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You’ll feel like a true Arab once you step inside where the past and the present meet. Dubai Museum is one go-to place in the beautiful city that has all flavors of life from ancient times and the present ones too that this desert-city has seen over the ages. You will experience the depth of life itself with the presence of life-large dioramas and the perfect representation of life and style before and after the coming of oil.
Dubai Museum is housed in a place that carries a huge historic significance itself. The famous Al-fahidi fort is known to be the oldest existing building in Dubai to this day and has been the house of both rulers and prisoners of Dubai. The place was initially built to safeguard the then small town from an invasion of neighboring tribes, but it served for even better uses after years.
The first best thing about the Dubai museum from your viewpoint is the easily accessible locality. It is situated opposite the Grand Mosque of Dubai which is easier to find than you think. And you will instantly spot the place by seeing the watchtowers on its three corners and no to mention, the cannons installed on either side of the main gate will tell you that you’ve reached the right place.
The first beautiful thing upon entering the museum is a large traditional boat like the one used in olden times for sailing and fishing on the famous Dubai creek. You will be amazed to see a life-large representation of how fishermen used to earn their living and live their lives before the coming of oil.
The courtyards of Al-fahidi fort have been put to use in a wonderful manner. There is a traditional Arabic home with a simple basic kitchen and the furniture that ancient people used to have in their homes to interest you. You’ll also see beautiful dioramas of the traditional souq of Dubai. It is a wonderful example of a conventional market and a must-watch thing to see.
More to interest you in Dubai museum is a traditional restaurant of olden times. Arabic people used to go to these small hotels very frequently. It was very common for them to smoke huqa while casually conversing with friends back then. This old custom has been wonderfully brought to life again in the museum.
Arabic land was blessed with artistic sense too. Calligraphy, ornaments, ceramics have been famous all over the world for ages. Dubai Museum has a separate section for art lovers too. There are so many things that you will be instantly fall for in this section.
Dubai museum is a perfect example of how this beautiful desert land has seen colors of life over the ages. It brings to life what has been passed, yet connecting it with the present times. If you are planning to Dubai city tour and looking for must-watch destinations and go-to places, the Dubai museum is surely one of them.


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