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Dubai’s intense temperature levels imply people are most likely to the beach after supper as well as at night. The active period is winter when visitors originate from Europe in order to get away from the cold. In Dubai the beaches come with standard services such as restrooms, as well showers, transforming rooms, as well as a lot of the main coastline parks. Some coastlines also include Smart Palms, cost-free public Wi-Fi hot spots along with solar-powered gadget charging terminals- sounds interesting, isn’t it? Dubai is an emirate within the nation of the UAE providing visitors with a level of individual security. You’ll see people leave their bags, on their beach chairs when they go swimming.

There is a great need to know that, many of the Dubai beaches are affiliated with hotels as well as access to their visitors who pay a hefty fee. Alternatively, there are also beaches that can be enjoyed at no cost or for a minimal charge. However, lifeguards, showers, clean sand, and changing rooms are also available there. Jumeirah Beach and Al Mamzar Park in Dubai have also been awarded Blue Flag beach status.

Best time to visit the beaches of Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai beaches is during April, May, September, and October. In the transitional months between summer and spring – you can visit in autumn. It is sunny at this time while it is not that hot, as the temperature is between 35 to 38-degree the climate is on the warmer side. Moreover, you can also enjoy the benefits of a mild summer season.

The best thing is, the prices of accommodation and airfare are relatively less. There are also discounts which give you the best reason to visit Dubai during these months. If you are looking for a budget-friendly vacation, this idea is best for you. You can enjoy beach life without getting sunburns.

Visitors must be respectful of Dubai’s culture. Men can wear board-shorts-type bathing suits. However, women can consider wearing a one-piece- not a bikini. Bring a change of clothes and bathing suits are not acceptable to be worn off the beach.

Why Should I Visit a Dubai Public Beach?

There’s a great need to know that Dubai’s public beaches are one of the few amazing things you both the locals and tourists can enjoy without going broke. Most of the public beaches in Dubai are very well maintained, neat and safe. The areas around Dubai’s beaches are often filled with restaurants and shops. There are also playgrounds for children, toilets, a shower area, as well a lifeguard service. Some of the beaches offer picnic areas, beach parks, small libraries, and swimming pools.

Best Public beaches in Dubai

There are some rules that apply to all public beaches in Dubai. However, what about private beaches? Are these beaches attached to shoreline hotels across? In order to get onto Dubai’s best private beaches, you must be a resident. There is a need to pay a daily fee or buy a membership. It is a bit acceptable to wear what you might wear on the beach elsewhere. Select the most effective area to relax along the shore. Here’s our list of top public and private beaches in Dubai.

  • Umm Suqeim Beach

Umm Suqeim Beach

If you want Instagram-worthy photos of the iconic Burj al Arab ultra-luxury resort, there is nothing best than Umm Suqeim Beach. It is also known as Sunset Coastline. Umm Suqeim Beach is an additional vast and flat beach along the coastline. However, lifeguard stands as well as basic facilities are also available there. There are numerous eco-friendly areas covering outing locations and playgrounds.

Keep in consideration, that the beach is one of the only surf breaks in Dubai. The waves are not significant, which means you can find various other internet users enjoying the water. As soon as you’re done, have a lot more wet fun at the Wild Wadi Waterpark, located in Umm Suqeim.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, next to the Hotel Jumeirah Beach – Direction

  • Kite Beach

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is a section of Umm Suqeim beach- at the northern end. It’s a wide and level coastline where numerous water activities are preferred such as kayak as well as paddleboard services. The beach is gusty and also popular with kite surfers flying kites. Along with this, the sand of kite beach is coarser as compared to other beaches, with shells. There’s also a skate park with numerous little ice-cream stalls.

It is fascinating to know that Kite Beach is also prominent with Dubai foodies for the food trucks located throughout the day as well as evening. Little dining establishments and cafes also run along the beach. You can try stand-up paddleboarding. The equipment for it is rented from the beach, like sunbeds as well as other water sports equipment. Moreover, a few independent operators also take people on scuba diving excursions.

  • JBR Open Beach

JBR beach

Jumeirah Beach Coastline is one of the most significant beaches in Dubai. The enormous JBR is expanding the full size of the JBR location. Some of the parts are designated for hotels, but the major one is wide open. There are full centers every couple of backyards and also positions in order to acquire food and snacks.

The sand is cosy white and powdery soft. Along with this, the water is warm with gorgeous turquoise color. There are also swimming areas are roped off with buoys. For your information, the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah is just right on The Stroll, facing the water. Rent water sports equipment or bikes and scooters from multiple locations.

The Jumeirah Beach Resort is a high-end hotel, created to appear like a sail. It gets on Jumeirah Beach Roadway in Umm Suqeim as well as a great destination for households. The guest gets free access to bush Wadi Waterpark. Along with this, the resort is also near with numerous other tourist attractions, such as Ski Dubai- located inside the Shopping mall of the Emirates.

Location: 34JM+CF9 – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • Mercato Beach


Mercato Beach has a Southern California feel with its boardwalk lined along with small houses and low-rise buildings, it’s like an Arabic Redondo Beach. Mercato beach in Dubai is very popular with locals as it’s not fancy as well as lacks shops and restaurants.

The beach is located across the street from the Mercato Mall. The mall includes a lot of shopping and food options. Here, the supermarket is a great place for stocking up on supplies in order to have a picnic lunch on the beach.

However, the beach is wide with a gentle curve slope into the water. As an unprotected beach, Mercato has some waves and undertows. That means the swimmers should be extra careful here. The beach is open 24/7 a day, but like other beaches in Dubai, swimming after sunset is against the law.

Enjoying a book reading is granted at the Mercato Beach. It is fascinating to know that, Dubai Municipality has launched the beach library initiative at Mercato beach. You can borrow the books from the library. Read on the beach and return it once you’re done reading. In case you are in search of some more things to do at Mercato Beach in Dubai, stick to the basics. It would be best to enjoy a game of volleyball. Get a natural tan or go for a swim in the sea. Moreover, there’s also a cycling track for impromptu cardio on the beach.

  • Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar is an awesome household beach. This public park location includes four coastline areas, with lifeguards. There are two large swimming pools and a huge picnic area for kids, all are complimentary as well open up to the general public. Keep in consideration, the park gets crowded on weekends in Dubai. Some of the common facilities here are showers, bathrooms, and altering rooms. You can lease little cool beach outdoors tents with BBQs in order to make your day more special.

Another coastline location named Al Mamzar Open Beach is also providing a natural coastline experience with fewer people. Al Mamzar is near the Deira location, an ideal place for sightseeing- the initial heart of Dubai. Furthermore, it’s also near the border of Sharjah.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is covering an area of 106 hectares that includes huge expanses of grassed picnic areas, swimming pools, an amphitheater, kid’s play areas, barbecue and multiple food spots.

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Beach services at Al Mamzar Park include a readymade barbeque pit, you can grill meats to perfection. Enjoy the steaks sizzling while you take a dip into the water. Furthermore, you can also go cycling in the beach park. Cycles can easily be rented from independent vendors offering a variety of bicycle types. However, the rental prices vary accordingly. The best thing about Al Mamzar Beach is, it also has a skateboard platform for people looking for some skating thrills. It’s an amazing activity for skating enthusiasts.

One of the significant characteristics of the park is, it’s offering five outstretched beaches with lifeguards, changing rooms, shades for sunbathers. You can reach the park from many entrances; gates are specified for individuals/ cars.

  • Marina Beach Dubai

Marina Beach

The Dubai Marina is considered one of the luxury residential areas in Dubai- located near JBR. Marina Coastline is the last area of sandy coastline. It’s a broad, flat, and gorgeous beach with normal soft white sand. The water is warm- the lifeguards are always on duty. You’re just few steps away from the little cafés, restaurants, stores, as well as ice-cream shops that line The Walk. Moreover, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai – Jumeirah Coastline is an amazing property, originally a deluxe apartment building.

  • Jebel Ali Public Beach Dubai

jebel ali beach public beach

Jebel Ali is just thirty minutes away from the south of downtown Dubai. It’s also the emirate’s most recent leisure area referred to as an industrial zone with the world’s largest man-made harbor/ it is fascinating to know that, the location is home to long, sandy coastlines where you can find yourself alone.

In addition to the coastlines, Jabel Ali is also a preferred dive location. The vast, Jebel Ali Beach area is in front of the second of the three palm-shaped islands- Hand Jebel Ali. Furthermore, the JA Jebel Ali Beach Resort is another high-end hotel on the sand with pools, golf links, and as well an exclusive beach.

  • La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach

La Mer beach is also known as Dubai’s most insta-friendly beach. It’s home to a number of exciting activities appealing to every beach bum. One of the most recent beach advancements is an entire home entertainment area. The beach is simply at the north of Deira and Old Dubai providing a gorgeous stretch of beach with dining establishments and a water park. The beach is flat, wide, and brushed several times a day to keep it clean. The water is warm, and the waves are extremely gentle. The coastline is secured by the Pearl Jumeirah advancement.

La Mer offers sunlight loungers, and other high-end means in order to appreciate the beach. For the glamorous coastline experience, spend a full day here. The interesting thing is, there are cabins on the coastline – cool havens to leave the heat and have a chilly beverage from your fridge. What about a trampoline on a beach? Here’s the best chance to leash your inner kid and let loose jump around Hawa Hawa. This park is open for people of all ages as well as is hands down one of the unique beach activities in Dubai. It is fascinating to know that, there are no restrictions on the things to do at La Mer Beach. This beach has its own waterpark for extra bit of fun.

  • Jumeirah Public Beach

The Palm Jumeirah Beach

The palm Jumeirah is an impressive palm-shaped island in the Persian Gulf.  There are multiple public locations through the shoreline. Keep in consideration, all the coastlines are either part of the luxury household areas are linked with a deluxe resort. Along with this, Riva Coastline Club is the only coastline club offering day-to-day admission to the public for one person each day. The huge coastline also consists of every type of water sport activity you can imagine. Moreover, it also offers the lovely sights of downtown Dubai and the JBR skyline.

No doubt, the biggest attraction at Palm Jumeirah Beach is the Atlantis Aquaventure offering a wide range of watersport activities. Palm Jumeirah is also home to several pristine beaches. Entry to the beach is free, you’ll be only charged a fee for entry into Atlantis Aquaventure. The Atlantis Aquaventure Park along with fun-filled slides is another popular attraction on this beach. You can also discover the underwater world with the snorkeling excursions.

  • Black Palace Beach

Black Palace Beach

As there is no shortage of beaches in Dubai, but this one is different because it has fewer activities as well as a lesser crowd. It’s a small beach strip stretching between Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab.

Black palace beach is also called as Al Sufouh beach-a stunning stretch located right in between the Burj Al Arab hotel and also the Palm Jumeirah development. It is located in an area called Al Sufouh. It’s simply a coastline – as there are no vendors, sunlight loungers, as well as restrooms.

It is fascinating to know that; black palace beach is vast and popular due to its golden sand sloping s down into the aqua blue water.

You’ll get a beautiful sight of the Burj al-Arab as the backdrop. In order to get to the Black Palace Beach residence, take Al Sufouh Street to Madinat Jumeirah. However, drive a few minutes more, as there’s a path in the row of palm trees leading to a parking area, after the beach. Pitch up your tents and set up a grill for the delicious barbeque. Moreover, you can also some food and a beach umbrella.

Private Beaches in Dubai

Keep in consideration, that most of Dubai’s private beaches are attached to luxury hotels and resorts as well as require paid access. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best private beaches in Dubai for Ladies.

  • Madinat Jumeirah Beach

Madinat Jumeirah Beach

You must spend a day at the Madinat Jumeirah private beach in order to enjoy fantastic views of iconic Burj Al Arab and turquoise waters. You can access this private beach from both Jumeirah Al Qasr and Mina A’Salam, hotels in Dubai with private beach access. As compared to other beaches, this gorgeous sandy strip is stretching out for an impressive two km. Book a day pass to the Madinat Jumeirah private beach. Enjoy a complimentary sunbed, umbrella, and towel. Moreover, if you’re looking to indulge, opt for a bigger cabana that comes with soft drinks, water, and other compliments. Turn up your fun with water sports activities for an extra charge and refuel Madinat Jumeirah’s popular restaurants.

  • One&Only Royal Mirage Beach


Amongst the top private beach Dubai hotels- One&Only Royal Mirage is offering a kilometer of shimmering sands and clear waters. Enjoy an extraordinary view of Palm Jumeirah from this private beach. A day passes here is going to avail you a complimentary sunbed, umbrella, and towel along with fresh fruits. Enjoy refreshing drinks and snacks. Hit the waves with water sports activities at the resort. Keep in consideration, this venue is pricier than other private beaches in Dubai. However, you are guaranteed to have a luxurious experience in Dubai that is difficult to find anywhere else.

  • Ritz Carlton Beach


If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind beach day, there is nothing better than Ritz Carlton Dubai private beach. Although its smaller than other private beaches, but the visitors can enjoy multiple facilities at this swanky JBR resort. The best thing is, that a day pass at Ritz Carlton JBR allows you access not only the sleek beach with the mesmerizing views of Bluewaters island and Palm Jumeriah, but also to the fitness center, pool, spa, and kids club. You have own choice of a sunbed/cabana, with umbrellas, and water provided. There is so much fun for all. It is fascinating to know that Ritz Carlton earns its name as one of the best hotels in Dubai with private beach access.

  • Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort

Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort dubai

If you want the luxury of private beaches without damage in your wallet, there is nothing best than Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort. The place offers a great access to one of the cheap private beaches in Dubai. You’ll also receive towels, sunbeds, and umbrellas. For more fun, step away from the JBR beach Steps away in order to have plenty of activities for keeping you busy even after the visit to Sheraton Dubai private beach.

  • Sofitel The Palm

Sofitel The Palm

Are you looking for Palm Jumeirah private beaches? Head towards this Polynesian-style resort of Sofitel the Palm featuring pristine beaches. Enjoy the sleek pools in a lush green setting. It would be best to select to include a voucher in your day pass to the Sofitel Palm Jumeirah private beach. It will include also sunbeds, towels as well as access to the pool. For more luxury experiences, dine at one of the best restaurants or lounges at Sofitel and complete your beach day experience. With the mesmerizing views of the JBR skyline and Dubai Marina, Sofitel- the Palm is one of the best beaches in Dubai for spending the day with your family.

What is the dress code for Dubai’s beaches?

Due to the diverse cultural make-up of the emirate, Dubai’s standards are more relaxed than in neighboring emirates. However, as a general rule of thumb, the visitors should dress modestly whilst here. Modesty must be maintained with whatever you wear on beaches, but you don’t have to cover up completely. Sundresses and shorts are allowed on the beach, men are recommended to wear light shirts. While swimming, beaches require you to wear swimwear.

It would be best to avoid any excessive displays of upper body parts, or legs. Ideally, shoulders and knees should also be covered- especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Saying that doesn’t mean you need to be wrapped up.

Dubai has a lot of free public beaches used by locals, ex-pats, and tourists. You’ll find an array of suitable swimming costumes and sunbathing that are considered acceptable. Bikinis and one-pieces are all familiar sights on Dubai’s public beaches. Avoid transparent tops and skinny thong bottoms at any time.

Dress code when you are nearby the beach

Dubai’s hot temperatures means- you might be tempted for wearing beach apparel to a restaurant near the beach. However, when you’re not on the sand or close, it’s suggested to cover up yourself with something suitable. Keep in consideration, there are laws strictly prohibiting while revealing outfits in public areas. In order to show some respect for the Muslim culture and to avoid unwanted attention, cover-up your swimwear when you are away from the beach/pool.


How do the beaches look like in Dubai?

Almost all the private beaches in Dubai are attached to luxury hotels and resorts. They require paid access. With a day pass from the hotels with private beaches allows you enjoy complimentary sunbeds, umbrellas, and towels. Along with this, you can also enjoy water sports activities, delicious meal/snacks and beverages at Dubai private beaches- for extra charge.

Why can I stay on a beach holiday in Dubai?

In Dubai, some of the best beach hotels in Dubai are located on Palm Jumeirah such as Atlantis the Palm, Anantara the Palm, as well as Sofitel the Palm. These resorts allow you enjoy complimentary access to the private beaches to in-house guests. You can also get some packages or discounts on water sports activities. However, the best thing is, The JBR hotels are great for those who desire to be close to Dubai Marina and Bluewaters Island.

Are beaches in Dubai man-made?

There are several man-made islands in Dubai, beaches are also very real.  Dubai- located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, has great access to a long stretch of coastline along which the beaches are located.

Is the seawater warm in Dubai?

It is fascinating to know that; the seawater is warm enough for an enjoyable swim- during the larger part of the year. However, between December and February, the water gets quite cold on Dubai’s beaches.

When is the best time to visit the beaches of Dubai?

When it’s cold in Europe, it’s a good time to head to the beaches in Dubai. During the summer, from June through September, the extreme heat will allow you visit in the early morning as well as early evening.

Which one is the real beach in Dubai?

There is only one real beach in Dubai- The Jumeirah beach. It boasts clean water along with number of activities. Ultimately, it is also one of the oldest and best beaches in Dubai.

What is the nicest beach in Dubai?

Every water area is luxuriously beautiful. However, Jumeirah Beach Park, The Palm Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim Beach, JBR Open Beach, Kite Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Marina Beach, as well as Dubai Creek are some of the best beaches in Dubai.

Can you swim in Dubai beaches?

Yes, you are allowed to swim in Dubai beaches. However, few beaches allow you to swim only during the daylight hours. Swimming after the sunset is highly restricted.

There’s no secret that both public and private beaches provide world-class service and amazing beach activities in Dubai. You can go on and on about all the things you can do on beaches.

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