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The January in the UAE is always a bit hit and miss. After a weekend with flooding in parts of the emirates, it seems like there’s more rain. However, the cooler temperatures are on the way. According to the National Centre of Meteorology’s and latest forecast, that covers until Saturday January 22, the cool climes are set to stay. There might be little chance of rain in Dubai Fujairah and Ras al Khaimah. However, in Abu Dhabi, the weather will remain dry and sunny all week.

However, temperatures are set to get cooler throughout the week. Reaching the highs of 25ºC in Dubai as well as 27ºC in Abu Dhabi, temperatures in the northern emirates are set to drop further, even 16ºC in Fujairah. You’ll be surprised to know that, the coldest temperature was recorded in the UAE was -2ºC, in January last year. The temperature was observed by meteorological equipment based in Raknah, Al Ain, a low-lying area. It was the first time since records began. Let’s have a look at weather forecast in Dubai for next week.

Weather in Dubai for next 7 days

Forecasted weather in Dubai for the next 7, 10, 14 days as well as beyond is predicting maximum temperature around 24℃ on Monday at around 4 pm from the past week. Over the same period the minimum temperature could be 18℃ or 65℉ on Friday around 7 am. However, weather forecaster is reporting for Dubai a Thursday 19th January might be the wettest day in the coming week. The rain fall is expected around 0.20mm or 0.0 inches. Moreover, try and stay dry, make sure to carry an umbrella.

So, this and coming weekend is predicting windiest of all days as wind will reach 22mph or 36kmph at around 5 pm.

More for your Information

Best months to visit Dubai

January and February are ideal month to go for holiday as well as travel to Dubai. In these months’ temperature is at around 74°f. On average, there’s 338 hours of sunshine in a month.

Which months receive most rainfall?

January and March receive most rainfall in Dubai with precipitation count of 0.59 inch.

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