Large observation Ferris wheels are one of the best attractions in order to overlook places from a sky-high. It’s a view you would not be capable to have otherwise. Observation wheels allow the visitors some of the incredible photo opportunities and are able to provide a lasting memorable experience. Here we are going to face off the two most famous in the world name as Dubai Eye and London Eye.  Dubai’s Ain Dubai has been officially launched we thought we have to compare the Ferris wheel with the famous London Eye in order to determine which one is the better attraction. The reason is, many people believe that a trip to the UK is incomplete without a visit to the London Eye. Let’s begin with the comparison, you can say it is time for an Ain Dubai vs London Eye.

Ain Dubai vs London Eye

Are you are looking for Dubai Eye vs London Eye? Let’s know about these two Wheels

Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye)

Ain Dubai is the sign of a long list of Dubai’s record-breaking attractions. The largest observation wheel is located on Blue Waters Island, stands at an astonishing 250m height. The giant monument is a masterpiece of construction. You’ll be surprised to know that each leg of the wheel is 126 meters in height which means, it’s enough to fit 15 London buses. Accessible from the island, Ain Dubai is enriched by unforgettable social experiences making it one of the best tourist destinations for all.

London Eye

The London Eye is considered one of London’s largest tourist attractions. It’s a giant wheel significantly designed for celebrating the millennium 2000. The London Ferris wheel is standing on the south bank of the River Thames. Each pod of the observation wheel has bench seats as well as a heating and cooling system. The weight of each capsule is approx. 10 tons and 800 passengers are allowed to travel in the Eye at a time. Each capsule of the London Eye is made of glass panels on a steel frame.  Visitors also climb the glass-enclosed capsule for a circular orbit. It is fascinating to know that, the London Eye is not only a fairground thrill ride, it is also a slow and amazing way to experience London.

ain dubai vs london eye

Key points of Ain Dubai and London Eye


Ain Dubai Wheel

London Eye Wheel

Construction begins May 2015 1998
Opening 21 Oct 2021 9 March 2000
Location Bluewaters Island, Dubai, UAE Riverside Building, County Hall, United Kingdom
Height 250 meters 137 meters
Total capsules 48 observation pods 32 observation pods
Total capacity Approx. 1750 people Approx. 800 people
Ride time 38 minutes 30 minutes


Purpose of Naming

London Eye

The London Eye- also called the Millennium Wheel was officially renamed Coca-Cola London Eye in 2015.

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai was is also known as Dubai-i. the name was inspired by its British predecessor. However, now the Ferris wheel is officially renamed the Arabic word for eye Ain Dubai.

Which one is taller?

London Eye

The London Eye is approx. 135 meters long. This observation wheel is offering a lot of impressive views of London. You’ll see the city at a distance of 25km on the London Eye. Most amazing thing is, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the London Eye leading to Windsor Castle, from 40 km, on a clear day.

Ain Dubai

It is fascinating to know that; Ain Dubai wheel is considered as the latest sign on the list of Dubai’s world record-breaking attractions. Located on Blue Waters Island, the giant observation wheel stands at an astonishing 250m height, making it the most prominent Ferris wheel in the world. The observation cabins of Ain Dubai are providing the visitors with a stunning location for a 360-degree birds-eye view of Dubai.

The capacity of Both Wheels

London Eye’s Capacity

32 carrier pods are present on the London Eye. Each capsule is representing 32 boroughs of London. There is a great need to know that the overall capacity of the London Eye is 25 people per capsule. London Eye has a total capacity to approx. 800 people talking about 30 minutes in order to complete a cycle.

Ain Dubai Capacity

The observation cabins of Ain Dubai is providing the visitors with a stunning location for a 360-degree view of Dubai. Passengers ride in one of the 48 cabins, each pod is carrying nearly 40 people. However, at any given time, there might be approx. 1,750 people on the observation wheel. Moreover, an entire rotation of the Ain Dubai takes about 38 minutes.

Rotation Time of both Wheels

London Eye

London Eye is offering mesmerizing views of the city of London. You can see the city easily at a distance of 25 km. moreover, it takes 30 minutes to complete the London Eye Revolution.

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai’s cabins provide the visitors with an ideal location for a 360-degree view of Dubai. An entire rotation of the Dubai eye wheel takes 38 minutes. So, book your Ain Dubai Tickets now to enjoy 38 minutes of a ride.

Location of Both Wheels

In order to understand all the things, it is necessary to get an insight into their locations too.

London Eye

London Eye is located in the London Borough of Lambeth, standing on the bank of River Thames’. The area is also known as the South Bank, famous for London’s cultural center. Along with this, London Eye is also a proud member of the famous landmarks cluster in London.

Ain Dubai

Dubai Eye Wheel has got the main attraction of Bluewaters Island. Miras have developed this island as a retail and leisure center along with some areas for accommodation and hospitality.

Now, after this detailed comparison, what do you think of this Dubai Wheel, and are you traveling to see it?

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