Top List of Rooftop Restaurants in Dubai


If you’re a passionate golfer and planning a trip to Dubai; don’t forget to get a golf kit when you reach there. Because it’s not just the landscape and high-rise buildings, but Dubai’s most beautiful and luxurious golf courses are also waiting for you.
Dubai has become a wonderful opportunity for the world’s top golfers over the years with world-class courses packed with state-of-the-art facilities and tournaments going on all around the year. There are many beautifully designed golf courses and resorts in Dubai where you can have your play and enjoy the most out of your favorite game.
Since Dubai attracts tourists, vacationers, and professionals from around the world, it is not necessary that everyone is used to the sunny heat of Dubai. The peak time of the year to visit Dubai is from October to March and the weather is wonderful during this time of the year. But in case you are not used to it, there is still an opportunity for you to play during the times when the day is not that hot. The lush green fields of most golf courses in Dubai open up for play early in the morning till dusk. So there surely are some good hours to enjoy both the game and greens in Dubai.
Dubai golf courses have been home to world-class tournaments over the past decade with all the top professional players from all around the world being a part of them. The tournaments are arranged all around the year and are also being featured in international media. So if you’re in Dubai, there is a good chance that you happen to see some challenging play going on in one of the golf courses there. The schedules are all available at all the courses so to let you know!
The golf courses in Dubai have all state-of-the-art facilities and meet all international standards of being among the top golf courses in the world. Some of them have greens as big as of 36 holes to enjoy a wonderful play for as long as you love. You can enjoy the most delicious meals at the clubhouses and restaurants with a variety of different cuisines and courses to match your taste buds. They also provide residing facilities for their guests in luxurious hotels in their premises. That’s not all; you can also enjoy their gymnasiums and fitness clubs that are packed with all the latest machines and equipment.
Dubai golf courses are not just a must-go spot for professional golfers or golf enthusiasts, but they have equal leisure opportunities for their families and friends as well. From the fabulous food and fitness opportunities to the most beautiful design and architecture, these courses and clubhouses have everything that you as a tourist can think of. Their designs are an awesome combination of traditional and modern design, with all the colors of style and taste.
So next time, by any means, you stop by Dubai, don’t forget to try the taste of Golf and Gulf!

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