When packing for your vacation onboard keep in mind that this is going to be different from a usual trip to someplace and hence require some added things to be stuffed in your backpack. It is eminently important to be extra careful while packing your luggage for a charter vacation because you surely do not want to be deprived of an essential in the middle of the blues waves.
Here are a few tips to guide you to successful luggage packing so you do not end up with a massive packing disaster.
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1.A soft luggage

For starters prepare your mind about the type of luggage you want to take along that doesn’t take too much space yet carries all your essentials within. Storage is always an issue. Though some yachts such as The Lotus Yacht in Dubai are very spacious and can accommodate large luggage generally it is advisable to take soft luggage so that it can be easily put anywhere.

2. A good Sunscreen

Nothing can spoil your fun while sailing more than the nasty sunburns. Being in the water is very wonderful and all excitement but it gets totally ruined when the sun leaves its mark on your skin. The best possible care for your skin against sunburn is to put on a high-factor sunscreen. Just toss sunscreen in your luggage and be safe.

3. Proper medication

Though it is strictly advise-able to the people with mild seasickness to avoid events that involve going to a boat but we won’t suggest you to be deprived of the fun. Take along the necessary over-the-counter drugs to fight any sickness that occurs mid-party or mid-fun.

4.The right Accessories

Make sure you have all the right things that are suitable for a ride on a yacht. Throw in sandals for a good navigation so that you can balance out your walk on the slippery decks and platforms. Put on some shades to escape the torture of the scorching sun. Take along a body lotion to dodge the sun planning to give you a bad tan on the skin.

5.Your Fun Kit

To double the fun and entertainment, always take a fun kit along. If you are a diver, take along your own Snorkel and a mask and dive through the fresh ocean water to experience the time of your life. It is seriously a deprivation if you go sailing and come back without snorkeling.
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