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  • Dubai metro
  • Dubai metro stations
  • Layout of train
  • Facility for special persons with any disability
  • Amenities
  • Accessibilities
  • How to travel by the bus?
  • Types of NOL cards
  • Tickets purchasing
  • Estimation of fares
  • Rules for the traveling
  • Timing of the metro bus (normal days and on public holidays)
  • Waiting time for the Dubai metro
  • Benefit of using Dubai Metro
  • Which objections cause public transport fines?
  • Other connections
  • Important things to remember if you are new to metro bus

Dubai is the most populous city as different people from different states have moved to the city. It’s been one of the hot favorite places to visit. Every year, a group of tourists comes to Dubai to explore the real beauty and marvels of the architect. Moreover, Dubai marina is also attractive to everyone.

The luxury hotels, yachts, and shopping malls will drive everyone crazy about Dubai’s visit. In this situation, traveling and Transport was the big problem. So, the Dubai metro was designed.

Dubai metro

Dubai has a network of routes through which traveling from one place to another has become an easy task. All this is the result of the Dubai metro. Different trains are there at the stations for different routes that move every minute from very early to late at night. Overall, the fares are reasonable to make it in the approach of everyone.

Metro Dubai is an advanced rail system with modern technology. It was the need of the hour to take such a step in creating and establishing an easy mode of traveling around the busy city, of Dubai. It connects our homes to offices and workstations.

Dubai metro stations 

The modern way to explore the city is to choose the Dubai metro for your next trip. Following are the routes or Dubai metro stations. It mainly consists of two lines; red and green line.

  1. Red line

Dubai metro red line originates from the station at CenterPoint close to the Airport and reaches Jabel Ali Station crossing sheikh Zaid Road and all the famous attractions. After Jabel Ali, the red line divides into two different directions. One to the Expo 2020 whereas, the second line goes towards the inn e Battuta mall. Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, business bay, Jumeirah lakes tower, Dubai marina, and mall of Emirates come along the red line route. This route ends at the UAE exchange station.

The route is as follows:

From CenterPoint to Emirates, Airport terminal 3, AirPort terminal 1, GGICO, center point Deira, Al Rigga, union, Burjuman, ADCB, max, world trade center, Emirates tower, financial center, Burj Khalifa/ Dubai mall, Business Bay, Al Safa, Equity, mall of Emirates, Mashreq, Dubai internet city, Al Khalil, Shobha Realty, DMCC to Jabel Ali. After it, you will see Ibn Battuta, energy, Danube, UAE exchange, the gardens, discovery gardens, Al Furjan, Jumeirah Golf Estate, Dubai investment park, and Expo 2020.

  1. Green line 

The green line route starts from the Etisalat station and ends at Dubai creek. You can pass through Al Fahidi historical places, Gold and spice souks, and Deira.

The route is as follows:

From Etisalat to Al Quasis, Dubai airport free zone, Al Nahda, Stadium, Al Qiyadah, Abu Hail, Abu Bakr Al Siddique, Salah Al-Din, Union, Baniyas square, Gold souk, Al ras, Al Gubaiba, Sharaf DG, Burjuman, Oud Metha, Dubai Healthcare City, Al Jadaf and Creek.

Layout of train 

The Dubai metro train was built by the Japanese manufacturer Kinki Sharyo. He builds around 87 trains that work driverless. It was built in 2008. Around 643 passengers can accommodate in the metro. The train is very unique in its shape and function. This automatic ride will take you to the destination with all the comforts. Moreover, it has different cabins with different specifications. Following are the types of cabins:

For women and children 

The cabin for women and children is designed to ensure the safety of women and girls. Only women or children can travel through that specific cabin. The pink color specifies the direction to the women’s cabin. This step doesn’t mean that they can’t travel in any other cabin but instead, it is an extra comfort for the single lady.

  1. Gold Class 

The cabin with leather seats and offering beautiful views are categorized as a gold class. You just have to purchase the ticket for a gold-class cabin if you want to travel through it.

  1. Silver class

It’s a general cabin where anyone can travel whether a man, woman, or child.

Buy the ticket for whatever class you want to visit and have a safe journey without any disturbance.

Metro Facility for special persons with any disability 

Dubai metro offers a great facility for wheelchair users as well. In every train, they can travel as there is a specific space for their chair as well. There is a proper lift system for them so they can move easily to the specific metro level.


Dubai metro is a versatile train with great amenities for the passengers. You can also do your work on the moving train as it has WIFI access throughout the journey. Stay connected with the people you want and complete your task. Moreover, for security purposes, there are more than 3000 CCTV cameras and Metro police.

One more amenity is a radio link that will help you to make a call to emergency service. There is an emergency call box in each cabin for the passengers that can be used whenever you see any emergency situation.


When the Dubai metro was designed, the main focal point was easy for passengers. Their comfort level is to be satisfied. Some of the following accessibilities make the metro worth traveling.

  1. Access to the wheelchair 

There is a specific area for the wheelchair to be adjusted so that special persons can also travel where they want.

  1. Lift access for people 

There is a lift for going from one level of the station to the other.

  1. Tactile guidance path 

This service is for blind persons so that they can check the route map.

  1. Screen for information display 

Screens are present in cabins to illustrate the route and current place of the train. It also displays the metro map in Dubai.

  1. Alerts for platform 

Flashlights and beeps of the door opening and closing are actually the alerts for the platform. When the train reaches another platform again the alert starts to make you aware that if you want to get off the train then go on.

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How to travel by Dubai Metro bus? 

The only way to travel along the ultra-modern Dubai metro is to buy a single, day-pass ticket, return ticket, or NOL card. After you pay for the ticket, then get ready for the journey.

Types of NOL cards 

NOL cards are divided into 5 types and they are described as follows:

  • Gold card Dubai Metro

The gold card is valid for every public transport and lets you sit in the gold-class cabin. Its validity is for 5- years and the top-up limit is Dhs500. You can get the card for Dhs25 with already Dhs19 in it.

  • Silver card 

Silver card is valid for every public transport and lets you sit in the general cabin (if you are a woman then for women-only cabin). Its validity is for 5- years and the top-up limit is Dhs1000. You can get the card for Dhs25 with already Dhs19 in it.

  • Personal card 

A personal card is valid for every public transport and offers you a unique offer that if it gets lost then all the money in it will be recovered. Its validity is for 5- years and the top-up limit is Dhs5000. You can get the card for Dhs70 with already Dhs20 in it.

  • Red card 

The red card is valid for Dubai metro and tram buses. Its validity is for 90 days and you can recharge it after 10 journeys or five daily passes. You can get the card for Dhs6 with already Dhs4 in it.

  • Customized card 

The gold card is valid for every public transport. You can choose your favorite design for your card from 16 different layouts. Its validity is for 5- years and the top-up limit is Dhs1000. You can get the card for Dhs30.

Tickets purchasing 

Metro Dubai tickets are of two categories one for single-time use and the other for NOL cards (rechargeable tickets). You can get anyone from all of the Metro stations, bus stations, and superstores like Carrefour, Waitrose, etc.

If you want to add money to the NOL card then go for a ticket booth or any vending machine.

Estimation of fares

Dubai city is divided into seven different zones and the fare is calculated according to which zone you have passed. You can use more than one mode of transportation for a specific location. But only 3 transports are only allowed in a single journey. For example, if you have to replace the mode of transportation for reaching a specific location then the price of the ticket will be as follows.

  • For one zone: 

Gold card charge for Dhs6

Silver card charge for Dhs3

Personal card charge for Dhs3

Red card charge for Dhs4

  • For two zones

Gold card charge for Dhs10

Silver card charge for Dhs5

Personal card charge for Dhs5

Red card charge for Dhs6

  • For 3 zones: 

Gold card charge for Dhs15

Silver card charge for Dhs7.5

Personal card charge for Dhs7.5

Red card charge for Dhs8.5

  • Special offers

All the students and the old aged people get 50% discount on their card. The people of the determination category and children can travel for free. NOL for the student and senior citizens is a must for availing of the discount.

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Rules for the traveling 

Let’s divide the rules into two different categories:

  1. Etiquette of traveling in the Dubai metro 

Don’t push each other.

Give respect to others.

Move along the platform.

Allow the passengers to get out of the train first before you get inside.

  1. Luggage rule 

Only 2 suitcases are allowed for a single person. One can be the larger one and the other will be the small one. One more thing, the luggage must be placed in the luggage area specified in each cabin.

Timing of the Dubai metro bus 

One great piece of news is that the Dubai metro is an all-day available service. It works seven days a week but with different metro timings: 

  • Monday to Thursday 5:00 AM to 1:15 AM (next day)
  • On Friday and Saturday 5:00 AM to 2:15 AM (the next day)
  • On Sunday 8:00 AM to 1:15 AM (the next day)
  • On festivals and public holidays (time varies mostly lasts longer than usual but is available for all public holidays)

Waiting time for the Dubai metro 

You don’t have to wait much for the train. The waiting time is around 4 minutes during peak hours and normally it’s 7 minutes. The train doesn’t stop much so don’t worry and wait for your turn.

The benefit of using the Dubai metro 

  1. It’s four times cheaper than a rented taxi. So, save money while traveling.
  2. It is the fastest and easiest way to travel from one location to another.
  3. It’s the safest way to travel because of the metro police and CCTV cameras.
  4. You can get to the airport easily.
  5. Enjoy free WIFI in every cabin.
  6. Dubai metro offers you to see almost every famous landmark of Dubai.

Which objections cause public transport fines?

Any breaking of a rule or misbehaving can charge you a fine. It depends on the situation and the rule that how much fine you have to pay. Following is the description of the fines:

  • Fine of Dhs 100 

If you get to the non-passenger area

Misbehaving with other passengers

Damaging the property

Jumping or climbing the boarding area

Trying to leave or get to the train while it’s moving

Using any dangerous material in the train

If you put shoes on the seats

If you eat or drink on the train

If you bring your pets on the train

Sitting at the other’s specified seats

If you enter the restricted area

  • Fine of Dhs 200

If you throw garbage in the train or make the train unhygienic by spitting etc.

If you smoke on the train

If you don’t show your ticket or NOL card.

If you have an expired, invalid, or someone’s other card for traveling

If you sell anything on the train like an NOL card or any other stuff

  • Fine of Dhs 300

If you sleep in the passenger shelter or any other area where it is prohibited.

  • Fine of Dhs 500

If you are having any kind of illegal beverage on the train.

  • Fine of Dhs 1000

If you have any type of dangerous weapon or sharp tools.

  • Fine of Dhs 2000

Destroying the training property like seats.

If you misuse the emergency call service.

  • Fine of Exceptional fine of Dhs100 per day up to Dhs1000

If you park your vehicle in the areas of the metro train at a specific time.

Other connections 

Dubai metro connects with the Dubai tram service at two different intervals. One is Jumeirah Lake tower and the other is Dubai marina. You can easily shift to the tram from the Dubai metro.

Important things to remember if you are new to metro bus Dubai

If you are not in a hurry to go somewhere then try to avoid the peak hours (6:00 AM to 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Traveling in peak hours costs extra to get to the gold-class cabin

Eating and drinking are prohibited on the train.

Metro stations have names according to the famous landmarks, always consult the right station before getting to it.


Dubai itself depicts the picture of modern civilization and the step of Dubai metro take it a step forward in the field of modernism. Metro has different stations and divided into seven zones. Passengers can travel by purchasing the ticket or NOL card. There are 3 different cabins; gold, silver and women cabins. You can enjoy famous landmarks by traveling along the Dubai metro. Passengers get the access to airport as well. Its safe mode of traveling. Follow some rules of traveling in Dubai metro.

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