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If there’s an appropriate word to describe the experience Dubai Dhow Cruise holds at hand, it would be ‘Magical’. It’s not your typical joy ride across the ocean tides but a heart-warming venture that gives you the spice of exquisite food, an Aura of the remarkable history and a delightful residue of the Beauty of the creeks.
Dhow Cruise Dubai marina described simple is a journey taken in well-crafted work of art Dhow that sails along the old creeks of Dubai giving you an insight on the golden era of Dubai and merges it completely with a newer way of life in the midst of the tall building and colorful lights. Dhow Cruise in Dubai is one of the few most vivid experiences for a traveller and a thing that must be on everyone’s checklist. It is an experience worth sharing in the company of your loved ones!
The Dhow Cruise adventure does not only end with mesmerizing sights. Since it’s promised to be the complete experience, it comes with a delightful sense of taste. For all the food lovers, this goes highly recommended! Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai serves the best cuisine you can possibly get in all of Dubai! Sailing around the glorious city of Dubai with the gentle sea breeze ruffling your hair, the best food in front of you, and the immediate company of your family and friends; it really does not get any better than this!
Cruise Dinner in Dubai is rated as top liked thing to do in Dubai and rightly so. It is a challenge for your senses. It always asks you a question, are you ready for such a sensational experience? (The premise of that question being the food!) And when you’re done with it and the cruise ends, the answer is ALWAYS, ‘WOW’.
So if it’s a family treat or an early Christmas present for Yourself, Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai, is the best thing to go for! It’s a complete package of thrill, adventure, great scenic beauty and most of all, Sensational; Finger licking good food! Dhow Dubai is Truly Magical in Essence.

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