Dubai surely happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is blessed with not only breathtaking natural landscape but with the most worth seeing modern architecture and design. Where nature has bestowed its best upon this city, man has done the same to the best of his abilities in making it a dream place to go to. No wonder this international city is a perfect mix of natural and man-made beauty.
On one side, Dubai has developed in modern design and architecture over the past couple of decades; it has preserved the old and traditional beauty of the city as well. It offers something to everyone. Whether you are an admirer of modern culture and lifestyle or a fan of old and traditional heritage, Dubai offers you the best of both. There is something for everyone here!
So, let’s get back to the olden times for a while! One of the must-go-to places in Dubai is the famous Dubai Museum. Once you see it, you’ll find yourself among the reflections of times, traditions, and heritage that this beautiful place has seen through ages.
The first and most interesting thing to admire about this place is that it is built in a fort that is the oldest existing building in Dubai to this day. Al Fahidi fort was built in 1787. This fort itself has seen a lot during its lifetime. Built-in several stages, it was initially used as the shield to safeguard the land from raids by any neighboring tribes. With the passage of time, it served as the residence of the ruler of the emirate and even as a prison…
The fort is a square-shaped building with huge towers on its three corners. They were initially meant to keep an eye on the surrounding areas, hence a typical historic use for towers of a fort. The walls of the fort are rough and made with coral and mortar. Apart from the architectural significance, the beautiful brown walls still give the traditional historic look that once takes you back through the times.
The front door has two cannons installed on either side which gives a traditional look of a garrison fort. Inside there are mainly three halls that are linked with the main walls. These actually surround the main courtyard.
The inside walls of the fort are a true depiction of ancient Islamic architecture. You will see Mihrabs on the walls and the traditional Mashrabiya windows all over the place. There are beautiful built-in shelves in the walls too, that were once used to keep the lamps for light.
Al Fahidi fort was turned into a museum in 1971 by the ruler of Dubai. The main courtyard and the halls now showcase the life and living of the people of past times. It has become a wonderful place to visit in Dubai.

Apart from the beautiful historic architecture of this ancient fort, there is much to admire in this place that makes it a must-go.



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