

Fishing on a sunny day is an ideal decision and there is no need to worry about bad weather, especially in Dubai. Any day is practically a good day for fishing. For fishing, the best time is thirty minutes after sunrise, sunset, moonrise as well as moonset.

  • Ensure safety

If you are going on deep-sea fishing, the boat must have a license in order to venture into the deep sea. It would be best to choose a reputed yacht company such as Easy Yachts to ensure the safest journey. The best thing is, that you don’t have to be worried when traveling with a professional crew. Just enjoy this experience to the fullest.

  • Be patient

There is a great need to know that fishing requires a lot of waiting. Sit back and relax as the fishing line floats in the sea as well as give its best to attract a fish. Don’t get disappointed when you don’t get a fish soon. Your patience will be rewarded and the real excitement come when a fish bites and you get to reel it in.

Moreover, fishing in Dubai teaches us how to be patient. It’s a time that we spend for ourselves and it’s more joyful when we share it with family and friends as well.

  • Keeping Time

Keeping time during fishing is also essential. Put on a wristwatch to tell time. Taking off your watch while fishing is risky at times as it can fall in the water. Put on a regular watches or luxury watch as they will be firmly attached to your wrist. It would be best to choose the watch with water-resistant features as there no need to worry when they contact with water.

  • Know the best fishing spots

You can’t cast your line anywhere in the sea. It would be best to consult a local fisherman to get ideas on which places are best for fishing. It is also good news, fishing boats in Dubai are equipped with fish finders too detect where fish is plentiful. However, for fishing, the ideal points are areas are rocks, or submerged wood in shallow water as well as structure like humps. You must therefore look for the right spot to make a catch.

  • Respect the seas

It many hard to contain your excitement, avoid boisterous behavior and don’t disturb the sea as well as other fishermen. We have to preserve our natural resources. Never catch more fish than you can eat easily. However, you have no plans of eating, release back into the sea.

Tuna, Kingfish, Grouper, Sailfish, Barracuda and many other fishes abound in Dubai. If you go on a fishing adventure, world-class fishing boats will make it the best experience in your life.

  • Find the right fishing equipment

Basic gear helps you catch a few fish. However, if you want to get a prized catch, best equipment’s are needed as well. You can find it difficult to choose the right equipment especially if you are new in this field. It is fascinating to know that yacht rental companies offer complimentary fishing equipment for deep sea fishing in Dubai.

  • A Good Fishing Boat

A good fishing boat is essential for fishing in Dubai. You can rent a yacht that will give you a smooth time. However, a fishing kayak is one of the best vessels to hire for such an expedition.

  • Water clarity

If you are using lures, there is a great need to know that the clarity of water, as well as the color/ lures, are related. Clearwater shows natural colors, dark sky equals dark colors, light sky equals lighter colors, as well as dark water, equals bright colors. Moreover, the watercolor changes in deeper depths as all colors end up being either black or white.

Why You Should Go Fishing More Often in Dubai?

Going for fishing expeditions in Dubai is one of the best ways for spending your free time with family or friends. Here are some of the best reasons why you should do it more often.

  • Relieves Stress

Stress about overworking can affect your mental health to a certain extent. It would be best to engage in activities that help ease off mind. However, one of the perfect things to try out at the moment is fishing. It is fascinating to know that the level of concentration you get while immersing the baited hook will help you forget all your worries. As a team, engage in other fun-filled activities along with fishing to free your mind off any stress.

  • Improves Your Skills

Fishing is not as easy as many people think. You must have the right skill in order to have the perfect catch. Doing it more often in Dubai with sharpen your skills, and with time, you’ll be perfect in this pastime activity.

  • Source of Food

Fishing is one of the best sources of food. Make a meal from the catch you have and enjoy. Moreover, fish is the best source of protein, and it can also go well so many other dishes. Apart from having fun, you will also enjoy a great meal.

  • Entertainment

For many people, fishing is the best entertainment as you can compete against your friends/ cousins on who will have the biggest catch. It is something that makes you enjoy the fun- comes with this type of activity. Your mood will be uplifted in the process, and you will enjoy in the whole exercise.

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