For many of Dubai’s residents, a dhow cruise dinner is nothing new. Infect it’s one of the amazing experiences which they had a decade, so ago and never went back to. However, a lot of the tourists are in a dilemma that what’s the difference between a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina vs. The Creek. The post is going to provide new some motivation for Dubai’s old-timers. Let’s shed some light on the visitors to the difference of both locations.
In order to sum up, you must know that in Dubai there are two areas where Dhow Cruise Dinners are common. These areas include. the old part of town known as the Creek and in the Dubai Marina, a new area in the ‘new Dubai’.
Here is why we believe that Dubai Marina beats the old creek experience.

Sights and Views

No doubt, the Creek has its own beauty and it is a worthy experience, the views that you get are a little bit limited. There is a great need to know that, the area in the Creek within which the Dhow boats are allowed to sail is short and there is not much to see on either side.
From the Bur-Dubai side of Dubai Creek, half of the length of the cruising is taken up by a promenade, a nice place to walk. However, this site doesn’t offer for the passengers at all.
If we talk about the Deira side, you’ll see some iconic buildings such as the Sheraton or the Dubai Municipality building. However, these buildings are neither here nor there. They are modern but outdated and these cannot qualify as historical.
The only part of the sights that you can consider amazing is the part historical part of Dubai where the promenade ends and you have the Bastakiya area. This area is significantly followed by the Souq and the heritage village. That location has a historical vibe and for a moment takes you away from the realization of being in the current times.
On the flip side, the Marina is much newer construction and has a large variety of architectural elements within it. All along the Dubai Marina, there is a promenade with people walking or sitting down in restaurants as well as in outdoor cafes.
The bridges with passing trams and cars above offer a cool experience. You’ll definitely feel amazed to see the skyline of the new Dubai at night. It can be viewed particularly well at night from the Mina Lagoon. View of Skyline from the Water during Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina is just amazing.

Higher Quality


From a business point of view, Dhow in Dubai Marina is considered expensive. The berthing fees are probably more of what they cost in the creek. Same as, the service only makes sense if it is delivered at a higher price point and therefore quality.
There are most high-level operators in the Creek. Across all the operators a very fair generalization is that the service offered in Dubai Marina is higher than that which is offered in the Creek. You’ll get outstanding service on every step that it’ll be the most memorable experience for you.


For the visitors of Dubai who got over the Dubai Creek experience, Dubai Marina is going to be a new experience for them as well as a revisit of a concept that they liked.
For the tourists of Dubai, the same thing applies. If it’s their first time in Dubai, they should go for the Marina experience as its better, if it’s not their first time, they probably already did the Creek experience or they are looking for something new.


The Creek has great hustle and bustle. It comes with daily routine ambiance along with barges going to the ports. On the other hand, Dubai Marina has an atmosphere of enjoyment. You’ll only have leisure vessels all around. The atmosphere feels different on dhow cruise Dubai Marina.
However, the overall experience in Dubai Marina is a richer one, a higher quality one as well as costs more (not always) on average.

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