Bab-al-Qasr is a luxury 5-star hotel in Abu Dhabi and it offers classic facilities to its visitors. The hotel is set on a private beach at a beautiful corniche in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the most Arabesque hotels in the area and its location is one of the best. It provides a unique Middle Eastern experience to travelers and displays beautiful architecture with fabulous interiors such as gold tiles and interlaced geometrical designs. With its superb lobby, breath-taking views, and great comfort for the travelers, the 5-star hotel is ready to entertain you any time of the year.

Free Beach Access for Families:

The good news is that Bab-al Qasr is offering free beach access to families so that they can spend a fun-filled and entertaining day at the beach. This offer starts from 16th November 2018 and it will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is the right month to spend a great and memorable time on the beach with your family and no one should miss out on it. The offer includes free beach access, free entrance, full entertainment throughout the day, countless activities, and various games and prizes. You can also enjoy the delicious street foods such as hot dogs, cotton candy, and soft serve ice cream.

About the Beach Services:

This beach is one of the largest private beaches of Abu Dhabi and provides a great way to relax and spend your weekend. A pleasant day on the beach is the priority of many residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi. The Family Beach Day Escape Promotion put forward by Bab-al-Qasr hotel is no doubt the most sought out for everyone this weekend. The hotel is ready to welcome its guests with lots of planned activities and services.
You can start your day at the beach with Zumba and also test your knowledge and intelligence with the Ayana Beach Club’s fitness challenge. You can also enjoy your time on stand-up paddle boarding, water sports, and with virtual reality entertainment. Before the sunset, there will be a grand raffle draw which gives you a chance to win amazing prizes.
The hotel provides small and large towels to the pool and beach guests for free. These towels are available on a complimentary basis. Also, there are large bed lounges and individual sun lounges given on a complimentary basis to all the guests.

The luxuries offered by the hotel:

Bab-Al-Qasr is a family-friendly hotel and offers the renowned Arabian hospitality. The staff is very helpful and will provide you with everything during your stay there. Some of the services and facilities of the hotel include a bar, fitness center, restaurant, spa, room service, Wi-Fi, and parking. There are 677 rooms in the hotel and all are spacious with floor to ceiling windows. The rooms are available to the guests according to different prices and categories, but services for all of them are the best. The rooms include touchscreen control panel, mod-cons, and a coffee machine, and also offer a superb view of the beach.
The Peruvian restaurant named Limo, at this hotel, offers amazing food at reasonable prices. The breakfast is provided in the Artisan’s Kitchen and sometimes it is included in the room rate. So, if you’re planning to avail the free beach access offer at this hotel, you can also plan to stay at the hotel and then access the beach when the time starts.

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