A small fishing village turned into a cosmopolitan city; Dubai is a real treat to watch if you plan to visit or are already in the city. The streets and the high rise buildings of this amazing emirate are famous worldwide for their modern design and wonderful town planning. You will see a mix of different cultures and lifestyles on the streets that will simply take your breath away and make you feel awestruck.
Dubai has become one of the top tourist attractions in the world. The epic boom of construction and architecture has made it a must-go tourist destination of the world. It attracts millions of people from around the world annually and entertains them with its exotic lifestyle, locations, worth seeing flyovers and a worth seeing mix of design, technology and architecture.
One of the most convenient ways to take a tour of Dubai is through an open top bus. There is also a local guide on each bus who shares information and interesting stories about the places that the bus goes through. They usually follow a set route and cover all the famous landmarks of Dubai. It is a wonderful experience for the tourists and first-time visitors to take the bus and enjoy every moment of sightseeing on the streets of Dubai. You will be amazed at the view of those high-rise buildings and beautiful places that this magnificent city has developed over the years.
The next best thing about sightseeing of Dubai is that the taxi drivers of Dubai are also serving as a local guide. Who could know the city better than them, right?! Although they charge a little more for that but they show you around the whole city and take you to all the beautiful landmarks that you’ve only heard of. So, if you plan to take a route of your own or want to go alone and/or with family, this could be the best option to take. You will be able to take your time and visit all the places in Dubai at your own preference.
Some of the landmarks that you must go to while on a city tour of Dubai are Jumeirah mosque (non-Muslims are allowed to enter), the famous gold souk, spices souk, a view of Burj Al-Arab, the beautiful office building that is also known as “The HQ”, Dubai internet city, a ride over Sheikh Zayed road that has the tallest building in the world; Burj Khalifah.
Dubai is a city with a huge network of roads, bridges and underpasses. The highways have beautiful green palm trees on the road sides. There are many high-rise buildings that you will surely enjoy to see. And that’s not all; in case you’re a shopaholic, you’ll know where all the great malls of Dubai are located along with the locations of interesting restaurants and snack shops to feed your taste buds.
All in all, Dubai city tour either on a bus or a taxi offers a great fun-filled day.

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