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Residents of UAE experienced an unexpected, as well as very heavy rainfall in some areas of the country. Police officials on Sunday sent out an emergency alert to all residents of all Emirates to warn them to stay indoors for their safety due to the extremely heavy rainfall.

Unstable Weather Conditions

It is expected that the weather conditions in UAE will continue to stay quite unstable and unpredictable in the upcoming days, as per the forecast given by the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) in Abu Dhabi. A lot of scattered rainfall is to be expected, with cloudy skies over different areas in the country along with dust storms, rough seas and strong winds. This bad weather is expected to last till at least Wednesday, 14th November.
The forecasters have suggested that the country will be relatively safe and the residents do not have to worry about as they will not be experiencing any flash floods like the ones in the neighboring countries like Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Iran. The floods in these countries have been quite strong, which has resulted in more than thirty casualties so far, which had caused panic and prompting a state of emergency. The winds are however expected to travel at the speed of 20-35 km/h till about 45 km/h, especially over the sea so utmost cautions must be taken.

Further Updates

According to the update from Dr. Ahmed Habib, who is the meteorologist at NCM, there is expected to be further cloud formations all over the country. He explained that there are cloud formations in Saudi Arabia and some of these clouds move towards the UAE, which causes the rainfall. He also said that with the weather changes and the transition period between summer to winter there are a lot of changes. The movement of the clouds causes the turbulence in the weather as they move from west to east. He warned that the people should be careful while driving in such weather conditions, especially on the 14th November, Wednesday as there is a special cloud formation that is expected on that particular day along with rains towards the northern UAE. The weather is expected to improve after Wednesday, expect for a few scattered cloud formations here and there. But the seas are still expected to remain rough in certain areas.

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