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Why do people want to visit Dubai? This question lingered at the corner of my mind every time I sat down to plan my vacation and read through lists of exotic holiday spots. Somehow Dubai always came up in searches as one of the most famous and highly recommended of vacation destinations. I was skeptic of the idea anyhow, until this summer, when I made my first (and hopefully not the last) visit to Dubai. Needless to say, it was a much-anticipated trip accompanied by my family.
After reading articles on Dubai’s tourist attractions, I had all kind of ideas in my mind – from renting dhow cruises to visiting the most magnificent skyline in the world. However, amidst all these enthusiasms, a realization that immediately took place in mind. Dubai is a unique melting-pot of old and the new. You can opt to see the world’s tallest building, or experience the essence of old Arab culture from the dunes all in one city. It’s a city that has a different charm for everyone. For some, it is a luxurious holiday spot with world-class hotels and beaches like Jumeirah. For others, Dubai is a center of a vastly different and exotic Middle Eastern culture.
I decided to pen down my top 7 reasons why I love the city of wonders that is Dubai.

A Busy Airport Represents a Big City

Starting from the very own Dubai International Airport, I was astonished to see such a busy gateway to the world. Dubai International Airport has even left what was once the busiest airport in the world behind, with 7 billion and more people coming in and out of the terminal gates. You can be anywhere in the world, at any part of the planet but, a plane trip to Dubai will always be present, even in the remotest areas.

The Royal Family is Hip!

Okay, I know this point might not be an acceptable reason for everyone but for me, I’m a big-time adventure and sports lover. I find it very interesting that in the best and most sustainable way, the city is well equipped with adventurous spots, whether it be indoor snow parks or outdoor safari races. All this is a mutual interest of royal family in in molding the city in the most fun way. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a pretty fun-loving personality and his crown prince too is keenly interested in such sports. They also have a massive following over social media accounts and unlike other royals in the world, to me, they appear rather hip than conventional.

Dubai’s Night Life is Unforgettable

Dubai is a city that never sleeps, and while this statement used to be a mere cliché for me a few months ago, I got to know that it is as true as it can be. With beaches and night parties that go on and on, it is no surprise that the city denies ever going to sleep. I had a number of places in mind including some local and international nightclub brands like Mahiki, Blue Marlin Ibiza, and Pacha, where I wanted to go. But in all my honesty, I cannot deny the fact that even a night out drive towards that road of Dhow Cruise Dubai Canal is bliss in itself too and a sight to enjoy. The nightlife of Dubai unlike any other highlight city of the world is surprisingly calm, soothing, and for everyone.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Before even coming to Dubai, cruising through Dubai through the ways of creek and marina was on a top priority of my list. I have had so many people telling me about this that my interest in this activity became the most important to me. My experience on boat cruise was refreshing. I was lucky enough to go on for both of the routes of canal, creek, and marina. Dhow Cruise Marina was at its best. It was everything that I ever imagined and was expecting out of it. All the glamour and glitz of the city, night time on the boat was sensational. We were all touched by the little details and hospitality of the ride.

World’s Largest Musical Fountain

Dubai’s famous musical fountain is such a beauty to admire with spectacular colors and theme. It was created by the same guys that made the Las Vegas fountain, Bellagio. With 6,600 lights and 25 different color projectors that sequence and view that the fountain produce is just out of this world. The fountain is 1,0000ft long and has the capacity to shoot water up to 500ft. Along with the ongoing musical stream of Arabic, classical, and contemporary.

Ski at the Middle of Desert

Witnessing a Ski at the middle of the desert was one the most bizarre thing that I have ever even heard of. But the delight was true and not at all a fantasy. Like the chocolate made tree house at the middle of the forest in Hansel and Gretel’s story, for me this 5 slope ski of 22,500 square meter and 85m high length was that. This is one of the reasons why I’d love to go back to Dubai.

An All-You-Can-Eat Brunch

Brunches in Dubai are very important and extremely exciting. Unlike the idea of brunch that we have in our minds, brunches in Dubai are more of a buffet and an all-you-can-eat feast. Throughout my stay, the one thing that I kept me waiting for Fridays was their special Friday brunch mega feast. From strict continental to extreme kinds of seafood and even heavy full meal dishes, you’re destined to find this all in Dubai’s brunch menu.
My list of things that made my trip amazing and unforgettable ends here. Comment down below and let me know, for what exact reason Dubai is your favorite spot. Also for tour booking and details, you can check out www.mala.ae

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