Dhow Cruise Dubai is an essential stop when you are on your tour to Dubai. It takes you to the breathtaking views of Dubai’s magnificent architecture and skyline. It is definitely not a fun opportunity to miss out. To witness the beauty of old and modern Dubai, you must have to schedule your trip in a way that it includes the Dhow Cruise Dubai tour.
Now, this comes with two options: Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek and Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.
Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek takes you to a mesmerizing trip of old Dubai city where you get a chance to explore the cultural heritage of Dubai. Dhow Cruises are itself the icon of traditional boats that were used for sea transportation in ancient times in Dubai. The route also includes a visit to the Dubai Museum in Al-Fahidi Fort and Spice Souk where you can find traditional Dubai spices.
On the other hand, Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina sails along Dubai Marina, the biggest man-made canal city in the world. It offers you the mesmerizing experience of sightseeing the modern Dubai buildings, cruise dinner, and loads of entertainment!

Tips to best enjoy the Dhow Cruise:

Dhow cruise has spectacular and fabulous experience awaiting for you but here are some tips to enjoy your trip to its fullest:

Choosing the right cruise:

If you are a history and culture lover and would like to see the rich cultural heritage of Dubai, then the Creek Cruise is the best option for you. However, if you are more interested in modern lit architecture, Marina Cruise would be the right one for you.

Choosing the right time:

Another tip that would a lot to your enjoyment is choosing the right time for sightseeing. If you want to see the splendid architecture in the daylight which includes unending heights of skyscrapers like the Infinity Tower, Ocean Heights, Marina Pinnacle and Sulafa Tower, afternoon is the best time for you.
If you want to witness the magical sunset, the evening is the best choice for you. However, if you want to see today’s modern Dubai, the night is the right choice to go for. It passes along Marina Towers, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis and other skyscrapers like Emirates Mall which are lit up, leaving the view more breath-taking.

Choosing the best view and services:

At Dhow Cruise, you are offered outer deck and lounge indoors. The outer decks are open to sky whereas, the lounge indoors have 360-degree glass walls. Also, choosing the entertainment services like live Tanoura dance or live singing is the best tip to have total fun.

Adding dinner to your Dhow Cruise trip:

What adds to making the trip more wonderful is the dinner you can enjoy at Dhow Cruise. As per your choice, you can have dinner while sightseeing the sunset or at night under the sky full of stars. The three-course continental buffet would surely highlight the dinner experience.
So guys, dress up pretty, take a Dhow Cruise Dubai trip, click a lot of photographs and make your Dubai trip as memorable as possible!

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