Dubai, which was just a trading port and small fishing town, has changed into one of the popular choices for enterprises, companies, as well as all individuals who are looking to host different events. From tradeshows, meetings, and conferences, to social events and glamorous weddings, Dubai is the best choice.  You’ll be surprised to know, with the stunning venues, world-leading facilities, and a range of hotels to suit every budget, Dubai is considered the go-to destination for almost all kinds of events. With a super cool combination of ambitious architecture and stunning landscapes, Dubai’s venues are known as some of the world’s most attractive ones. They are responsible to feature the best contemporary choices.

Here are some of the top Dubai Event Destinations in order to consider while planning the next corporate event. Let’s check out:

Madinat Jumeirah

jumerian conference room dubai

Madinat Jumeirah sets along an attractive beach- including three main boutique hotels. These boutique hotels are named as Mina A’Salam, Al Qsar, and Dar Al Masyaf. With over 850 rooms, audiovisual as well as lighting equipment is fulfilling everyone’s needs.

Within the conference center, there is a great need to know that the Joharah Ballroom is categorized into seven various rooms as well as holding approx. 1,700 people. Along with this, the Murjaan Ballroom is also categorized into nine various rooms for over 400 people.

One of the best reasons of choosing the Madinat Arena is, its a versatile place holding over 4,500 guests. This wide space is also featuring a fixed gallery along with some VIP sections. However, the Arabic-style ballrooms are also included in the Mina A’Salam hotel. Majlis Al Salam is known as the largest one with a holding capacity 400 people. On the other hand, Majlis Al Mina is offering a capacity for just 120 guests. Furthermore, the complex also comprises an atmospheric Madinat Souk, Talise Spa, as well as the multi-purpose Events Centre.

Atlantis – The Palm

You’ll be surprised to know that, Atlantis surrounds one of the wide conference venues in Dubai. The main reason is, it’s a kind of one-stop-facility for both event planners as well as conferences. With 1,500 rooms, it is fascinating to know that the Atlantis-  itself is the largest eat and meet, corporate events, and conference venue in Dubai.  A highly experienced staff along with the superior venue offered by the Atlantis means, you’ll have a record-breaking wedding, conference, event, or party venue. Atlantis is also offering a well-established in-house team of event planners. They have a variety of special and incredible packages to suit everyone’s needs.

Burj Al-Arab

burj al arab

The Burj Al Arab hotel- located on an island is known as the only seven-star hotel in the world.  Keep in consideration, the notion “Seven-Star” was firstly used by a journalist. He visited numerous hotels of Dubai on press briefing. It is fascinating to know that the iconic Burj Al Arab is offering exquisite venues for almost all types of events. Supporting technology and standout features ensure that every venue of the hotel is very inspiring. There is a range of banqueting options in order to meet the needs of every event planner. All these events are significantly controlled by the in-house conference with a great reputation for versatility, excellence or work to ensure unsurpassed quality. Portable staging, theming options, banquet-type lighting, as well as production facilities- this wide range of equipment combines together in making your event alive.

Airport Expo Dubai

dubai expo

Airport Expo Dubai- located just a two-minute drive from the Dubai airport is the best venue for international travelers in order to attend corporate events. The Airport Expo is equipped in order to host venues, conventions, exhibitions, and conferences just 15 minutes away from the city. It is fascinating to know that Dubai Airport Expo is boasting more than 33,000 square meters of space spreading between two large halls and a central plaza – large enough for accommodating significant-sized conferences.

Dubai World Trade Centre

trade center dubai

There is a great need to know that the Dubai World Trade Centre is considered home to almost all kinds of shows and events in Dubai. From concerts to fashion shows to cooperative events and trade shows, Dubai World Trade Centre would be the right place for you. With min. 12 to max.12,000 people, the venue is ideal for every event. The best thing is, all the meeting rooms come with wireless access as well as AV capabilities. Moreover, the exhibition halls can also be organized in order to suit the preferences of every type of corporative event.

Corporate Events on the Yacht- A Perfect Choice

Corporate events are one of the best ways for employees to share ideas and learn to work as a team. While hosting a corporate event, it is also possible to gain new clients. People hold these events in outdoor spaces and hotels and can get boring over the years. Here you have an ideal option of hosting a corporate event on a yacht in order to make it unforgettable. Here we are going to discuss some of the significant benefits of booking a corporate event yacht in Dubai.

It is fascinating to know that there are numerous perks that you and your guests can enjoy while renting a yacht in Dubai. Moreover, yachts come in various sizes that mean there is no trouble in finding to accommodate at your event.

Here is why you must think hard about holding a corporate event with yacht rental Dubai.

Allows Guests to Relax Right Away

When people walk into any corporate event, generally, it takes 30 minutes or an hour in order to relax. Most of the corporate events are stuffy affairs making everyone feel uptight. However, that won’t be an issue at all if you are holding your event on a yacht. When a person sets foot on a yacht rental in Dubai, it’ll put his/her mind at ease as well as make them feel more relaxed. Even if the plan is to get work done during an event, you still make people to look and feel relaxed.

Sets a Right Tone

One of the significant reasons why people feel uptight while attending corporate events is, they’re not sure what they are walking into at the beginning. They feel uneasy about what is waiting for them in a banquet hall or a restaurant. It is another important thing that won’t be trouble while holding an event on a yacht. In this way, people will know what they’re walking into to spend a few hours on a yacht. Just build the buzz up for an event and have people anticipating it.

Gives Everyone a Great Impression

A lot of companies want to hold corporate events as a way of showing their clients that everything is going perfectly on the business side of things. They use these events in order to illustrate how successful they have been in recent months. If it is your intention, there would be nothing better way to celebrate the successes than on a yacht charter. Just feel that vibe when everyone who is coming to the event will be blown away by noticing how things are going for your business.

Holding a corporate event on yacht means, people will talk about it for years. It’ll leave a lasting impression on inside and outside of your company.

Presentations During an Event Pop More

If you are planning a presentation during your corporate event, maybe you’re going to run through your annual sales figures or show your employees the plans that you have for the upcoming year. Whatever the matter, you’ll be able to do it on a yacht charter.

It is fascinating to know that these yachts are equipped with all the needed audio and video components to hold presentations at your corporate event. Your presentations will pop and it will be unlike anything the clients have seen before. As a bonus, the corporate event on the yacht is also going to provide you with all the privacy that you ever want. Most importantly, there is no need to worry about anyone seeing a presentation they are not supposed to see.

Provides People with Amazing Views

Within a few minutes of arriving at a corporate event in a banquet hall, people will have seen everything. No matter how attractive the is building, it’ll get old quickly. However, the same can’t be said for a yacht rental Dubai. The yacht you are going to reserve for your corporate event will provide a never-ending stream of gorgeous views. People will love to look out over the sea at all the stunning sights. They’ll appreciate all of the fresh air when they’re out on the water.

Fits Well Within Your Event Budget

A yacht charter sounds great but you are going to afford it? It’s a valid concern, a yacht rental Dubai might not cost as much as you think. As we alluded to earlier, yachts come in various sizes as it will allow you to select the right one significantly based on the size of the event. Along with this, there are some yachts that will fit into your budget. As long as you charter, there is no problem staying under the predetermined budget.

Various Types of Corporate Event on Yachts

Corporate conferences are considered to be boring, but you can make them interesting. One of the best ways is to organize your corporate dinners, conferences, and meetings on a yacht. Here you’ll have the best chance to enjoy a refreshing experience away from the corporate jungle. Yacht rental Dubai offers world-class amenities for conducting various types of corporate events on a yacht.

Some of the important corporate events on the yacht are:

  • Corporate/ Business Dinners

Enjoy on a variety of cuisines just according to your preference. It is fascinating to know yacht rental Dubai offers Asian, Arabic, Mexican, Thai, and many more cuisines. Relish the best quality buffets, barbeques, and beverages. Furthermore, have customized arrangements and decorations too.

  • Teambuilding Programs

Teambuilding programs are helpful for the employees to enhance social relations. Moreover, it also improves collaboration and keeps them motivated- such programs on the yacht make them more effective as well. Activities like water sports and Surf ‘N’ Turf relays need a lot of teamwork. Employees can also bond over games such as building Burj Khalifa with spaghetti and Taboo.

  • Product Launch

If there is a need for an innovative way to launch a new product for your company, you must plan your product launch event on a yacht. All you have to do is, just book a yacht according to your need, and the yacht charter in Dubai will make your event a grand success.

  • Business Conference and Trade Shows

There is nothing best than exhibiting the products of a company or spreading awareness regarding them on a yacht. It’ll leave an everlasting impact and you’ll also have good networking with your clients. Get the best chance to discuss the new trends of your business while cruising on a yacht.

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