Welcome to Motor City Dubai, a vibrant and dynamic community that combines the thrill of motorsports with the comfort of modern living. Nestled adjacent to Dubai Sports City and Dubai Studio City, Motor City has emerged as a highly sought-after destination, offering a range of residential and commercial spaces designed to cater to diverse lifestyles.

With its charming cobbled streets, spacious properties, and a wide array of amenities, Motor City Dubai has become a self-contained haven for individuals and families alike. From the renowned Dubai Autodrome to the bustling shopping and dining destinations, this guide will take you on a journey through the key features and attractions that make Motor City Dubai an exceptional place to live, work, and play. So, buckle up and get ready to explore this motorsport-themed oasis in the heart of Dubai.

Residential Areas

Motor City Dubai consists of two residential areas:

UpTown Motor City and Green Community Motor City. Both areas offer a range of housing options, including villas and apartments, catering to different preferences and budgets. The residential areas are designed with a focus on spacious living and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Motorsport Theme

As the name suggests, Motor City Dubai embraces a motorsport theme, making it a haven for sports enthusiasts. The community is designed with elements that pay tribute to the world of motorsports, creating a unique and dynamic environment. From the architecture to the street names, visitors and residents can experience the thrill and excitement associated with the sport.

Variety of Residential and Commercial Spaces

Motor City Dubai offers a diverse range of residential and commercial spaces. From spacious villas to stylish apartments, there are housing options to suit various lifestyles and needs. The community also features commercial towers, providing ample space for businesses to thrive. Whether you’re looking for a place to live or a space to establish your business, Motor City Dubai offers a wide range of options.

Family-Friendly Environment

The area is designed to cater to individuals and families alike. With its spacious properties, landscaped parks, and community facilities, it provides a family-friendly environment. Motor City Dubai offers a range of amenities and services, including schools, healthcare centers, and recreational areas, ensuring that families have access to all the essential resources for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Modern Facilities and Amenities

Motor City Dubai prides itself on providing modern facilities and amenities that cater to residents’ diverse needs. The community features shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, offering a vibrant and convenient lifestyle. Additionally, there are fitness centers, jogging tracks, and sports facilities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within the community.

Popular Communities in Motor City

Uptown Motor City

The Preferred Area for Property Transactions Uptown Motor City is the most favored location in Dubai Motor City for buying, selling, and renting properties. It offers a diverse range of studio to 3-bedroom apartments that are available for both rent and purchase. With its prime location and attractive options, Uptown Motor City stands out as a top choice for residents and investors.

Green Community (Motor City)

A Suburban Haven with Villas Green Community Motor City is another highly popular community known for its tranquil suburban neighborhood and villa residences. It provides an ideal environment for families with its abundance of amenities and activities. The community’s serene ambiance and quality infrastructure make it a sought-after destination for those looking to buy villas in Motor City.

Oia Residence

Third Most Preferred Community Oia Residence ranks as the third most popular area in Motor City. With its unique features and offerings, Oia Residence attracts residents who seek a distinct living experience within the Motor City community.

Rabdan Building

Fourth Most Popular Area The Rabdan Building is the fourth most favored area in Motor City. Its strategic location and desirable amenities make it an attractive option for those looking to settle in this vibrant neighborhood.

Eden Apartments

Fifth Most Popular Area Eden Apartments round out the list as the fifth most popular area in Motor City. The apartments in Eden offer comfortable living spaces and convenient access to Motor City’s facilities and attractions.

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Properties in Motor City Dubai

In Motor City Dubai, you can find a wide range of properties available for rent, including residential apartments, villas, townhouses, offices, and shops. Uptown Motor City is a popular residential area with low-rise apartments that offer recreational facilities, schools, and parks. The apartments in Motor City come in various sizes, from studios to spacious 4-bedroom residences, catering to different housing needs.

On the other hand, Green Community Motor City features expansive villas, townhouses, bungalows, and luxury terraced apartments. The villas in this development offer families a choice of beautiful 3 to 5-bedroom homes. With its diverse range of property options, Dubai Motor City attracts individuals and families of different age groups and preferences. Additionally, Business Park Motor City houses several high-rise towers, retail spaces, and automobile showrooms, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

When it comes to rental trends in Dubai Motor City, the average rental prices for different apartment types are as follows: studios have an average rental price of AED 34,000, 1-bedroom apartments are around AED 45,000, 2-bedroom apartments are approximately AED 71,000, 3-bedroom apartments have an average rental price of AED 103,000, and 4-bedroom apartments are around AED 147,000. These rental prices give an idea of the approximate costs for different apartment sizes in Motor City.

World-Class Facilities at Motor City Dubai

For individuals interested in Motor City floor plans, detailed information can be found for the popular communities and buildings in the area. Additionally, for tourists or business travelers seeking accommodation, Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City is highly recommended. Situated just 9 km from IMG Worlds of Adventure, this motor-themed hotel offers one of the best staycation experiences in Dubai, all under AED 500. The hotel features well-appointed rooms equipped with amenities such as a flat-screen TV, kettle, and private bathroom.

Guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, on-site restaurant, and take advantage of the complimentary parking, Wi-Fi, and 24-hour front desk service. Most apartments and villas in Motor City provide dedicated parking spaces for residents, ensuring convenient parking options. However, it is worth noting that traffic congestion can occur in narrower streets, particularly in the Uptown area.

Location of Motor City

Motor City benefits from its strategic location, with easy accessibility to major roads in Dubai. Emirates Road and Al Khail Road provide convenient access to and from Motor City, connecting residents to various parts of the city. Sheikh Zayed Road, one of Dubai’s main highways, is only a 10-minute drive away, offering seamless connectivity to other areas of Dubai and beyond.

Motor City’s proximity to key landmarks is also worth noting. Dubai Marina, known for its vibrant waterfront lifestyle, and Mall of the Emirates, a renowned shopping destination, are both just a 20-minute drive from Motor City. Additionally, the Dubai International Airport can be reached within approximately 40 minutes, ensuring convenient travel for residents and visitors alike.

Transportation and Access in Motor City

Commute Times by Car

Motor City offers convenient travel times to several popular destinations in Dubai by car. It takes approximately 24 minutes to drive to Dubai Mall, a renowned shopping and entertainment destination. Palm Jumeirah, an iconic man-made island, can be reached in about 18 minutes. The luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel is approximately 20 minutes away, while The Walk JBR, a bustling waterfront promenade, is around a 22-minute drive from Motor City.

Airport Proximity

For air travel, Dubai International Airport (DXB) is approximately a 39-minute drive from Motor City. Additionally, the new Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly a 31-minute drive away, providing alternative options for travelers.

Road Access

Motor City benefits from its location with excellent road access. Emirates Road and Al Khail Road are easily accessible, enabling smooth connectivity to other parts of Dubai and beyond. Sheikh Zayed Road, one of Dubai’s major highways, is just a 10-minute drive from Motor City. This allows residents to conveniently reach various destinations within the city. Popular areas like Dubai Marina and Mall of the Emirates are approximately a 20-minute drive away, while the airport can be reached in about 40 minutes.

Public Transport

While there is no metro station directly in Motor City, public transport options are available. Residents can catch the F29 bus, which provides connectivity to Mall of the Emirates, a major transportation hub in Dubai. From there, they can access the metro network and continue their journey to other parts of the city.

Local Shops and Outlets in Motor City

Motor City offers a diverse range of local shops and outlets, catering to various needs and preferences. Currently, there are 186 outlets operating in the area, providing residents with convenient access to a wide array of products and services. Here is a breakdown of the different types of outlets available:

Salons and Personal Care

Motor City features 12 ladies’ salons and eight men’s salons, ensuring residents have options for hair care and grooming services. Additionally, there is a tanning salon for those seeking a sun-kissed glow.

Pharmacies and Health

Residents can rely on the 12 pharmacies available in Motor City to fulfill their medical needs. In addition, there are medical clinics offering healthcare services within the community. Two optician and eyewear shops provide vision-related services. Motor City provides excellent healthcare facilities for residents.

Prime Medical Center, Medcare Medical Centre Motor City, Coopers Health Clinic Motor City, and Medicentres Motorcity are some of the clinics available. Park Avenue Dental Clinic, located on Detroit Road, offers dental care services. For residents seeking specialized care, Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Center in Uptown Motor City is a popular choice.

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Motor City boasts five supermarkets, ensuring residents have easy access to groceries and daily necessities. There is also a large supermarket for a comprehensive shopping experience. Additionally, a mini-mart caters to quick convenience purchases.

Dining and Entertainment

With a wide range of dining options, Motor City houses 57 restaurants to cater to various culinary preferences. Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite brews at nine coffee shops. For those looking for entertainment options, there are two children’s play centers, a music shop, and a bookshop. Motor City Dubai provides residents with a vibrant dining, shopping, and entertainment scene, offering a variety of options to satisfy different tastes and preferences. Unlike traditional shopping malls, the area features a central boulevard lined with cafes and restaurants, creating a lively atmosphere.

Here are some highlights of the dining, shopping, and entertainment options in Motor City:

Cafes and Restaurants

Motor City is home to numerous cafes and restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisines. From Italian and Indian to Lebanese and Japanese, residents can enjoy a culinary tour around the world. Notable options include Sumo Sushi & Bento for Japanese cuisine, The Cycle Bistro for Paleo and gluten-free food, and 82 American Diner for indulgent fast food.


In Motor City, you won’t find a traditional shopping mall, but you’ll find all the essential shops and services needed for daily life. There is a pharmacy, bank, hairdresser, pet store, florist, optician, and car rental, among others. The area is served by a large Spinneys supermarket, providing a comprehensive grocery shopping experience. Additionally, there are several minimarts for quick convenience purchases.

Financial and Service Providers

Residents have access to essential services such as three currency exchanges, a post/courier office, a real estate office, and a bank. A travel and tourism agent assists with travel arrangements. There is also a print shop and a phone shop for communication and printing needs.

Fitness and Well-being

Motor City Dubai offers a variety of options for fitness and well-being, including five gyms, a yoga studio, and a massage center. Two health food shops cater to individuals seeking healthy food options.

Pets and Hobbies

For pet owners, there is a veterinarian and a pet shop to cater to their furry companions. Two bike/scooter shops provide services for cycling enthusiasts. Additionally, there are two martial arts schools, a toy store, and a flower shop.

Other Services

Motor City features additional services and outlets, including a car rental shop, a learning center, two sweet shops, two laundrettes, two mechanics, two computer/electronics shops, and two perfume shops.

Mosques in Motor City

Motor City Dubai provides various places of worship for different faiths. Al Eman Mosque, Al Adel Mosque, and Masjid Hasan Abas Sharbatly are available for spiritual worship.

Nearby banks

The following banks are close to the motor city of Dubai:

RAKBANK Quick – Motor City Branch

Location: Motor City – Green Community Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The branch is 2.5 km away from Motor city Dubai.

HSBC ATM – Spinneys Supermarket

Location: Spinneys – Motor City – Up Town Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The branch is 1.3 km away from Motor city Dubai.

Dubai Islamic Bank ATM

Location: Green Dr, Carrefour Sports City – Dubai Sports City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The branch is 3.3 km away from Motor city Dubai.

Nearby fuel stations

Following are some of the nearby fuel stations:

ENOC Link – Motor City

Location: Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The branch is 1.1 km away from Motor city Dubai.

Emarat- Marjan

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The branch is 5.8 km away from Motor city Dubai.

Schools and Universities in Motor City

Motor City offers a wide range of educational institutions. Nurseries in the area include Jebel Ali Nursery, Emirates British Nursery, Building Blocks Nursery, and Child Enrichment Centre. GEMS Metropole School is highly regarded and follows the UK curriculum from FS1 to Year 13. Other nearby schools include GEMS United School, Victory Heights Primary School, and Renaissance School. Motor City’s proximity to universities such as the American University in Dubai, Middlesex University, and Modul University makes it a convenient location for university students.

Exploring Motor City and Surrounding Attractions

Motor City Dubai offers a range of attractions and activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. Motor City is situated adjacent to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and is encompassed by several prominent communities in Dubai. It is flanked by Arabian Ranches, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Sports City on each side. Additionally, the area is in close proximity to Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Butterfly Garden, and Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai Sports City.

Here are some highlights of what you can experience in and around the area:

Dubai Autodrome

Known for its motorsports events, Dubai Autodrome also opens its doors on Wednesday evenings, providing a unique opportunity for runners, walkers, cyclists, and even in-line skaters to enjoy the track. With floodlights illuminating the circuit, individuals can engage in fitness activities in a dynamic setting.

The Cycle Hub and Revolution Cycles

For those looking to rent bikes and equipment, The Cycle Hub and Revolution Cycles are available options. They provide rental services for Autodrome nights or for use at the Dubai Cycle Course, which is a purpose-built track located just a short drive away. Cycling enthusiasts can explore scenic routes and enjoy outdoor adventures on two wheels.


In close proximity to Motor City, Kartdrome offers an outdoor track where adults can fulfill their need for speed and experience the thrill of kart racing. It’s a great opportunity to get behind the wheel and indulge in some friendly competition.

Dubai Indoor Kartdrome

For beginners or those looking for an indoor karting experience, Dubai Indoor Kartdrome is a popular choice. They provide facilities that cater to novice drivers who want to try their hand at kart racing. Additionally, the complex also houses Laserdrome Dubai, making it an exciting destination for birthday parties and group outings.

These attractions provide entertainment and recreational opportunities for individuals of all ages. Whether you’re a motorsports enthusiast, a fitness enthusiast, or someone looking for adrenaline-pumping experiences, Motor City and its surrounding areas offer a variety of options to suit your interests.

Things to do at Dubai motor city

Following are some of the tasks you can perform at Motor City Dubai:

Visit Dubai Autodrome

Experience the thrill of motorsports by watching races or even participating in track days.

Explore Dubai Kartdrome

Try your hand at go-kart racing on the outdoor track for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Go cycling

Rent a bike from The Cycle Hub or Revolution Cycles and enjoy cycling on the purpose-built Dubai Cycle Course or at Dubai Autodrome.

Enjoy outdoor activities

Take advantage of the open spaces and enjoy activities like running, walking, or skating on the track at Dubai Autodrome.

Dine at various restaurants

Indulge in a wide range of culinary delights as Motor City offers a diverse selection of restaurants serving different cuisines.

Shop at the outlets

Explore the numerous shops and outlets in Motor City, ranging from supermarkets and pharmacies to fashion stores and bookshops.

Relax in cafes

Unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal at the cozy cafes that line the central boulevard of Motor City.

Visit nearby attractions

Take a short drive to nearby attractions such as Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden for a delightful experience.

Attend events

Keep an eye out for events happening at Dubai Autodrome, as it hosts various sports and entertainment events throughout the year.

Stay active at gyms and fitness center

Stay fit and active by joining one of the gyms or fitness centers located within Motor City.


Motor City Dubai stands out as a unique and vibrant neighborhood that seamlessly combines a motorsport theme with modern living. With its range of properties, family-friendly environment, ample amenities, and convenient connectivity, it offers residents a well-rounded lifestyle. Whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast, a family seeking a serene community, or a professional looking for a thriving business environment, Motor City Dubai has something for everyone.


How can I reach Motor City in Dubai?

Motor City is easily accessible via Emirates Road, Al Khail Road, and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Are there public transportation options in Motor City?

While there is no metro connection, you can use the F37 bus or taxis to commute within Motor City.

What are the popular communities in Motor City?

The popular communities in Motor City include Uptown Motor City, Green Community, Oia Residence, Rabdan Building, and Eden Apartments.

What amenities are available in Motor City?

Motor City offers supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, salons, pharmacies, banks, pet stores, and more.

Are there recreational activities in Motor City?

Motor City offers activities such as running, cycling, and kart racing at Dubai Autodrome and Kartdrome.

What are the nearby areas and attractions in Motor City?

Motor City is close to Arabian Ranches, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Dubai Butterfly Garden.

Where is the motor city located?

Motor City is a property development located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Where can you stay in the motor city?

Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City is a 4-star hotel situated on Turin Boulevard Road, near First Avenue Mall & Hotel.

Why is Motor City in Dubai called by that name?

Motor City Dubai derives its name from its association with motorsports and its location adjacent to Dubai Sports City and Dubai Studio City.

Which bus route can you take from Motor City to the Mall of the Emirates?

To travel from Dubai Motor City to Mall of the Emirates Bus Station, the most affordable option is to take the bus via Al Barsha A-1. This route typically costs AED 4 – AED 7 and has an approximate travel time of 32 minutes.

What is Motor City known for?

Motor City is renowned for its historical significance as the central hub of the American automotive industry.

What is the population of Motor City?

As per the Dubai Statistics Centre, the current population of Motor City stands at 8,561 residents.

Are there schools and universities in Motor City?

Motor City has educational institutions such as nurseries, GEMS Metropole School, and nearby universities.

What healthcare facilities are available in Motor City?

Motor City provides clinics and medical centers such as Prime Medical Center and Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Center.

Where can I shop and dine in Motor City?

Motor City offers a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants along the central boulevard, including Spinneys supermarket.

What is the proximity of Motor City to airports?

Motor City is approximately a 39-minute drive from Dubai International Airport (DXB) and a 31-minute drive from Al Maktoum International Airport.

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