Alserkal Avenue is an outstanding place in Dubai to understand Dubai art and culture more closely. Located in Dubai’s industrial area, this place is home to several warehouses displaying the city’s art and culture. People travelling from all round the countries love to get this opportunity to go to this location. Visitors are so impressed by all of the creative concepts.

You may look towards sixty amazing and mind-blowing art houses, community initiatives, fundamental creative spaces, as well as many more attractions that will raise the hub for your knowledge.

So, are you visiting Alserkal Avenue in January? Have a look are these exhibitions and festivals taking place this month.

Quoz Arts Fest- The region’s most loved art and cultural festival

  • Starts: 28 January 2023
  • Ends: 29 January 2023
  • Venue: Alserkal Avenue

It’s fascinating to know that, exciting headliners, Bu Kolthoum and Saint Levant are all set to setting pulse of music from the Arab world. Starting from 28th of January, both artists will make their UAE debuts at the 10th edition of Dubai’s best arts and culture festival. Saint Levant will take to the stage on 28th and Bu Kolthoum on 29th of this month.

Shift Away to Quoz Arts Fest and get your ticket now as its equally enjoyable for the music lovers. They can look to Quoz Encore for a collaboration between Quoz Arts Fest by Alserkal and The Fridge. Check out UAE’s emerging talent, you’ll going to love discovering these artists.

The festival will marks its tenth year in 2023 and has so welcomed over 109,000 visitors so far, making it one of the popular events on the calendar.

What’s special about Al Quoz?

Quoz Arts Fest (also known as QAF) is an annual celebration across the industrial area of Al Quoz. Its one of the few festivals in Dubai where art, food, performance, educational activations, and live music will take place together. An event going to take place during the last weekend of January, QAF will illuminate the entire Al Quoz neighbourhood with powerful and thought-provoking art exhibitions.

udP2j9HU Quoz Arts Festival Alserkal Avenue

Please note that, there’re limited supply of early bird tickets. So, book now to avoid any disappointment.

Organic Farmer’s Market

  • Starts11 December 2022
  • Ends30 April 2023
  • Venue: A4 Space
  • Warehouse: 4

Alserkal Avenue allow the families to have fun with casual Sunday morning activity. The venue is covering weekly organic farmer market from 11 dec to 30 April 2023. Dubai-based agriculture and food company is promoting eco-responsible business practices. People from all round the Dubai come here to grab fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and dairy products. There’s also freshly brewed coffee available.

So, if you’re interested to set an urban garden at home and there’s no idea how to start, don’t worry. The food expert team is available to answer your queries. Organic farmer market opens at 8am to 1 pm. However, free parking is available on Sunday to enjoy little more.

Collage Maker 20 Dec 2022 10.15 AM

Wisdom of the crowd by Abderrazak Sahli

  • Starts: 14 November 2022
  • Ends:28 January 2023
  • Venue: Elmersa Gallery
  • Warehouse: 23

Elmersa Gallery is pleased to present a unique selection of works by Abderrazak Sahli (1941 – 2009). It’s one of the prominent Tunisian abstract painters of the 20th century. Through an extensive selection of paintings and installation works, this exhibition at Elmersa Gallery offers to see an oeuvre. It remains little known to the public at large.

What’s special in Abderrazak Sahli’s painting?

Abderrazak Sahli, born in 1941 was educated in the Koranic school of Zeitouniyya. He explored the defiguration of words and texts as early as 1965. From then, he has worked in media as varied as photography, prints, paintings, poetry, sculpture, books, bamboo sticks, and installations. His early figurative paintings led to more conceptual exhibitions.

His major work was combining old photographs and texts in Latin scripts. Other times his works were presented with paintings and sculptures. The expressive strength of the lightness of the forms and the expressive strength is well demonstrated in his installation work. Presented by Elmarsa at Art Projects at Art Dubai in 2007 was made of 100 metal stakes.

Abderrazak Sahli Untitled Acrylic on jute 142 x 142 cm 3

Where the Light Goes- Solo exhibition by Ben Arpéa

  • Starts: 10 January 2023
  • Ends:19 February 2023
  • Venue: Fabien Fryns Fine Art
  • Warehouse: 17

Ben Arpéa’s paintings demonstrate century-old motifs and canons of classical landscape in his works. At Fabien Fryns Fine Art, proposing a moving interpretation of pop art and surrealism, making it must visit place. This art exhibition is going to be start on 10th of this month to 19th February.

What’s special in Ben Arpéa’s painting?

Where the Light Goes is the notion of temporality in Arpéa’s paintings. The painting is representation of sunrise and sunset, in a celebration of beauty and nature. Arpéa often draws inspiration from suspended moments. The Mediterranean is alluded to as its culture serve as a continuous source of inspiration in the fundamental research. However, beyond pictorial immediacy, Ben Arpéa’s work is also imbued with mystery. From minimal geometric forms, the artist has the glimpse the trace of a human passage.

Some Other Things not to miss at Alserkal Avenue

While visiting the exquisite beauty of Alserkal Avenue this January, make a checklist of these things you cannot miss.

  • Explore the quirkiest of Watches from artists worldwide, shop the souvenir of Dubai.
  • Appreciate the creativity and art from the artists of Europe, South Asia, North Africa, as well as Middle East.
  • Shop the Antique Furniture from the famous Arwa Hafiz, located in the Odd Piece of Alserkal Avenue.
  • Learn to paint by participating in the do-it-yourself art workshops at Alserkal Avenue.  You can also attend the painting classes.
  • Never miss to taste the heavenly food from the best of vendors at Alserkal Avenue. Various types of tea are also there.

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