1. Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk
  2. Mercato
  3. Al Marmoom Desert Conservative Reserve
  4. Snow Cinema 
  5. TopGolf Dubai
  6. Crescent Moon Island Dubai
  7. Dubai Ladies Beach Club
  8. Ripe Market
  9. Al Serkal Avenue 
  10. Love lake
  11. The banana Beach
  12. Dubai Coffee Museum
  13. Queen Elizabeth 2
  14. Dragon Mart
  15. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa
  16. Palm Jebel Ali
  17. The Farm – Al Barari
  18. Al Bastakiya
  19. Wafi Light and Sound Show

Among the exciting and popular things to do in Dubai are Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab desert safari Dubai, and much more. However, what is unknown to the visitors is its several interesting places that are underrated. So, if you’re bored from the usual spots you visit as well as looking for a change, then the entire blog is for you. It’s fascinating to know that, the city of gold has no shortage in terms of places to visit as, full of hidden gems.

Do visit these places of vibrant and lively city. Scroll down to know what are the hidden gems and underrated places in Dubai that you might have never heard about.

    • The Banana Beach

    The banana beach resort Dubai is located just 20 minutes from Dubai Marina. Reach this hippie’s spot and cherish the colorful tents to cozy chalets, water hammocks, Insta-worthy sea swings, and camping. It’s interesting to know that banana beach includes everything that echoes the old school neighborhood.

    Get a unique and vulnerable vibe, where you have a beach and different types of activities in order to keep you company. Once at the beach, you’ll get a primal vibe taking over you. A soothing environment, away from technology and city life, the banana beach Dubai is the name of simplicity as well as the nomadic aura of the beachfront. Moreover, it’s also an experience that is stripped down to the DIY lifestyle of yesteryears.

    • Dubai Coffee Museum

    Dubai is home to more than twenty museums depicting the culture and traditions of the city. The most technologically-advanced museum in Dubai, the Museum of the Future, opened recently and got massive public attention. But if your concern is to enjoy something simple and yet unique, then a coffee museum could be the right choice for you.

    Coffee museum is one of the underrated places in Dubai and is located in Dubai’s Al Fahidi Neighborhood, inside a traditional Emirati house. During the tour, you’ll get to know about the history of coffee from its origins to evolution across the world. The coffee museum also includes various types of coffee pots, grinders, and roasters. You can also check out different manuscripts, books, as well as antiques regarding the coffee at the museum. Most importantly, sip on one delicious cup of coffee before you step out of the museum.

    • Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk

    The Walk, at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, is one of the best outdoor attractions for the tourists. The 2-mile walkway is built along the coast featuring multiple restaurants and shopping outlets. Find everything ranging from designer dresses to intricate handmade jewelry.  Enjoy an alfresco dining and regular encounters along with street entertainers while strolling. Jumeirah beach walk is best for a leisurely stroll along the waterfront. The light breeze from the sea makes your experience more pleasurable. The best time to visit these underrated places in Dubai  is after sunset, during peak summers as the day time temperature is scorching in Dubai.

    Another amazing highlight of the Walk is the open-air cinema, operating one week a year. Here, you can enjoy the movie scenes in the starry sky. It would be best to check about the details of film fest and other attractions on The Walk in advance to enjoy.

    • Mercato

    Mercato in Dubai is one of the underrated places in Dubai; a modestly sized shopping mall. It covers an area of 643,067 square feet, located in the heart of Jumeirah. One of the main reasons for adding this place on our list is its architectural brilliance, inspired by the Italian Renaissance. A broad walk through the mall will lead you towards the streets of old Italy. Picturesque balconies, cobbled streets and a bridge offering a sweeping view of the mall is something you must have for a lifetime experience.

    It’s fascinating to know that the mall has over 140 shops. Both local and famous international brands are open to the public. It’s true that Dubai is home to numerous hidden gems that may fail to become a part of a tourist’s itinerary; Therefore, it is recommended to consult experienced vacation planners in order to experience all that the city has to offer.

    • Al Marmoom Desert Conservative Reserve

    In terms of the underrated activities in Dubai, Al Marmoom Desert Conservative Reserve experience is a must try. It’ll take you close to the nomadic ways of life. It’s fascinating to know that the Bedouin-inspired conservation reserve has a plethora of flora and fauna. The site is home to various archaeological findings. You can find here a variety of artifacts like gold jewelry, seals handicraft, and pottery, that date back to the Neolithic era. There’re many other interesting things for the tourists such as cultural festivals, and running up a dune, as well as the famous heritage festival. Al Marmoom is the best place to experience the preserved heritage of Dubai. At the same time, it’s also a way for sustainable ecotourism.

    • Snow Cinema

    Dubai city allows you to enjoy watching the latest movies in a snowy setting. The Vox Cinemas is responsible for bringing you a whole new concept. Cherish a unique experience of cinema with your family or friends. keep in consideration, Ski Dubai is home to the Snow Cinema that is one of the best-hidden gems as well as unrated activity in Dubai.

    It could also be your perfect escape when it comes hot outside. Along with the movie booking, the package also includes a blanket, socks, jacket, and gloves to keep you warm. For the winter lovers, snow cinema is a distinct experience in the middle of the desert. You must head there and bring your favorite hot chocolate during movie time.

    • Top Golf Dubai

    TopGolf is one of the best-underratedplaces in Dubaiand an option for a cool and different outing. It’s a unique spot providing you with high standard facilities to play golf. The setting is vibrant, that makes it an ideal if you’re coming with a group of friends.

    The play allows you to play a game and then chit chat at any of the restaurants or cafes inside Top Golf. There are numerous other programs for all levels and ages. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or not. On a Dubai visit, you can call your friends and head to this flawless destination.

    • Crescent Moon Island Dubai

    There’s nothing better way to tell someone your loved one to the moon and back by taking them to Moon Island. The moon island is located about 60 kms off the coast of Dubai, one of the unexplored places in Dubai. The Island has a crescent moon-like shape, offering a plethora of activities. Come here and spend some quality time or have fun away from crowded places.

    Crescent Moon Island is a waterfront destination offering an ideal escape from the city. Many people are unaware of this hidden gem. Enjoy the sea views, play different water games, as well as relish serenity. A number of water sports activities are available at this mini island such as water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, boat trips, fish sighting and the scrumptious food by the beach side. However, the only drawback of this island is, it’s far away from the main city. But it’ll definitely be your secret spot whenever you want to disconnect.

    • Dubai Ladies Beach Club

    Now, no one can say it’s a man’s world when there’s an exquisite beach on the outskirts of Dubai only for the ladies. Dubai ladies beach club, located in Jumeirah, serves as a point of intersection for the women to talk ideas, take part in activities, walk the ramp, as well as simply spend a relaxed afternoon under the sun and is one of the underrated places in Dubai

    Further, there’s a great need to know that Dubai ladies beach club also includes world-class amenities like fully equipped gyms, Moroccan-inspired spa, and amazing dining. The club has multiple types of membership options that the ladies can avail through their website.

    • Ripe Market

    If you’re a shopaholic, you must plan to visit the Ripe Market held weekly, offering an endless variety of fresh products such as vegetables, fruits, fresh food, and much more. What’s beautiful about this market is, you get organic produce directly from the farmers. The market defies all the standards set by modern supermarkets. Besides, the market is always having fairs, entertainment options, community programs, and of course tantalizing food. Keep in consideration, Ripe Market has a number of pop-up locations throughout the city.

    This one of the underrated places in Dubai takes place outdoors during winter as cool weather is an ideal time to experience it. Get delicious cookies, hand-made soaps, and ready-to-cook meals. One of the main goals of Ripe market is to encourage small business holders to offer high quality products. Cherish a cheerful setting that’ll definitely make you feel like you’re in a colorful festival. Must visit this place for the market vibes and purchase the things at budget-friendly prices. More details are available on their website and social media accounts.

    • Al Serkal Avenue

    Alserkal Avenue is a district of Dubai that looks like an Apocalypse movie set. The place is filled with warehouses that host plenty of arts, galleries, events, tours, museums, and workshops. For all the art and culture lovers, Alserkal Avenue is an ultimate spot to visit. Furthermore, you’ll also get a great chance to meet with various artists with distinct backgrounds. Broaden your social circle and make new friends, as it’s a hub for art and culture enthusiasts. Whenever you want to disconnect from the hectic schedule, head towards this hidden spot in Dubai. free your mind and enjoy the masterpieces.

    • Love Lake

    On the outskirts of the city, just far away from the hustle and bustle, Al Qudra Lakes are a hidden gem. It’s one of the underrated places where you can enjoy serenity around nature. Whether you’re traveling with your loved one or for fun with your friends, Love Lake is a lesser-known spot, but worth a visit.

    Love late is located off Al Qudra Road, around 45 minutes from downtown Dubai. Al Qudra lake offers a breath of the great outdoors. From October- April, you can enjoy some relaxing activities, such as barbecuing, playing outdoor games, and walking the pathway. There’s a great need to know that Love Lake is also part of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve as well as landing spot for migratory birds like Egyptian geese, flamingos, and swans.

    So, whenever you want to get relaxed, this underrated place in Dubai  is an absolute delight and love lake is a great place to go. Sit here peacefully and watch the birds fly in and out of the area. Furthermore, Dubai has strict rules about flying drones. Get a permit and see the stunning reason why its name, Love Lake, as the lake is like two huge, interlocking hearts.

    • Queen Elizabeth 2

    There’s no doubt, Dubai has a long-standing relationship with Britain. It used to be under the empire’s protection because of the General Maritime Treaty of 1820. However, the Queen Elizabeth 2 completed the final voyage on Nov. 26, 2008. Since then, it has been docked near Dubai’s Gold Souk. It’s one of Dubai’s most unique and underrated hotels. The place was fully refurbished in 2017 and turned into a modern look. Hence, the docked ship operates as a hotel and museum. There’s also a Heritage Tour regarding the ship’s history.

    It’s fascinating to know that Queen Elisabeth offers the perfect opportunity for recreating an iconic shot from “The Parent Trap”. The majority of shots from the film were filmed on the Queen Mary 2. However, the QE2 in Dubai is a perfect spot to admire the sunset without crowds blocking the Dubai skyline.

    • Dragon Mart

    Dubai is a city full of extravagant malls, but Dragon Mart, one of the underrated places in Dubai, has carved its niche for the largest number of Chinese traders. You can buy everything from furniture to machinery and decoration. The giant structure of the mall is built like a dragon boasting over 4000 stores. The dragon mall was opened in 2004. It plans for further expansion too. The expanded area has a cinema, a hotel as well as a number of other shops and kiosks. For the bargain hunters, Dragon Mart is a paradise and it is safe to say, this is the mall in Dubai that’ll not you with a depleted bank account.

    • Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

    One of the other underrated places in Dubai is the desert oasis, Bab Al Shams. The destination is worth visiting in order to escape the hustle and bustle. Couples can stay here and admire the beauty in one of the 113 traditional Arabian-style rooms. As a solo traveler, the place is a great alternative.

    One of the best ways to visit this stunning place is to book a taxi or hire a limo in Dubai, and enjoy Bab Al Shams’ 360° Nature Brunch picnics. The amenities include a large umbrella for shade, a picnic basket and utensils, as well as pillows to sit on in front of a low-to-the-ground table. Mosquitoes don’t survive in the desert, so you can easily relish your outdoor meal in peace. If you’re lucky enough, catch a glimpse of Arabian oryx. Many people visit Dubai for the skyscrapers and landscapes, but the deserts have stunning experiences too.

    • Palm Jebel Ali

    Everyone vesting Dubai heard of Palm Jumeirah, offering Dubai’s most iconic restaurants and hotels. But there’s also its bigger sister. Not so far from this world-famous landmark, there’s a man-made archipelago, two times larger in size, and one of the best underrated places in Dubai  named Palm Jebel Ali. Basically, it’s a failed construction project and salvaged by the outdoor adventurists of Dubai.

    You can find a shooting club, camping grounds, beach, and motocross track there. The construction of Palm Jebel Ali began in 2002. In 2008 a financial crisis occurred and development was stopped, which is evident by the half-finished bridge. However, the place is still outstanding for kitesurfing, bringing a bit of California’s refreshing surfer energy.

    • The Farm – Al Barari

    If there’s a need for a place where nature takes the breath away, Dubai city offers few places that can top The Farm at Al Barari. It’s fascinating to know that The Farm exudes serenity, peace, and calmness.

    This underrated place in Dubai  Farm offers astonishing views adhering to the philosophy of sustainability. Explore the lush green flora against water bodies and get to choose flavors from around the world. Enjoy the scrumptious Thai, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern as well as South Asian cuisines. Despite its obscurity, the place needs advance booking.

    • Al Bastakiya

    Al Bastakiya, the old quarter of Al Fahidi, is one of Dubai’s glittering jewels. This neighborhood, which was established in the 1800s for Persian immigrants from the city of Bastak, is a great place to learn about the history of Dubai and the culture of the Emirati people.

    If you want to escape the modernity of Dubai and learn more about the city’s history, you could wander the winding streets of Al Bastakiya and take in the beautiful wind towers and historic homes. In short, it is one of the underrated places in Dubai.

    • Wafi Light and Sound Show

    The Wafi Light and Sound Show, which presents a breathtaking symphony of sound and light over the pyramid structure, is one of the magnificent underrated places in Dubai. Wintertime event that gives the impression that the “return of the Pharaohs”story is actually happening. A magnificent medley of music and tales from the past are presented in this special effect. The month of October is chosen for this performance because of the spectacular natural scenery it provides.


    Dubai is a city full of surprises, and exploring underrated places in Dubai is a thrilling experience. From the serene banana beach resort Dubai to the vibrant Alserkal Avenue, and the stunning Hatta Dam, there are plenty of hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered by travelers seeking to venture off the beaten path. These underrated places offer a unique glimpse into the city’s culture, history, and natural beauty, and provide an opportunity to escape the crowds and immerse oneself in a more authentic Dubai experience. So if you’re planning a trip to Dubai, be sure to add these underrated places to your itinerary, and get ready to be blown away by the city’s many hidden treasures.


    Why is Dubai the best vacation spot?

    Expatriates make up about 85% of the population of Dubai. As a result, there will be a meeting of cultures and many underrated places in Dubai that are not seen very often elsewhere. 

    What makes Dubai a unique destination?

    Dubai is unique because it has a lot of different kinds of people living there, and its ideas and facilities are like nothing else on Earth. Rich and full of high-end restaurants, cars, and people, the city is a great place for tourists to visit.

    What are all things Dubai is famous for?

    It’s true that the city of Dubai is well-known for its richness, high prices, and status as a popular luxury tourist destination. However, the city is also well-known for its souks, the Dubai Creek, some history and culture and some underrated places in Dubai.

    What is your favorite in Dubai?

    Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Global Village, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai, Desert Safari, Dubai Garden Glow, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Frame.

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