Exploring luxurious transportation options can add an extra touch of sophistication and elegance to any occasion. Whether you’re preparing for a glamorous party or simply yearning for a taste of the VIP lifestyle, opting for a limousine ride can fulfill your desires. In the vibrant city of Dubai, renowned for its opulence and grandeur, there are several exceptional limousine services available. To assist you in planning your next extravagant journey, we have compiled a list of our top recommendations for the finest limo services in Dubai.

The cost of limousine services in Dubai

When considering the cost of limousine service in Dubai, it’s important to note that the pricing structure varies based on the type of vehicle you choose to rent. Companies determine their charges by taking into account factors such as the model, size, and features of the limousine. The prices can also increase depending on the carrying capacity of the selected limousine. In order to provide transparency and facilitate your decision-making process, we have compiled a table below that outlines the prices for different types of limousines and their corresponding passenger capacity.

Here’s the list based on the Limo Type:

Luxury Sedan

– Passenger Capacity: 2

– Cost / Hour (in AED): 238.75 – 275.48

Stretch Limos

– Passenger Capacity: 6 – 20

– Cost / Hour (in AED): 367.31 – 1101.93

Executive Shuttles

– Passenger Capacity: 8 – 14

– Cost / Hour (in AED): 348.94 – 514.23

Party Buses

– Passenger Capacity: 15 – 50

– Cost / Hour (in AED): 404.04 – 734.62

It is crucial to mention that these prices are typically calculated on an hourly basis. However, it is worth noting that some companies offer alternative pricing options. For instance, instead of charging on an hourly basis, they may provide packages based on a fixed number of hours or even offer long-term rental arrangements. In such cases, they might propose a flat rate for the duration of your luxury car rental, accommodating your needs if you require a limousine for multiple days.

Top 10 Limo Rental Companies in Dubai

Following are some of the best limousine rental companies in Dubai:

Mala tourism

Mala Limousine

In the vibrant city of Dubai, where luxury knows no bounds, Mala Tourism stands out as the epitome of premium ground transportation. As a renowned company in the industry, Mala Tourism has redefined the concept of luxury travel, offering an array of exceptional services tailored to meet the unique needs of every traveler.

Whether you’re seeking an extravagant stretched limousine or an elegant luxury sedan, Mala Tourism has the perfect vehicle to cater to your specific preferences and requirements. With their extensive fleet, they ensure that you arrive in style and comfort, making every journey an unforgettable experience.

What sets Mala Tourism apart is its expertise in providing top-of-the-line stretched limousines for various occasions. At Mala Tourism, their commitment to excellence goes beyond just the vehicles. They take immense pride in their team of professional chauffeurs who are dedicated to providing a luxurious and hassle-free experience. Whether you’re exploring the captivating sights of Dubai, the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, or any other emirate in the UAE, Mala Tourism ensures that you receive the highest standard of service, making them your trusted companion for all your transportation needs.

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and sophistication with Mala Tourism. Discover a world where comfort, style, and exceptional service converge, and let them redefine your perception of luxury ground transportation in Dubai.


  • Birthday special limousine
  • Wedding special limousine
  • City tour
  • Prom limousine
  • Corporate Transportation
  • Airport pickup & drop off services

Address: Next to Byblos Hotel، Al Shafar Tower 1 – Office No.2205, 22nd Floor – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: Phone: 056 4555240

Website: https://mala.ae/

Operating Hours: 24/7 open

Skye VIP Cars

Skye VIP Cars

Skye VIP Cars cater to those who seek a luxurious and exclusive experience, even if it’s just for a few hours. Established in 2010, this company offers a range of chauffeuring and transportation services for various clients and events. Skye VIP specializes in stretch limousines, which can accommodate around six to twenty passengers, making them suitable for city tours, parties, weddings, prom nights, and other special occasions. They boast a large fleet, offering vehicles from renowned brands such as GMC, Versace, Chrysler, and Cadillac, among others.

One notable aspect is the limited availability of special services tailored to specific events, such as bachelorette parties. Additionally, it’s important to note that Skye VIP Cars does not provide a standard chauffeur with their limousine rentals. Customers either have to arrange their own driver or request one separately, incurring an additional charge. However, if you’re willing to pay for a chauffeur, Skye VIP Cars is recommended due to its extensive fleet and availability.


  • Stretch Limo Rentals
  • Sprinters
  • Car Rentals
  • Chauffeur Cars

Address: Palladium Tower – Cluster C – Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: Phone: +971 55 557 6090

Website: https://skye-cars.com/

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours (Monday – Sunday)

Dubai Exotic Limo

exotic limo Dubai

Dubai Exotic Limo is a premier Limo rental company in Dubai that specializes in transportation services, offering both airport transfer limo services and limo rentals. Their commitment to providing a luxurious experience sets them apart from other providers in the industry.

Dubai Exotic Limo is an excellent choice for those seeking a company that can accommodate large groups. With limousines capable of carrying more than 20 people, they provide a luxurious transportation solution for events, parties, and group outings.

One standout feature of Dubai Exotic Limo is its exclusive service dedicated to travelers arriving at any airport in Dubai. This service aims to provide a luxurious experience right from the moment you touch down, ensuring a smooth and lavish journey to your destination.

When it comes to its limousine fleet, Dubai Exotic Limo offers a variety of vehicles that can comfortably accommodate 9 to 28 passengers, providing ample space for larger groups. Additionally, the company’s vehicles are insured, which adds a layer of security and peace of mind for their clients.

While Dubai Exotic Limo does not have specific offers tailored to occasions, they do facilitate transportation to event venues upon request. It’s important to note that for airport transfers, customers are required to pay AED 240 upon pick-up. This fee is charged by Dubai International Airport and can be paid directly to the airport. This transparent practice helps prevent any potential scams, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy experience for clients.

In summary, Dubai Exotic Limo is highly recommended for its focus on providing limousine rentals for large groups and its commitment to customer safety through insurance coverage. The fact that they are government certified further underscores their professionalism and reliability.


  • Airport Transfer Limo Services
  • Limo Rentals
  • Convenient Online Booking
  • Located at Bin Khedia Plot # 36, Dubai
  • 24/7 Operating Hours
  • Accommodates large groups
  • Exclusive airport service
  • A diverse fleet of vehicles
  • Insured vehicles for client safety
  • Transportation to event venues upon request
  • Transparent pricing for airport transfers (AED 240)
  • Government-certified and reliable

Address: Located at Bin Khedia Plot # 36 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Details: Phone: +971 4 286 8635

Website: https://dubaiexoticlimo.com/

Operating Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

White Line Limousine

white line

White Line Limousine has been providing chauffeur services since 2011, catering to clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. While the company emphasizes the word “limousine” in its name, it’s worth noting that they offer a limited selection of limousines. However, the available limousines are sourced from reputable brands such as GMC, Mercedes, and BMW, ensuring a high-quality and luxurious experience.

One notable aspect of White Line Limousine is its round-the-clock availability for booking, allowing customers to secure a car at any time of the day or night. However, it’s important to note that the availability of specific vehicles may depend on whether they are in transit for another customer at the time of booking.

Customers have praised the professionalism and expertise of the drivers provided by White Line Limousine. According to feedback received, the chauffeurs are polite, and skilled, and ensure a smooth, comfortable, and safe journey for passengers. This commitment to customer satisfaction reflects the company’s dedication to providing a top-notch transportation experience.

In terms of payment options, White Line Limousine strives to accommodate its customers by offering multiple methods of payment. Whether you prefer cash, card payments, or popular applications like PayPal, they have you covered, making the payment process convenient and flexible.

Limo rental in Dubai is a suitable choice if you require transportation services from Dubai to other areas in the UAE. Their reliable and professional chauffeur services ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey.


  • Luxury Transport Service
  • Chauffeur Services
  • Airport Transfers
  • Point-to-Point Transportation

Address: Al Rostamani Building (Al Qiyada Building), Al Ittihad Rd, Deira, International Airport – 22, Dubai, UAE

Contact details: Phone: +971 4 385 8433

Website: https://www.wllimo.com/

Operating Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

CCH Limousines and Luxury Car Rental

CCH Limousines and Luxury Car Rental is a premier provider of chauffeur and car rental services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a wide range of services including luxury bus rentals, airport transfers, and limousine rentals, they cater to the transportation needs of customers throughout the UAE.

When it comes to limousine rentals, CCH Limousines and Luxury Car Rental offers flexible options. Clients have the choice to rent limousines for simple point-to-point transfers, a full day, or for a relaxing cruise outside the airport. With a diverse fleet of limousine models from brands such as Hammer, Chrysler, and Cadillac, the company can accommodate groups ranging from 9 to 18 passengers. This provides great flexibility for clients who have larger parties or require transportation for more than ten people.

It’s important to note that CCH Limousines and Luxury Car Rental operates on a flat-rate basis for their limousine rentals. The minimum rental duration is five hours, and the maximum duration is ten hours. This approach sets them apart from their competitors, offering a convenient payment scheme for customers who require extended limousine rentals without the need for additional extensions.

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While CCH Limousines and Luxury Car Rental do not offer specific packages for special occasions, their extensive fleet availability and range of services make them a reliable choice for any transportation needs. Whether it’s for business or leisure, their 24/7 availability, good fleet selection, and occasional special deals make them a preferred option for customers in Dubai and beyond.


  • Luxury Bus Rentals
  • Airport Transfers
  • Limousine Rentals

Address: Conrad Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jabal Ali 2, Dubai

Contact details: Phone: +971 55 903 8786

Website: https://chauffeurcarhire.ae/

Operating Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Private Limousine LLC

Private Limousine LLC is a distinguished provider of chauffeur limousine services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They provide chauffeur services upon request. This company primarily focuses on offering transportation services for events and has been involved in prestigious international events like the Dubai World Cup and the city’s Expo 2020.

One of the standout features of Private Limousine LLC is its remarkable fleet. They boast a fleet of over 380 luxury vehicles, including models from top brands like Lexus, Toyota, Chevrolet, and BMW, among others. With such an extensive selection, clients have ample options to choose from. The company caters to clients who wish to rent their vehicles with a chauffeur on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, providing flexibility to meet diverse needs.

Private Limousine LLC’s flexible payment and rental scheme prioritizes the convenience of their clients. However, it’s important to note that the minimum rental duration for their limousines is three hours, while the maximum duration is ten hours. Beyond the ten-hour limit, customers have the option to extend their rental on an hourly basis if desired.

It’s worth mentioning that the company charges an additional fee for waiting time, approximately AED 200 per hour, as the chauffeur waits for the client. Despite this, Private Limousine LLC is still recommended for its accommodating payment and rental options, as well as its extensive range of cars available for selection.


  • Luxury Limousine Rentals
  • Chauffeur Services
  • Transportation Services for Events

Address: Al Nahda Street, Al Qusais 2, Dubai

Contact details: Phone: +971 4 257 6111

Website: https://www.prvtlimousine.com/

Operating hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday

Royal Smart Limousine LLC

Royal Smart Limousine LLC, formerly known as Royal Luxury Transport LLC, is a distinguished member of the Rashid Al Jabri Group of Companies. Established in 2002 by its founder, Rashid Al Jabri, the company was created to meet the growing demand for opulent, dependable, and easily accessible transportation services within the expanding local and expatriate community. Recognizing the need for a modern and technologically advanced approach to luxury transportation, Rashid Al Jabri, the CEO, made a strategic decision in 2015 to rebrand the traditional classic transport business.

By combining Dubai’s rich heritage of traditional values, progressive development, and cutting-edge technology with his passion for adventure, innovation, superior customer service, and lifelong entrepreneurial spirit, he transformed the company into a smarter, more contemporary, and forward-thinking luxury transportation service. Despite the rebranding, Royal Smart Limousine LLC remains committed to its founding principles of delivering exceptional personalized service, maintaining high-quality standards, and providing a truly remarkable experience for its clientele. This dedication to excellence is encapsulated in the company’s new slogan, “The Smart Experience.”


  • Smart transport
  • Airport transfer
  • Shourly charters
  • Vip transport
  • City sight seeing
  • Point-to-point transfer

Address: Office No. 205, Al Hilal Bank Building,Al Nahda St, Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE.

Contact details: Phone: +97143977746


Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Limo in UAE

Limo in UAE is a distinguished online luxury car booking and rental service that operates in the vibrant city of Dubai. Renowned for its opulent fleet of vehicles, Limo in UAE offers an unmatched sense of grandeur and elegance to anyone who steps foot into its exquisite line of cars. The service standards of Limo in UAE have stood the test of time, establishing them as a trusted and reliable luxury car rental option for both travelers and citizens alike in Dubai.

At Limo in UAE, the team has diligently worked towards becoming a comprehensive luxury car rental solution, catering to the diverse needs of their esteemed clientele. The experienced chauffeurs employed by the company have honed their skills over the years, ensuring that they possess an exceptional level of expertise in serving the elite. These chauffeurs are well-trained in handling people from various backgrounds, treating every customer with the utmost respect and professionalism. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, Limo in UAE guarantees the highest level of service for everyone.

By combining its remarkable fleet of luxury vehicles, professional chauffeurs, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Limo in UAE has established itself as a leading luxury car rental service in Dubai. They strive to exceed expectations, providing a regal and memorable experience for all those who choose to travel with them.


  • Chauffeur Services
  • Stretch Limo
  • Luxury Chauffeur
  • Super Luxury

Address: The Metropolis Tower – Office 1302 – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: Phone: +971559803760


Operating Hours: 24/7 open

Sawabi Limousine

At Sawabi Limousine, they recognize the importance of various occasions in their client’s lives and are fully prepared to meet their transportation needs accordingly. Whether it’s a joyous wedding, momentous graduation, an elegant dinner, a thrilling concert, a convenient airport shuttle, a commemorative anniversary, a romantic getaway, an exhilarating sporting event, a sophisticated wine event, an extensive long-distance trip, a prestigious VIP transportation, efficient corporate travel, a captivating sightseeing tour, a lively party bus experience, a celebratory birthday, an indulgent shopping spree, or any other special occasion, Sawabi Limousine is there to serve their clients.

For weddings, Sawabi Limousine goes above and beyond to make the day truly unforgettable. Their experienced chauffeurs transport the bride, groom, and their loved ones with elegance and grace, ensuring they arrive at their destination in style. Graduations, a time of great joy and pride, are made even more special with Sawabi Limousine’s touch of luxury. Their chauffeurs take care of all transportation needs, allowing the graduates to focus on celebrating their milestone achievement.

For those planning a romantic dinner, Sawabi Limousine provides a seamless and sophisticated transportation experience, setting the perfect tone for an evening of romance and enchantment. When it comes to concerts and other entertainment events, Limo Rental Dubai offers prompt and reliable service, ensuring clients reach their destination on time and fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Recognizing the importance of punctuality for airport shuttles, Sawabi Limousine’s dedicated chauffeurs closely monitor flight schedules, guaranteeing clients a timely arrival at the airport or a comfortable journey from the airport to their destination. Anniversaries, a time for celebration and reflection, receive special attention from Sawabi Limousine, as they strive to make anniversary transportation as memorable as the years shared together.


  • Long-Distance
  • VIP Transportation
  • Corporate Travel
  • Sight-seeing
  • Party Bus

Address: The Metropolis Tower – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact details: Phone: +971569796900

Website: https://sawabilimousine.com/

Operating Hours: 24/7 available

Elite Class Limousine

Step into the world of elegance and luxury with Elite Class Limousine, your premier choice for affordable and top-tier limousine services in Dubai. Whether you’re seeking transportation for a special occasion or simply want to explore the best landmarks across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in style, our dedicated team is here to exceed your expectations.

At Elite Class Limousine, we understand the importance of providing an unforgettable experience while keeping affordability in mind. We offer a range of meticulously maintained vehicles that cater to diverse preferences and group sizes. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from our fleet, which includes standard and luxury stretch limousines, super-stretch limousine rentals, as well as prestigious options like Rolls Royce and Luxury Sedan Cars for those seeking the ultimate grandeur.

Our fleet of vehicles is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also equipped with premium amenities and features. Immerse yourself in the comfort of our plush leather seating, enjoy the convenience of climate control, and make use of the latest entertainment systems to enhance your journey. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained to ensure a smooth and safe ride, allowing you to relax and indulge in a luxurious experience.

Special occasions call for extraordinary celebrations, and Elite Class Limousine is dedicated to making your event truly remarkable. From weddings and anniversaries to proms and corporate galas, our team understands the importance of every detail. We work closely with you to customize your transportation experience, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your vision. Our chauffeurs will arrive promptly, impeccably dressed, and ready to provide a seamless and memorable journey.


  • Inter City Transfers
  • Airport Transfers (All over UAE)
  • Hotel Transfers
  • Half-Day City Tours
  • Full-Day City Tours
  • Half-Day Chauffeur Services
  • Full-Day Chauffeur Services

Address: 117 Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd – Hor Al Anz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Contact detail: Phone: +971 50 921 1799

Website: https://www.eliteclasslimo.com/

Operating Hours: 24 hours available

Tips For Finding the Best Limo Rental Company in Dubai

When searching for the best limo rental company in Dubai, consider the following tips to ensure a reliable and enjoyable experience:

Research and read reviews

Look for limo rental companies in Dubai and read customer reviews and ratings. Platforms like Google, TripAdvisor, and social media can provide valuable insights into the experiences of past customers.

Assess their fleet

Check the company’s website or contact them directly to inquire about their fleet of vehicles. Ensure they offer a diverse range of well-maintained and luxurious limousines that meet your specific requirements.

Consider experience and reputation

Look for a limo rental company with a solid reputation and years of experience in the industry. Established companies are more likely to provide professional and reliable services.

Verify licenses and insurance

Ensure that the limo rental company has all the necessary licenses and permits to operate in Dubai. Additionally, confirm that they have comprehensive insurance coverage for their vehicles and passengers.

Inquire about chauffeurs

Ask about the qualifications and professionalism of the company’s chauffeurs. A reputable limo rental company should have experienced, licensed, and well-trained chauffeurs who prioritize customer safety and comfort.

Check for additional services

Consider whether the limo rental company offers any additional services, such as airport transfers, event planning assistance, or custom itineraries. Having these services available can enhance your overall experience.

Compare prices and transparency

Request quotes from multiple limo rental companies and compare their pricing structures. Ensure that the company provides transparent pricing with no hidden fees. However, keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always guarantee the best quality.

Customer service and responsiveness

Contact the limo rental companies directly to gauge their customer service and responsiveness. Prompt and helpful communication is indicative of a company that values its customers.

Ask for recommendations

Seek recommendations from friends, colleagues, or locals who have previously used limo rental services in Dubai. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights and help you find trusted companies.

By following these tips, you can make an informed decision and find the best limo rental company in Dubai that meets your expectations for a luxurious and memorable experience.


Dubai offers a wide range of exceptional limousine rental companies that cater to the city’s opulent and luxurious lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a luxury sedan, stretch limo, executive shuttle, or party bus, these top 10 limo rental companies in Dubai have you covered. By researching and reading reviews, assessing their fleet, considering experience and reputation, verifying licenses and insurance, inquiring about chauffeurs, checking for additional services, comparing prices and transparency, evaluating customer service and responsiveness, and asking for recommendations, you can find the best limo rental company that suits your specific needs and preferences. Embark on a journey of elegance, comfort, and style as you indulge in Dubai’s vibrant and extravagant atmosphere with these reputable limousine rental services.


What is the cost of a limousine ride in Dubai?

Limousine Ride Dubai offers limousine rentals in Dubai at a rate of AED 385 per hour. Contact JTR Holidays for more information.

How many limousine cars are there in Dubai?

Dubai boasts an impressive fleet of limousine cars, with nearly 6,500 operated by over 100 companies. These vehicles cover approximately 400 kilometers per day, resulting in an annual carbon emission of 44 tonnes.

What is the average salary of a limousine driver in the UAE?

Limousine drivers in the UAE earn an average monthly salary of AED 3,119.

What is the seating capacity of a limousine?

Most limousines can accommodate a maximum of eight to ten passengers. They typically feature a rear passenger compartment and two seats behind the driver compartment.

Which limousine is the most popular?

One of the most renowned and frequently hired limousines of all time is synonymous with elegance, class, style, comfort, and luxury. It has been a favorite choice for decades.

How many doors does a limousine have?

Traditional stretch limousines have four doors, two at the front (outside the passenger compartment) and two in the rear of the passenger compartment. However, some limousines have an additional door at the front of the passenger compartment, making a total of five doors.

What is the passenger capacity of a Hummer limo?

While a Hummer Stretch Limo can accommodate up to 20 passengers, it is recommended to limit the number to 16-18 to ensure maximum comfort for all riders.

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