Dubai, a city of superlatives and human-built wonders. A city that calls every tourist towards itself with its glamour and glitz. Whether you’re a professional traveler or a one-time vacationer, you will always find Dubai fascinating and full of colors. There are no doubts about Dubai being a city of supreme and majesty, with marvels like the world’s tallest buildings “Burj Khalifa”, Dubai City Mall, Dubai Marina, Canal, and Safa Park. You definitely won’t mind spending a little extra here too. Sure, it is not the city to tour with a tight budget. But before you make up your mind against it, here are some hacks and facts about the things you can do in Dubai that will make you convert your decision from ‘No’ to a resounding ‘Yes’.

Dubai- a luxurious city

If you’re an avid traveler and want to experience a luxurious spot on holiday, believe us when we say that Dubai is going to be your dreamland. From the world’s famous exquisite Jumeirah beach hotel, where you can enjoy a great dip in the water and later lay down while sipping your drink, to the one and only Burj ul Khalifa.

If staying at extravagant hotels is your need, Dubai is all at your demand. It is fascinating to know that Dubai city houses numerous luxurious as well as lavish hotels providing world-class facilities to stay in style. The hotel is an epitome of fancy and luxury, voted to be the best of all choices with perks you could have only imagined in your dreams. From 5-star villas to 7-star hotel, Dubai city has everything for sumptuous lodging. Cherish in infinity pools, gold furnishings suites provide enriching experiences.

  1. A melting point for attractions

If you’re going to Dubai for the first time, it might be your best tour of the life, and it’s not hard to see why. For starters, the city of gold is a melting point for attractions, cultures, as well as lifestyles from all round the globe, making it a beautiful destination. Dubai is a prime location for luxury shopping as well as entertainment. Multiple cultures and people have come together to make Dubai a melting pot for attractions.

A lot of people think that Dubai is an expensive city, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a city offering something for all ages and everyone. The activities range from the desert safari to the underwater zoo. Along with this, can also use Dubai as a base for exploring almost every corner of the Middle East. People from over 200 nations live in this city, making it a perfect place for people to visit and feel at home.  There’s a massive array of restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world.

  1. Not only for leisure, Dubai is also a business hub

In the past, Dubai was only the city for leisure. Now, the city is more than just a place to visit for a weekend getaway. It’s fascinating to know that Dubai that is constantly evolving as well as growing, with focus on welcoming entrepreneurs. It offers are plenty of significant reasons to make a trip to Dubai, making it perfect for leisure and business.

Dubai has also been ranked as one of the innovative cities in the world. The city has been able to hype this title by investing in its infrastructure and creating the environment for new businesses to flourish. Now, the city of gold is home to international companies such as Google, Oracle, and Microsoft. now, kit offers the best ways to relax and enjoy your vacation and business trip at a same time. Find number of financial opportunities with the world’s largest financial institutions, and leading centers for global commerce, and finance.

  1. The Land Development is Unreal

Dubai wants to shape the land into something impressive, and it’s really good. Just have a look at the palm shaped island of Jumeirah, as well as the newer man-made islands. Palm Jumeirah is an amazing manmade archipelago, that’s popular among visitors for beach and beach activities. Along with this, there’s several other top-tier luxury villas in the Palm Jumeirah Islands. You can also couple up the stay with spas and luxury resorts. It’s an ideal destination if you’re in the mood for a relaxing holiday. Consider this, the weather is always warm and the waters are wonderfully tepid that means there’s no fear of sudden rains. Enjoy you stay, cherish the scrumptious food and make your stay memorable.

  1. Best Honeymoon Spot to rejoice Romance

Your honeymoon is admittedly the most memorable and golden time period of your life. Just you and your new spouse, spending some quality time together before life overtakes you once again. Of course, you would want to have a romantic destination for your trip and Dubai is the best option you have got. You can take a long walk on the sides of the Dubai Canal, or you can book a Dhow cruise in Dubai to take you on a magnificent journey of love, lights, and sights.

  1. A Thing for Everyone

It is a city where from traditional old spices to the modern luxurious rides, everything is possible to find. In other words, Dubai offers different delights to different people. Which is why it is the go-to vacation spot for many families. You can join the fun ride of the hop-on-hop-off bus with your family, to enjoy the beautiful sight view along with the ongoing commentary that they provide in 12 different languages, just for the sake of diversity. And just to make it a little more amusing for children, the commentaries are also done in three different voices of amazing characters like Ali, Alice, and Ghantoot, the Arabian Oryx. There will be other famous tourist attractions that you would want to visit with your children like the wildlife sanctuary, Ras al Khor, a place that houses the world’s prettiest flamingos, small waders, and marsh harriers. The experience will simply be entertaining, educational, and one of a kind for you and your family.

  1. Go Back in Time in Old Dubai

You’ll find an old Dubai in the eastern part of Bur Dubai, near the Creek. No doubt, modern day Dubai is young and the old buildings in this area are also beautifully authentic. Old Dubai side is famous for Souqs selling spices as well a clothing still exists here. You can visit the indoor gold souk as well as walk the outdoor Deira Grand Souq. Nothing is better than stepping into a tea house for a traditional Arabic cuisine. In order to get the real taste of history, visit the Dubai Museum and get a traditional feel while an abra across the creek.

  1. Enjoy a world-class customer service experience

If there’s need of some of the best places to relax, Dubai city stands at the top of the list. The city not only provides you world-class hospitality, but also a world-class customer experience.  the place is known for its opulent hotels and resorts in order to spend your time relaxing by the pool as well as ordering from a wide range of international cuisines. It is something people notice and comment. As Dubai is so diverse, it is essential for businesses and restaurants to be able to cater to a variety of cultures. However, the customer service is exceptional here.

  1. Most Fascinating Skylines in the World

Dubai is home for to one of the world’s most amazing skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest building in the world and allows you to experience an open deck view on its 124th floor. Rest assured, the floor is protected by strong fencing, which makes it impossible for any accident to happen. So, you’re safe to roam around and experience the mind-blowing view from the top. There is a restaurant on the 122nd floor that serves a variety of different cuisines and beverages. Burj Khalifa won’t just be a tourist destination – you can fulfill your culinary desires as well!

  1. Dubai, the hub of shopping

Along with Emirati hospitality, Dubai’s shopping malls are a renowned driving force for tourists all-round the globe. You can find a lot of gorgeous clothing stuff in high-budget films that are bought from none other than Dubai. Everything on the racks is trending. Choose from plenty of options as Dubai indeed is a paradise for shopaholics. Along with this, the place is also a paradise for gold lovers with huge attractions. Although there’s tax levied on the gold in Dubai, but still it’s cheaper as compared to other countries. However, ensure to research all the required policies in order to follow before getting gold.

  1. Incredibly Diversity

Whether you want to live in Dubai or just visit, you’ll find all kinds of people here. Approximately 95% of Dubai’s population are expats, coming from every other country on the planet giving you a level of cultural interaction. There’s a huge population from India and Pakistan live here. However, it’s common to meet Europeans, Canadians, and Americans in Dubai. although other cities in the world such as New York and London are culturally diverse, but Dubai city takes cultural diversity to a whole new level.

  1. Dubai’s Food is Awesome

As it described earlier, Dubai city holds large collection of people from all over the world, that means you can easily find cuisine from all over the globe as well. Pakistani, Lebanese, and Indian restaurants are huge in number. Along with this, Italian, Thai, American, and vegan restaurants can also be found everywhere in the.

Dubai city offers food for every social and cultural group ranging from cheap street food to expensive five-star restaurants. You can find almost anything your heart desires and can satify your taste buds with the food they deserve. You must try their local traditional Arabic cuisine. Some of the mouthwatering options are Shawarmas, Ghuzi, Matchbous, Chicken Saloona, Mehalabiyas, Meat Biryani, as well as Stuffed Camel. Although all the delicacies can be availed at the restaurants, but it is recommended to try out the street food in Dubai.

  1. Gold, Gold Everywhere

If you’re wondering that Dubai is famous for, this is it. It’ll keep you in shock that how so much gold can in any one place. it’s not an ordinary pale-looking 14-carat gold, it is 24 carat pure gold. It’s fascinating to know that the Dubai city offers the richest hue of gold sparkling and shining as well as holds your gaze fixed to it. We’re sure that you have never see this much gold anywhere else.

So, keep your camera ready for some impressive clicks. Visit the gold souks of Bur Dubai, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Souq Madinat, and many other shopping venues in order to grip with the fact that the Dubai is all about gold.

  1. An Exquisitely Built Mosque even for the Non-Muslims

Jumeirah mosque is a uniquely designed mosque that is undoubtedly one of the famous tourist attractions in this city. Keep in consideration, your Dubai will be considered uncompleted without visiting this amazing structure. Basically, the non-Muslims are not allowed to enter in mosques in Dubai, but the Jumeirah Mosque is an exception to the rule.

It’s fascinating to know that Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in city that welcomes the non-Muslims six days a week. However, there’s some conditions like women must wear a scarf while visiting the mosque in order to respect the tradition and the religion. You can also join the tours organized by the Sheikh Muhammad Centre for Cultural Understanding Institution. They’ll keep you engaged with relevant and valid information regarding the culture along with traditions.

  1. Best Desert Safari in the World

Dubai city has lots of things to do in Dubai that keep you busy during your stay here. This time don’t miss the wonderful desert safari experience in Dubai, that’s not common in many countries. In order to have a comfortable trip and fun at the Desert, it is advisable to join any of the Dubai tours offered by the trusted agencies. So that, they’ll be able to arrange the trips accordingly. However, there’ll always be a pick up by the agencies in 4 x 4. Some of the activities in the desert double the charm such as camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, and sand skiing. So, don’t miss this stunning opportunity next time because it is very rare any other Asian countries.

  1. Dhow Cruise Dubai – Dubai Marina

No one can ignore the fact that being in Dubai does not count until you haven’t been on a cruise that brings back the wonder in you. The Dubai Marina is a famous waterway built entirely by manpower not too long ag. Dhows are big wooden boats built and designed by the early Arabs who were the residents of this region. However, today Dhows are a big source of tourist attraction and allow people to experience something straight out of old culture and tradition. The Creek and the Marina, both are two different routes that offer two entirely different experiences. But all you have to do is to select the one that sounds closest to tour expectations and get yourself ready for a journey that will calm you down with its fresh breeze and fill you with mouthwatering food.

  1. Safest place in the world

Regardless of religious and cultural diversity; Dubai city is one of the safest places to visit around the globe. It’s a city that’s popular for both its culture as well as for being a tourist destination. There’s no doubt, that Dubai is one of the most unique cities in the world, the great is that the city is hub of both western and Arabic culture.

The city is also famous for being enjoyed by both tourists and locals.  As a matter of fact, Dubai is also one of the most visited cities. Even though it’s a a fantastic destination, it’s also known for being a safe and secure city. You can leave your belongings on the beach and go grab a drink without having to worry regarding the stuff. It’s a city of contrasts. including the security of lives as well as properties of both indigenes and visitors.

  1. Beaches over Everything

Who is not a fan of amazing waves and the perfect suntan? A holiday is incomplete without a day out at the local beach. Apart from the luxurious options like the Jumeirah, where only hotel guests are allowed to spend time.

Apart from an advanced infrastructure and rich lifestyle, the city is also known for its sea, sun as well as shore. You’ll be surprised to know that some of Dubai’s most famous places for tourist attractions are its sandy beaches. Dubai beaches are best for sunbathing and spending a quality time with nature. You can plan a morning or evening visit to the beaches. Some of the famous Dubai beaches are Marina Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Public Beach as well as many more.

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