Dubai has a lot of interesting stuff for its tourists and locals. Whether it is related to shopping or having a tour. But here is one of the most amazing activities happening in Dubai. For the last 4 consecutive years, there is an opportunity for all adventure lovers to participate in the free run race on the Sheikh Zaid Road. You have to cover 14 lanes.

Last year almost 146,000 persons participated and there were people in a wheelchair also. It’s a quiet healthy activity for all over Dubai and free of course. So, get yourself ready this year as the Dubai run 2024 is just coming.

Dubai fitness challenge

Dubai run comes under the Dubai fitness challenge. Its main goal is to make Dubai the most active city. The challenge goes from October 29, Saturday to November 27, Sunday. This is a great opportunity to bring your close friends and family together for a fitness challenge. Enjoy fitness and fun things at the same time. Many people love to take part in such recreational activities.

Time and date of Dubai Run 2024

The biggest run of Dubai going to be held on Sunday 20 November 2024. Moreover, the time the race start is 6:30 AM. It has to end at 8:30 as the roads are closed for you guys. The traffic will be again opened after the run. Tie up the laces and buckle up your strength before going to registration.

To avoid any type of inconvenience and attain a good spot, try to be the early bird. If you get late then the route may be got full and you might not take part actively.

Route map of the Dubai Run 2024

You have to be at the destination of Dubai Run before 4:00 AM as the assembling of the participants will be started. There are two routes of Dubai run; one is 5 km whereas the other is 10 km.

The 5 km route will be from the museum of the future on Sheikh Zaid Road to the Dubai mall. You pass by the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai opera.

Whereas the 10 km route starts from the Sheikh Zaid Road to the Dubai water canal. After that, you have to return to Dubai world trade center before ending on Al Mustaqbal street close to DIFC.

How to register for Dubai Run 2024?

There is a website for registration for Dubai Run 2023. You have to register yourself and then get a free shirt and bib. Shirts are in limited numbers so only early ones will get them but the collection of bibs is very important for the participants. Different malls like Dubai hill Mall or Ibn Battuta Mall are collection centers. Get yourself registered as soon as possible and grab your t-shirt and bib.

Requirements for the participants in Dubai Run 2024:

Dubai Run is such an interesting activity that is open to everyone of every age. Furthermore, it is not necessary to be physically fit. A 5 km route can be chosen by anyone but it is preferred that 10 km is chosen by professional runners.

To have information about their exact starting point, there is also an information platform where you can contact and get to know your starting location.

How to reach the location of Dubai Run 2024?

As I have already mentioned that roads will be blocked for transportation from Sunday morning. It is a restriction by the transportation authority to specify the route enclosure detail. Just Dubai metro is available to everyone from 3:30 AM. It is the only way to reach Dubai Run.

To start a 5 km run, head towards the Emirates tower metro station, and to start for a 10 km run, head towards the world trade center metro station. There is limited parking available for those who want to get there in private cars. Dubai mall car parking is available for a 5 km run and World trade center car parking is available for 10 km.

Key facts to remember for Dubai Run 2024

  1. Have a sound sleep

It is very important to have a sound sleep one night before so you can stay active. You have to get up early so try to sleep before time. The more you will be active, the more you will enjoy.

  1. Keep your good health status 

Improve your diet with fresh and healthy fruits. So, you can take an active part in the Dubai Run 2023. It produces a positive impact on your strength to run.

  1. Stay hydrated 

By participating in the run, your body gets dehydrated quickly which can cause damage to you, or you may get fainted. So, hydration is the main key to enjoying the Dubai Run 2023. There are water supplies at the start and end of each route. You can also take your water bottles with you if you can carry them easily.

  1. Don’t overeat before the run 

Before any type of fitness activity, it is suggested not to eat beyond the limit. It will make you feel heavier and uneasy. As you have to run through the 5 km or 10 km pathway, so eat something light but energetic.

  1. Get to the starting location on time 

Because of the huge number of participants, there will be no better spot available after 4:00 AM. Try to get to your starting point as soon as possible. It develops a sense of punctuality and provides the opportunity to get a better spot for the Dubai Run 2023.

  1. Don’t lose hope

Develop a sense of healthy competition. If you have taken part in any activity, try to focus on it and never lose hope. Best of luck with the event.


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Everyone around Dubai and its surroundings have an opportunity to stay fit and active by participating in fitness activities. One of them is Dubai Run 2023. It’s being held on Sunday 20 November. Capture the beautiful moments and make memories. Get yourself registered and show your potential.

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