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Dubai is located at a very strategic location, equidistant from Europe and Africa and at the center of Asia. This makes it a very popular location for both tourists and businesspeople. With this essential guide to Dubai, you will quickly be familiarized with the city and know where to go when you visit it.
Dubai boasts one of the finest metro networks in the world. The city’s main attractions (such as Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and Dubai World Trade Center) are directly accessible from the airport. Try and purchase a prepaid Nol Card and use it for any kind of transportation in the city.
The weather in Dubai is warm throughout the year owing to its coastal location. Winters are mild with average temperatures being between 20 and 30 degree Celsius, whereas in summers, the temperatures may hit the mid-forties. One of the most tempting attractions in such weather is the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.
You can take short 1-hour cruises on the famous dhow boats and get served with top-notch cuisine while enjoying the soothing water. Longer cruises enable you to enjoy more sights from the water including sunset cruises, which give a special backdrop to your evenings. These cruises can also allow you to host picturesque parties.
While visiting in Dubai, local customs are to be respected. Since it is an Islamic country, a proper dress should be worn and public display of affection should be avoided. When meeting female officials, wait for them to offer a handshake. Some are not comfortable with handshakes, so you should let them make the decision. The Jumeirah Mosque can be visited to gain in-depth knowledge of Islamic culture through its tours and Q/A sessions.
When scheduling meetings, you must remember that government offices might close by 2:30 PM, whereas other offices usually operate at normal hours. However, remember that since it is an Islamic country, most people may not be free around prayer times, so schedule your meetings accordingly.

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