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With portrait views of grabbing nature, UAE welcomes all the wanderlusts to have an insight. The wadis, lakes, and mountains are so beautiful and exciting with wildlife and landscapes. When it comes to natural spots, you might think of greenery and waterfalls, etc, but UAE also has some perfect wadis and huge mountains surrounded by sandy desserts that look too catchy and lush. The water spots like its lakes and riverside areas are no doubt matchless. Means UAE shows you the real beauty in both like deserts gives you a dazzling vibe and greenery spots give you an insightful view of nature. These gripping places never let you feel bored; you will gaze at them for hours.
Here is a list of some best wadis that are in different areas of the UAE. Some of them are in Dubai but to visit others you need to travel to other parts of the UAE.


Perfectly known as the Grand Canyon of the UAE, a trip to Wadi Bih will never disappoint you. Fresh air, huge mountains, and gripping scenery will give you a perfect vibe. Starting from the Hajjar mountains in Ras Al Khaimah, this wadi crosses the Musandam peninsula of Oman.


This wadi seems to be a home for almost 130 bird species. It’s a perfect paradise for bird watchers. Just take a pair of binoculars and feel the vibes of the time spent here.


Regardless of its perfect and hypnotic scenery, this wadi is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. Every year there is a race held. Starting from Dibba Beach and crosses through the mountains of Terrains and Musandam peninsula, Oman, the race is 73 km long. For camping lovers, the wadi provides a huge area of ground surrounded by roaring mountains.


It is recommended to visit this hypnotic place from October to April. Also, bring sufficient food and water and take all the precautions for any possible winter rain.

LOCATION: Ras Al Khaimah


Secret flower garden in #UAE that'll transport you to paradise - The Filipino Times
Camping with BBQ blazing and a short hike on a rocky trail, seems interesting?
Pack your camping equipment and accessories and head yourself to a place like heaven. Yes, Wadi Asimah and Wadi Sidr welcome you all to be entertained by its beauty.


Get yourself away from your hectic routine and plan a weekend trip to this heaven. The scenic view, greenery and roaring mountains will let you forget all the stress. During the route, you will see small dams and falaj (a traditional irrigation system that supplies fresh water to nearby farms). The long drive to this hypnotic place will be an experience that you won’t miss.

LOCATION: Between Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah


Having several organized adventurer activities, Hatta is the coolest and enchanting wadi in the UAE. The Rocky Mountains, hiking trails and water sports make this place lush. Hatta is considered a part of Dubai although it is not within the boundaries of Dubai. Because of its coldest temperature, it’s a perfect place for all kinds of picnics in summer.


For adventure lovers, Hatta provides a variety of activities. You can

  • Rent a bike and explore the area
  • Horse riding
  • Paragliding
  • Kayak on the dam
  • Find vintage music
  • Try zorbing
  • Hiking
  • Try “wadi bashing”, a favorite activity by locals, a version of dune bashing but through the valley


Hatta is the perfect venue for a picnic with family or exploring the lavish trails on your own. While hiking, you can cross the areas near Arabian Sand Cat and Arabian Tahr.

LOCATION: E44, Dubai-Hatta Road


When it comes to the surface of the UAE, the concept of mountains seems unreal. We just thought of the UAE as an area full of deserts and dunes. But in reality, the UAE has some outclassed mountains that are perfect for adventure lovers. One of them is the great, Jebel Jais. Jebel Jais has amazing and magical views, thrilling adventures, and a welcome respite from the heat with temperatures around 10 degrees cooler than the sea.


  • Have attractive adventures and spend quality time with your family or mates.
  • Enjoy the longest zipline of this mountain
  • Trek at the rocky and humid mountain
  • Cycling for fitness lovers
  • Sightseeing the mesmerizing views from a perfect and hypnotic height
  • Camp in the heart of the mountain
  • Explore the hidden caves and overall area
  • Ica sakte at Jebel Jais Ice Rink

If you are an expert camper, the place at the foot of these huge mountains welcomes you to have a night stay with BBQ. Just park your car and spend quality time under the starry sky.


If you are good at climbing rock then this superb rocky place is perfect for you. Located 2 hours out of Dubai, this wadi is close to Ras Al Khaimah’s coastline. Being smaller and less extensive than other wadis in UAE, Wadi Ghalilah is composed of steeper rocks and cliffs.
Like its name “Stairway to heaven” the wadi has one of the dangerous mountains to climb. It is recommended to climb these mountains only with someone who is an experienced climber. Being close to water, the humidity makes the trek difficult. But still, height and hiking lovers come to this lush place to be entertained with its lavish scenery.

LOCATION: Ras Al Khaimah


A perfect escape from the city bustle, Masfout is the smallest emirate in the UAE. It’s a small beautiful place 2 hours drive away from Ajman and is the best summer retreat. Having a higher altitude, there is a cool climate and pollution-free atmosphere.


Unlike the rocky paths of the city Ajman, the Masfout provides a smooth way for walking. For adventure lovers, the place is perfect for

  • Mountain biking
  • Picnic
  • Wadi exploration

The robust set of the place has some flora and fauna. Also expect to see some wildlife species like leopards, gazelles, and foxes as before the city was built the place was a home for these species.
LOCATION: 2 hours away from Ajman


Mysterious Pink Salt Lake in the UAE! - World with Maria
UAE is mainly known for its skyscrapers and marvelous architecture. But the natural places have their amazing worth. The same is with lakes in UAE. The scenery around these places is so magical and gripping. You can’t find more peace in any other place. The hypnotic peaceful views and the feel of being away from the hustle add value to your time. Giving you a perfect feel of comfort, these lake and riverside views are so astonishing.


Lake in the heart of the desert, confused? But it’s true. These 2 beautiful lakes are shaped like two connecting hearts. Get the thriller views and enjoy the aerial views of lakes with swans, ducks, and flamingos.
The lake has so many beautiful views. Not only lakes comprise of two hearts, but the plants are also shaped like hearts. The place is perfect for family picnics and is considered one of the most romantic places in Dubai. Being in the center of deserts, the views provide an aesthetic vibe. The atmosphere seems so calm and comfortable.
The place is home to almost 170 exotic plants and species. The word watchers are also welcome here.


You can surely have a marvelous time here. Some major activities that make your time lusher are:

  • An insight into a wide variety of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs gave a shape of a heart
  • Spot over 150 species of birds
  • A marvelous and magical sunset view is waiting for you
  • The colorful fish species
  • An enjoyable walk across the shallow waterways

LOCATION: Al Qudra Oasis


Nature never lets you feel bored. Instead, you feel pleasure and comfort and forget the stress. UAE, like other places, has perfect natural spots that will give you astonishing vibes. A  trip to mountains, valleys, and lakes makes the time lavish and you feel lost in the thriving views of nature. So this weekend, just pack your bag and throw a trip to these magical and hypnotic places that will surely take away all the stress of the whole week’s hustle.

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