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Get Ready to Be Transported to a New World at Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai. Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai is an immersive light installation that uses interactive projectors and LEDs to transform the desert landscape into a vibrant display of colors and patterns. A variety of projectors, lasers, and colored lights will move you through an ever-changing landscape of colors and scenes, with soothing music accompanying your journey. You’ll feel like you just stepped into another world! After your journey at Infinity Dubai, take some time to relax in one of the many restaurants, bars, and lounges on site.

  •         Waterfall installation, where the picturesque Dubai skyline is reflected in the moving ripples of water.
  •         Oversized vertical canvas at The Garden, which fills with mesmerizing animated visuals—each experience offers something unique and extraordinary.
  •         A plethora of interactive games that are both fun and educational. 
  •         A Musical Harmonies, you can step onto musical staves and create your own melodies using interactive touch pads. 
  •         An Illusion of Light, you can use your body movement to control light beams and create beautiful kaleidoscope effects on a giant screen.
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  • Infinitely ingenious – Van Gogh
  • Infinitely poetic – Dreamed Japan
  • Infinitely fascinating – Verse
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  • This Ticket is not changeable or refundable.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult holding a valid admission ticket
  • Government-issued photo ID may be required as proof of age.
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  • You must comply with the health and safety measures applicable during your visit.
  • You may not bring food or drinks into the museum.
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It’s outdoors, and you can expect the evening air to be quite pleasant. There is also a sheltered area in case it rains.

No, unfortunately outside food and drinks are not allowed. But once inside, you can purchase food items from the on-site vending machines or take advantage of the nearby eateries to enjoy the local cuisine.

We recommend casual and comfortable clothing for your visit. Smart casual attire is acceptable too. Don’t forget to bring comfortable walking shoes!

AED 115 but the Price may vary as per the Selection of Travel Date.

Yes, you may take photos with your own camera or smartphone camera while visiting. You can also join our social media channels, where we often post photos taken by visitors!

Yes, photography is allowed at the center. Visitors are encouraged to share their photos and experiences on social media using the hashtag #infinitydeslumieres.

Yes, there is a souvenir shop at the center where you can purchase unique gifts and memorabilia related to the exhibitions.


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Best Exhibit Trip

April 1, 2023

The digital displays at the art show were enthralling, and they transported us to a fantastical realm of creativity. The Mala ae crew looked after us well, making sure we had all we needed to have a relaxing and enjoyable voyage. If you’re in Dubai, you should absolutely make time to attend this exhibit.

Jack Show

A Captivating Artistic Journey

March 3, 2023

My experience with Mala ae at Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai was nothing short of captivating. The art exhibit featured mesmerizing digital displays, taking us on a journey through a world of artistic wonder. The Mala ae crew was attentive and made sure our trip was comfortable, adding to the overall enjoyment of the experience. I highly recommend this activity to anyone visiting Dubai, for a truly unique and immersive art exhibit experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Edword johnson
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