Dubai has a new Quran park which has recently opened its doors to visitors. It is located in the Al Khawaneej area by the Dubai Municipality. Based on 60 hectares, this park will provide its visitors with a chance to learn more about the Quran and its miracles. The purpose of having a Quran Park is to provide a link between different cultures as well as encourage intellectual and cultural communication between various religions. Dubai’s new Quran Park is making headlines in the city, especially with its plant ecology, sightseeing, and its many facilities which cater to the whole family.

This park will provide the visitors a chance to learn more about Quranic miracles and about the plants  which have been mentioned in the Holy Quran.
This Quran Park, however, is not without many other facilities. It includes a lovely main entrance, an Islamic garden, an administration building, Umrah corner, an outdoor theater, children’s play areas and another area for showcasing the miracles of Quran. These are not the only highlights.

In fact, there are many others as well. The park also includes a running and a cycling track, a palm oasis, sandy walking track, and a beautiful lake. The best part about this Quran garden is that the entry for all visitors is free of cost. This way everyone will benefit from the park. The only fee that will be charged would be at the Glass House and for the Cave of Miracles which is priced very competitively only at Dh10 each.

The Glass House is one of the main attractions which should not be missed. It has a special mention since it contains all of those plants which have been mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).

A lot of these plants grow at an appropriate temperature and require special environmental conditions, and these are all kept in check by the special glasshouses. Trees bearing the fruits mentioned in the Quran are planted here. These trees include grapes, figs, pomegranates, and olives. Other plans which are also present include leek, corn, garlic, lentil, onion, barley, ginger, wheat, pumpkin, tamarind, watermelon, Seders, bananas, vineyards, basil, and cucumbers.

The Dubai Quran Park also provides an excellent sightseeing adventure and a great place for an evening stroll. It has beautiful fountains and other amenities like bathrooms for men and women. It is also home to solar energy trees which are inspired by the Arabic art and Islamic fonts which are designed especially for this particular project. It boasts a Wi-Fi system, solar panels, and a shaded seating area for visitors which also includes phone charging stations.

Another must-see area at the Quran garden is the cave of miracles. This contains seven miracles that have been mentioned in the Quran, and the details are displayed with the latest interactive techniques. There is information available all over the park, and there are plenty of kiosks all around it which provide data about the cultivated trees and plants along with their benefits when used as medicine and as food. The kiosks also provide the references where a particular fruit has been mentioned in the Quran.

The Quran Park Dubai is now the latest attraction for the residents as well as for the tourists. It is a place full of entertainment and information for the whole family. Apart from providing wholesome knowledge about Quranic plants, medicines, and food, it also provides valuable information regarding the different miracles of the Quran.

It is an excellent experience for everyone, and the primary purpose is to bridge the gap between people of different faiths since Dubai is home to people of many different nationalities, cultures, and religions. It provides a lot of opportunities to spend a fun-filled day with activities for children and a safe and peaceful environment for the adults. 

The Quranic Park Dubai timings are 8 PM to 10 PM throughout the week while on Fridays it is from 3 PM to 10 PM. Quran Park Dubai’s timings for the Glass House and the Cave is from 9 AM to 9 PM from Saturday to Thursday, and on Fridays, it is from 3 PM to 9 PM.  The jogging area at the park is open 24 hours and throughout the week. While there is no entry fee, there are AED 10 charged for the Cave and Glass House, but for Emirati Senior Citizens (aged 60 and up) and children below the age of 3, entry is completely free. The customers can also use their RTA NOL card which can also be recharged inside the park premises as well. There is also a Quran Park Dubai smart guide application for smart phones available for further details and information. There are public buses providing transport to Quran Park and taxis on a daily basis. 

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