Vox Cinemas is a prominent cinema chain in Dubai, offering a world-class movie-watching experience to residents and visitors. With its state-of-the-art facilities, diverse movie selection, and innovative technologies, Vox Cinemas has become a popular destination for film enthusiasts. It has multiple locations throughout Dubai, each providing a range of services, amenities, and entertainment options.

Importance of Vox Cinemas in Dubai

Vox Cinemas boasts a rich history, starting with its founding and establishment in the region. Over the years, it has experienced significant growth and expansion, solidifying its position as a leading cinema chain in Dubai. Through partnerships and acquisitions, Vox Cinemas has further enhanced its offerings and strengthened its presence in the market.

Locations and Facilities

When it comes to locations and facilities, Vox Cinemas has strategically placed theaters across Dubai, ensuring accessibility for moviegoers in various neighborhoods.

Number of screens and seating capacity

Vox Cinemas in Dubai has multiple locations with varying numbers of screens and seating capacities. Here are a few prominent Vox Cinemas locations in Dubai along with their approximate screen counts and seating capacities:

Vox Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates

Screens: Over 24 screens
Seating: Approximately 4,000 seats

Vox Cinemas, City Centre Deira

Screens: Over 20 screens
Seating: Approximately 3,000 seats

Vox Cinemas, City Centre Mirdif

Screens: Over 10 screens
Seating: Approximately 1,500 seats

Vox Cinemas, Mercato Mall

Screen: 7 screens
Seating: Approximately 700-800 seats

Vox Cinemas, BurJuman

Screen: 14 screens
Seating: Approximately 1400 seats

Vox Cinemas, Nakheel Mall

Screen: 15 screens
Seating: Approximately 1500 seats

Vox Cinemas, Shindagha

Screen: 7 screens
Seating: Approximately 900 seats

Vox Cinemas, Cineplex Grand Hyatt

Screen: 12 screens
Seating: Approximately 1100 seats

The theaters feature multiple screens with comfortable seating arrangements and a range of capacities to accommodate different audience sizes. Additionally, Vox Cinemas offers premium experiences such as IMAX and 4DX, elevating the movie-watching experience with cutting-edge technology and immersive effects.
To enjoy the Unmatched Audiovisual Technology for an Immersive Movie Experience at every location book your tickets now.

What makes Vox Cinema stand out of the crowd?

At VOX Cinemas, you can immerse yourself in the world of cinema and enjoy the latest blockbuster releases in a state-of-the-art setting.
Unleash Your Senses with Max: Immerse Yourself in Unmatched Audiovisual Spectacle
VOX Cinemas introduces Max, the mega-screen equipped with Dolby Atmos 7.1 multidimensional surround sound, taking your movie experience to a whole new level of excitement and immersion.

Unprecedented Cinematic Brilliance with IMAX Laser

VOX Cinemas proudly presents IMAX with Laser, offering unparalleled picture quality and stunning visuals, making it the first of its kind in the Middle East. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking cinematic experience.
The additional features of Vox Cinemas are that it offers remarkable services and amenities including:

    • Witness Cinematic Brilliance with IMAX Laser – A First in the Middle East
    • Online booking and ticketing options
    • VIP and luxury experiences
    • Special screenings and events
    • Private screenings and corporate bookings

Amazing Ways to enjoy the movie

Under the Stars: Unwind with Outdoor Cinema

During the cooler months, VOX Cinemas presents outdoor movie nights, providing an enchanting cinematic experience under the starry skies.

Experience Movies Like Never Before with 4DX Auditorium

VOX Cinemas introduces the extraordinary 4DX Auditorium, where movies come to life through a unique multi-sensory experience. Get ready to be fully immersed in the action with motion seats, environmental effects, and stunning visuals that surpass the traditional 3D experience.

Movie Selection and Programming

The movie selection at Vox Cinemas is diverse and caters to various tastes and preferences. It includes a wide range of genres, from blockbuster releases to independent and art-house films. Vox Cinemas often showcases exclusive releases and hosts premieres, giving movie enthusiasts the opportunity to be among the first to watch highly anticipated films. The cinema chain also collaborates with film festivals and events, further enriching the movie lineup.

State-of-the-art projection and sound systems

Vox Cinemas prides itself on its commitment to technology and innovation. It employs advanced projection and sound systems to deliver a superior audiovisual experience. Additionally, it embraces emerging cinema technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, offering unique and immersive experiences to moviegoers.

Enjoy a Culinary Delight with THEATRE and Gold Experiences

VOX Cinemas offers a range of movie experiences, including THEATRE and Gold, where you can savor the perfect combination of films and specially curated food and beverage menus. Partnering with renowned chef Akira Back, THEATRE provides elevated gourmet meals and signature dishes, along with lounge areas for relaxation before the screening.
Delight the Little Ones with the KIDS Cinema Experience
VOX Cinemas dedicates the KIDS cinema experience to little ones, offering a tailored movie experience that ensures their enjoyment and entertainment.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Vox Cinemas has established partnerships and collaborations with film distributors, production houses, and brands. This allows for promotional tie-ins with popular franchises and ensures a wide range of movies for moviegoers to enjoy. The cinema chain also sponsors local and international events, contributing to the vibrant film culture in Dubai.

Customer Experience and Feedback

Customer experience is a priority for Vox Cinemas, and feedback from customers plays a vital role in shaping its services. The cinema chain values customer suggestions and implements measures to enhance its offerings accordingly. Loyalty programs and rewards are also in place to appreciate and incentivize frequent moviegoers. Vox cinemas takes pride in offering these special services to its customers that include the following:

    • Reviews and ratings from customers
    • Feedback and response to customer suggestions
    • Customer loyalty programs and rewards

COVID-19 Precautions and Safety Measures

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vox Cinemas has taken necessary precautions and implemented strict safety measures to prioritize the health and well-being of its patrons. These measures include sanitization protocols, social distancing guidelines, and contactless transactions, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Process of booking tickets

Booking movie tickets online with Vox Cinemas is a simple and easy process. Following are some of the points to follow:

  • To begin, visit the Vox Cinemas website or download their mobile application from your respective app store.
  • If you don’t have an account, create one. If you already have an account, simply log in. This step may require providing personal information and contact details.
  • On the website or app, choose the Dubai location where you want to watch a movie. Vox Cinemas has multiple theaters across the city.
  • Explore the list of available movies, including showtimes and dates. You can browse different genres, upcoming releases, and special screenings.
  • Once you’ve selected a movie, click on it for more details. This will display available showtimes, formats (regular, IMAX, 4DX), and pricing.
  • Pick your preferred showtime and click on the corresponding option. You will be taken to the seating plan for that specific showtime
  • On the seating plan, select your desired seats. Available seats will be clearly indicated, and you can click on the seats you wish to reserve. Some platforms may also offer seating categories (standard, premium, VIP).
  • After selecting your seats, review your booking details, such as the movie, showtime, and seat selection. Double-check the information for accuracy.
  • Proceed to the payment section. Vox Cinemas accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and online payment gateways. Follow the prompts to securely complete the payment process.
  • Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation via email or SMS. The confirmation will include details such as the movie title, showtime, cinema location, and seat numbers.
  • On the day of your movie, bring your booking confirmation (digital or printed) and present it at the ticket counter or self-service kiosk in the cinema to collect your physical tickets.


How to get to VOX Cinema Dubai?

To get to VOX Cinemas in Dubai, you can use various transportation options depending on your location and preference. Here are some general guidelines:

Public Transportation

Metro: Utilize the Dubai Metro and alight at the nearest station to your desired VOX Cinemas location. From there, you can either walk or take a short taxi ride to the cinema.


Check the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) bus routes that pass by or near the VOX Cinemas location you wish to visit. Take the appropriate bus and disembark at the nearest bus stop.

Taxi or Ride-Hailing Services

Flag down a taxi or use ride-hailing services like Uber or Careem to reach the VOX Cinemas location. Provide the specific cinema name and address to the driver for accurate navigation.

Personal Vehicle

If you have a personal vehicle or are renting one, use a navigation system or mobile app to guide you to the VOX Cinemas location. Parking facilities are usually available at or near the malls where the cinemas are situated.
It’s important to check the specific address and directions for the VOX Cinemas location you plan to visit, as there are multiple cinemas spread across different areas of Dubai. Consider traffic conditions and allow ample time for your journey, especially during peak hours or on weekends.


Vox Cinemas in Dubai stands as a premier cinema chain, offering an exceptional movie-watching experience. With its diverse movie selection, cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Vox Cinemas continues to be a preferred destination for movie enthusiasts in Dubai.
Vox Cinemas provides convenient online booking options for movie tickets, allowing customers to easily secure their seats in advance. The online booking platform enables users to browse through the movie lineup, select their preferred film, ShowTime, and seating options, and complete the booking process from the comfort of their own homes or on-the-go.


Why would you like to work at Vox Cinemas?
To immerse myself in the world of films, provide excellent customer service, work as part of a team, network with industry professionals, and be in a creative environment.
Who owns the Vox Cinema?
Vox Cinemas is owned by Majid Al Futtaim Group, a leading conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates.
How to cancel ticket in Vox Cinemas?
Visit the Vox Cinemas website or mobile app, log in to your account, navigate to “My Bookings,” locate the specific booking, check cancellation terms, and follow the prompts to cancel the tickets and receive a confirmation.
Where is Vox Cinemas at Al Zaha city?
Vox Cinemas is located at City Centre – University City Road – Al Zaha – Sharjah – United Arab Emirate brings an exclusive ShowTime range of movies for everyone.
How many screens are there at Vox cinemas at Al Jimi mall?
Vox Cinemas is located at Al Jimi Mall, Hamdan Bin Mohammed – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates a wide range of movies for adults and kids by featuring at multiple screens.
What makes Vox Cinemas at Yas Mall the best?
The cinema at Yas Mall features multiple screens, offering a variety of movie choices and showtimes. The seating arrangements are comfortable, and the theaters are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, ensuring an immersive movie-watching experience.
How to book tickets in Vox Cinemas?
Visit the Vox Cinemas website or download the app, create/log in to your account, select a location, choose a movie and showtime, select seats, review booking details, make payment, and receive a confirmation for ticket collection.
What health and safety measures have you taken to ensure it is safe to return?
Vox Cinemas has implemented enhanced sanitization measures, including frequent cleaning, mandatory face mask usage, physical distancing, and reduced capacity to ensure a safe cinema experience.
Do I need to wear a face mask and gloves?
Wearing a face mask is mandatory for all guests in compliance with government regulations.
Are there any age restrictions?
There are no specific age restrictions at Vox Cinemas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah.
Is it safe to order food?
Vox Cinemas ensures the highest levels of food safety with temperature monitoring, regular sanitization, and strict safety protocols for staff. Guests can also pre-order food online and opt for contactless collection.
Can I eat at the cinema?
According to government regulations, F&B is allowed in cinema auditoriums in fully sealed single-use packaging. Masks can be removed for eating and drinking while following dining area guidelines and practices.

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