Dubai, the city of magic and marvels, has been on a mission to amaze the world by showing it that in Dubai, anything is possible. From building an artificial island to constructing the world’s tallest building, Dubai even has an indoor snow park that itself is inside a mall. And just when you think that the city has produced enough man-made wonders, it exceeds your imagination with a 3.2-kilometer long waterway, the Dubai Canal that starts from the old Dubai Creek and makes its way towards the Arabian Gulf.
The Dubai Canal may well be one of the most expensive projects of the city, but it is also designed to be an eco-friendly system. For example, the street lights on the sides of Canal are all solar powered. The Canal also serves the greater purpose of connectivity across the region, apart from being just a tourist attraction. You can navigate through the Canal on a ferry or a boat ride, but to fully live the idea of exotic Dubai experience, the traditional Dhow or an Abra, is definitely your best choice.

Dhow Cruise Canal – All You Need To Know

Sustainability and Network Paths

The Dubai Canal waterway as mentioned above, is an environmental friendly project. The government of United Arab Emirates planned the whole project with the goal of maintaining a sustainable city in mind. The paths and networks of waterways are tracked in a manner so that they can provide complete ease and shore-to-shore coverage to the area. The Canal has three distinct parts:
1. The Water Network

This part is basically built on three water bodies. The one that runs from the Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf itself. It includes the Crystal Lagoon in Safa Park and the Arabian Gulf coastline.
2. The Green Network

This network offers a luxurious experience of the waterway, connecting the Safa Park to the Jumeirah Beach Park.
3. The Public Realm

The public realm is the land area surrounding the Canal that contains eateries, shops, cafes, and sitting areas for the general public.

Timings and Schedules

As far as the timings for the entrance to the Canal are concerned, it is a free and open zone. Tourists and the locals both can roam around the shore of the Canal freely, without any interruption of timings at all. However, if you’re here for something special, like the waterfall show, you must reach there between 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM in order to attend the show.

What Mode of Transportation to Choose?

Via Car

If you’re on a car journey of your own, take the side of Sheikh Zayed Road that leads towards the Dubai World Trade Center. After reaching the elevated highway area, you’ll see an exit beside the Saint Regis Hotel. You will be under the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge by following this path. There you can park your car and enjoy the walk to the Canal.
Via Metro

Taking the metro to the Dhow Cruise Canal is the easiest way to travel. All you have to do is to take the red line that moves towards the UAE exchange. Next, you will have to get off at the Business Bay Station to walk across the other side of the bridge, heading to the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge to catch the lift. The lift will then take you straight up to the Canal.

Available Facilities at Dubai Canal

● 5 pedestrian bridges, out of which 3 of the connecting bridges that reside on the sides of the Canal are known to be perfect for a carefree stroll. The second bridge is built in a way that it has a concrete slope arc for the cyclists.
● To enjoy activity, the arena around the Canal has dedicated running tracks, sitting areas, footpaths, and cycling lane for the local public as well as one-time visitors.
● Elevators have been installed on both sides of the Canal.
● To ensure you can stay worry-free about your phone battery, the Canal has smart charging points all over the place.

The Best Mode of Traversing the Dubai Canal

Dhow Cruise Dubai

There are different ways to travel across the famous and luxurious Canal view, however, taking a dhow will be the more traditional and so, the most exotic method. A dhow is a wooden boat, originally from the old Arab days of fishing and seafaring. It was the only and most suitable mode of transportation for the people of the early Arab world. The dhows were frequently used for the means of trade and transportation across water. Which is why touring the Canal through the dhow will be an experience that fills you up with the beauty of an old culture and tradition – along with providing you leisure throughout your journey.
Book yourself a relaxing cruise trip through the Canal and get ready to be amazed by the glamour of the city like never before. From Dubai’s pleasing skyline to the eye-catching view of the Arabian Gulf, it will be a great experience as well as a luxurious trip to witness the beauty and serenity of Dubai.

Sight View

The tour starts its way from the Dubai Festival City Mall and comes back at the same designated pier after completing the trip in 2 to 2.5 hours, which is the estimated total time slot of the trip. The tour provides some wonderful sights to enjoy from the waters. The landmarks include Safa Park, JW Marquis Hotel, Dubai Festival City Mall, the Westin Hotel, and the compulsory Business Bay Bridge. From a distance, you can even witness the majesty of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.
Another remarkable sight to hold on to while riding across the Canal will be the electrically-controlled waterfall. This waterfall will stop right when a boat or a ferry has to pass by. You might be interested to see the bridge inspired by the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is truly a pleasure to experience in the serenity of Dubai.
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