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So, 2020 it is! Dubai is celebrating as it is going to house world’s largest expo 2020 trade convention in year 2020. Ever since the news is out, everyone is celebrating as Dubai has promised to astonish with this mega event and the world can’t wait to be…astonished!
As the word came out, the world saw a magnificent view of fireworks from…what can you expect; Burj Khalifah, the tallest building in the world. The sky was filled with music and color as the tower got lit up with the most beautiful pyrotechnics right after the announcement. It was not all; fireworks were also seen in other parts of the city. Every living soul in Dubai was more than happy to see the day. It was worth celebrating.
This amazing expo convention happens every five years and is so big and exciting that it lets the world wait for another five. Hundreds of countries come up with their latest development and products in architecture and technology and share under one roof what others have done in the same fields. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world gather up to see the latest from the industry and make most out of it in every possible way.
Dubai is the first city in the Middle East to win the host. And why not?! It is an amazing city and has every potential to house an event as big as this. Though it had equally competent competitors like Brazil, Turkey and Russia, but Dubai’s performance improved with every vote. The poll was held in Paris on November 27, and the world is celebrating right from the moment.
The expo is expected to bring in a huge amount in terms of tourism and cash flows and will be the most look-forward-to event in the years to come. The Emirate expects to bring in tens of billions of Euros approximately. And expenditures will not be any less too. The infrastructure to organize the expo will cost billions of Euros let alone the arrangements to accommodate all the personnel who will be attending the event.
Apart from the government, local residents and small business owners are excited about the event too, because of the up coming boost in the tourism. People will be pouring in the hotels, markets, resorts, clubhouses, restaurants and what not; bringing more business to the concerned companies than ever.
You know what made Dubai win the poll? It was determination. They had been running a wonderful campaign for the past two years and the officials and ministers of Dubai were working really hard to come up with the standards and organize everything in real harmony. And every effort of theirs paid off!
So, start dreaming about flying to Dubai in 2020 and attending the extravaganza for it’s an opportunity of a lifetime and a must-go-to event both for business opportunists and tourists. Imagine the magnificence of the event in a city as beautiful as Dubai and all the fun and excitement coming with it. It will be a tour worthy enough!

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