A safari park is a zoo-like tourist spot where the visitors can drive their own vehicles or ride in vehicles given by the office to notice openly meandering creatures. A safari park consists of various species of animals, is larger in size and more modified than a normal zoo.

Largest Safari Park outside of Africa opens

Sharjah is broadening its tourism and opening doors with the expansion of an enormous safari park. It opened on Thursday, February 17. Sharjah Safari Park, situated in the city of Al Dhaid. The Park covers an area of 16 square kilometers, making it one of the biggest safari projects. The 800-hectare park is one of the biggest parks and has taken seven years to construct. The Sharjah Zoo safari is likewise home to an enormous assortment of Samar trees, which are vital to reserve. The trees are a source of food for camels and goats in the parking desert.

Sharjah Safari park consists of 120 species, including interesting creatures from Africa, the most uncommon, dark rhinoceros. A total of 1,000 local and African trees have been planted across the area of the park.

Species of Animals and Plants

The Park is home to around 50000 animals from around 120 species and 100,1000 trees. Among animals, are black rhinos are becoming a major source of tourist attraction. Besides, species of giraffes, gazelles, crocodiles, lions, and deer are also present.

Among the most famed, is the female white rhino Wuhaida who was born in Sharjah Safari last year in August. The bringing up of Wuhaida was taken care of by the United Nations. The baby was believed to be a member of a species that became extinct back in the 1890s, but according to the recent estimation, their population has increased up to 20,000. Moreover, two additional white rhinos joined in 2017, when the park was still under the construction process. The logo of the Park features a rhino, an elephant, a giraffe, and a lion.

The Park welcomed over 100,000 African trees and among them, Samar trees are becoming a source of attraction.

Sharjah Safari Park Booking and Timing

Sharjah Safari is open every day from morning till evening, giving you several options in tickets through online Sharjah safari online tickets as follows:

  • The bronze ticket strolling visit; the ‘Africa” zone is evaluated at 40 Dirhams for individuals matured 12. It includes a 3-hour strolling visit to the park with a guide.
  • A silver ticket transport visit involves everything except 1 portion of the Sharjah safari park and costs 120 Dirhams, including a one-seated 6-hour ticket. Kids under 12 have compensation for only 50 Dirhams for a single silver ticket, while gatherings of at least 20 compensation 100 Dirhams for each individual.
  • Gold tickets will give visitors admittance to all conditions. It also includes a ride in an extravagant vehicle and even hiring a private aide for a visit of five to six hours. Costs are 120 Dirhams for youngsters matured 2 to 12 and 275 Dirhams for kids who are aged more than 12. In this, a gathering of six individuals can likewise recruit an extravagance vehicle with an aide for 1,500 Dirhams.

Furthermore, there is a camp for visitors to stop and utilize refreshments as well as visit different animals.

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Animal Safety

A border fence keeps the animals in the park and each segment of the fence has its own protection limit to prevent the animals from leaving the park. In excess of 50,000 peruse trees have been planted. They give food to the antelopes while every region has its own fence to stop the animals from breaking out.

The animal to pay special attention to is Bridi, the African female giraffe brought into the world at Sharjah Safari Zoo. The boundlessness of the park will make it precarious to detect the animals prowling underground, however, the chance of grabbing a look of an uncommon stork or turtle will make it all adventurous

The animals have a ton of room around there and a great many options which are vital for the welfare of animals. It is the excitement of passing around the recreation area, with a decent aide.

Sharjah Safari Location and environment

The park is located near Sharjah, but specifically 49 kilometers away from Sharjah. It is located in Al Dhaid and took 7 years to construct. It basically consists of 12 environments having around 121 species as their inhabitants. The sheik of UAE says that it is one of the biggest and most important projects they have carried out in a while. It allows them to protect the climate and endangered animals like black rhinos and white giraffes. It proves to be home to many animals and plants, basically, all wildlife species. The United Nations has started a breeding program that helps animals, brings them up, provides food and proper treatment to the animals. The constructors are claiming that the project was a big challenge for them because of a variety of animals and trees and it was difficult for them to maintain the environment for the animals. Some animals prefer a humid environment, some prefer cold, and some hot. Creating an adequate environment for all the animals was a big challenge, but it was worth it as the species have now found a new and safe home where they will be privileged with everything they need to survive.

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The Safari park Sharjah is one of the biggest parks in the world and has opened a new way of tourism. The animals have been privileged with proper environment and treatments. This has allowed the extinct species to breed and rise again, protecting them from the harms of the outside world. The Park is one of a kind and has already attracted dozens of tourists in no time at all. Furthermore, it is receiving a lot of appreciation from the world as it has provided a new approach to the well-being of wildlife and protected hundreds of species from around the world.

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