Dubai has amazing architecture to be praised. Every year, a flock of people move to the city for having quality time spend. There are a lot of museums for the tourist’s and local’s interest. Plan a visit to the museum with your family to explore the colors and themes of the future and past. One of the new inventions in Dubai is a museum of the future.

Museum of the Future Dubai

The amazing building is viewed from Sheikh Zaid Road, Dubai. It was launched on 22 February 2022. The modern architecture with calligraphy on it makes it extraordinary from the rest of the buildings. One of the most iconic landmarks of Dubai has fun elements for all ages. The institution of creativity and innovation welcomes guests to explore different things. It’s no less than a Dubai future museum.

People can know what would happen to the city in the coming years. Have a detailed glimpse of future human technology and creative ideas. Curious people about the future have a great chance to know about the limitless possibilities.

Location of Future Museum

It is located at the Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Exactly opposite to Jumeirah emirates tower in Dubai. Moreover, you can locate it on Google Maps easily. So, why not adopt the futuristic approach to find the museum of the future on map.

Google Map: Direction

Moto of Museum of The Future

The main focus of the museum of the future is to offer a great vision to the people about the future. It’s a government building established by the vice president of UAE, HH Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. The modern museum is actually of the view to portray new ideas and dimensions which breakthrough discoveries.

Timing of Museum of the Future Dubai

Museum of the future Dubai timing has a vast open window of time from morning 10 AM to evening 6 PM. It is requested to reserve your time slots in advance when coming for a visit. Try to get there one hour before the gate closing time as after it no one will be there to take you inside the museum.

The architecture of the Museum of the Future

Designed like a torus clad with steel and glass without pillars mark it in the 14 most beautiful museums in the world. The amazing gap between the oval makes it an exceptional building. The shape depicts the future information that can be revealed.

Moreover, the amazing Arabic calligraphy at the exterior of the museum future Dubaiused as glass windows attract tourists towards it. The calligraphy is the poetry by HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Witness the game-changed environment

Experience the wonders of the future in advance. Get ready for enjoying the next-generation solutions in return for artificial intelligence and improved reality. Modern life will get enhanced by modern technology.

The museum is divided into different floors. Each floor has something unique topic which makes the guests fall in love with the museum. Whether it is space travel, climate change, health, ecology, spirituality, or something else; everything is portrayed there. Get into the hope of the future and come back with great knowledge. It’s a good place for the students as well.

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Great Eco-friendly atmosphere

All of us need to use the resources with great care. The amazing marvel proves that a fantastic building can be constructed by using less quantity of water and eco-friendly material. Even the museum doesn’t need to on the lights during day time as the calligraphy on the building allows the sunlight to pass inside and lighten up the whole area.

Furthermore, the solar park produces enough energy which benefits the museum to lighten up or turn on any machinery.

Concept of paperless ticketing

There is no man at the entrance gate collecting tickets. Everything is automatically done. You just have to scan the barcode and get your wristband which is your ticket. It means there is no waste of paper. Furthermore, there will be no person to guide you at any point but the screens and the voice coming will guide you for the next move or any other assistance.

Things to do at the Museum of The Future

There are seven floors with a different topic for your entertainment. Here is the description of what you can do at the Museum of the Future.

  1. Know about the vault of life 

Witness the DNA archive at the vault of life. Many species are being studied at this place and explore the marvels of nature as well. Get information about how climate change will affect your life here. It’s a great place for both children and adults.

  1. Have a look at the future

Have a look at the future exhibition. Experience the feel of an astronaut and explore space. It’s a great opportunity to know about the astronauts’ tasks and how to use the renewable resource of the moon.

  1. Amaze by tomorrow today

Get knowledge of the game-changing technology that changes the history of humans. Tomorrow today is such a place where you can have the information of what is present and how we can change our tomorrow through knowledge. Experience the change of new knowledge, discoveries, and technology.

  1. Explore digital Amazon

Explore the digital Amazon and its rainforest with a mix of recreation that can be done. You can enjoy the view of hundreds of animals and plants.

  1. Enjoy the future heroes

Future heroes mean children. Get ready to take your children and make them explore the fictional exhibits. There will be some missions that your children have to complete. It’s very beneficial for the intellectual of kids. Its main aim is to promote the exploration zone and screen-free play.

  1. Experience the center

Enjoy the amazing therapy and soothing environment at the center with some movements, meditation, and water. Then take sixty seconds to reset under the water and light which provoke the ocean surface. The center will be restored or realigned because of the sensors in it. It’s an out-of-the-world thing. You and your kids will love this.

  1. Get information about the future of wellness

When you visit the future of wellness, you will feel that the mind, body, and soul get connected. And you get tension free. Enjoy some time away from the busy city life and enjoy peace of mind, body, and soul.

Museum of the future Dubai ticket price

The price of the adult or child above 3 years museum of the future Dubai ticket is 145 AED. Whereas, children under 3 can get free entry. Everyone should select the specific slot for their visit after booking of the ticket. No one is there to collect your ticket or guide you, its all in the control of Al. So, follow the time and directions to avoid any inconvenience.


Dubai has a great number of museums that shows the history or past. But the museum of the future is something different as it predicts the futuristic approach in a very good way. It’s beneficial for everyone. Especially the Young generation has to visit the museum. It’s divided into seven different floors, each with a unique topic. So, get yourself ready and grab the tickets.

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