Dubai is a small word but it has tremendous beauty, a charming atmosphere, sky-touching buildings, gleaming malls, and many more in it. Visiting Dubai is all about traversing new places and indulging in thrillers and exciting activities.
Dubai is all famous for its happening parties and nightlife. From fancy beach clubs to concerts under the stars, Dubai is a lavish place to admire and fulfill your expectations. From wandering in streets to admire the beauty of this city in such appealing weather of October to having a peaceful dinner at dhow cruise dubai Marina or from exploring the beauty of Dubai from the highest point to roaming in splendid blue waves of the Dubai ocean on a yacht, Dubai gives you a glorious time and exquisite experience. And these experiences become even more dazzling and delicate when the weather is enticing and inviting.
October is here with its magnificent weather and endless charm. The cool breeze and less humidity make everyone happy and delighted. And of course, planning a trip in such weather is the best choice and a must-have opportunity.
October gives an opportunity to explore both outdoor and indoor places because of moderate weather. So make a list of top famous places in Dubai if you’re going to plan a vacation in Dubai in October.

Enjoy the weather of October in Dubai

There are mainly two seasons in Dubai, summer and winter. October is the transition period that marks the start of winter and end of summer. So the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot. Temperature lies between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius and weather remains warm & dry. Perfect for outdoor activities. But if it gets too hot on some days, still you don’t need to be worried because you still have an opportunity to roam about indoor activities and also there’s no dearth of indoor places to cover.
But make sure to check the weather in Dubai throughout October to spend most of your time in pleasant weather.
Top  places to visit in the elegance of October
Pick up these top 3 places and list them in your travel bucket. Visiting these enticing places in the delightful weather of October will surely make your trip amazing.
So make sure to include these marvelous places in your itinerary when visiting Dubai in October.

Don’t miss Burj Khalifa  

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is more than just an attraction. Surely you don’t want to miss the chance of going to the world’s tallest and mesmerizing building, which is actually 828 meters tall, soaring over Dubai.
You will be hypnotized to see the feet-standing structure of this beautiful building and its highest occupied floor in the world.
You will enjoy Dubai’s view from such an incredible height.  At the Burj khalifa, you will have the experience of:

The exclusive sky lounge experience on the ground floor. Here you will enjoy some Arabic hospitality like sip on hot, thick coffee and nibble on dates.
The view of Dubai and some parts of Abu Dhabi from such an amazing height. You will get a clear vision of the Burj al Arab, Hotel Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, The Dubai Frame, The Dubai Eye, and several other iconic and enthralling landmarks.
High dining atmosphere in the Burj Khalifa. It’s just not all about reaching the highest decks at this Burj. You can have a luxurious dinner while enjoying the beautiful scenes of the city. Mosphere is a fine dining restaurant located on the 122nd floor. So you must enjoy a perfect place while visiting this spellbinding place.

Dubai mall is here to mesmerize you

Dubai mall is no doubt an incredible and amazing place of entertainment and shopping. With over 1000 stores and an incredible and galvanic interior, Dubai Mall is a remarkable shopping center that has revolutionized the city’s contemporary shopping experience.
Have a blissful time in this amazing place. You can also explore this wandering place without spending any money. Here are some spots that you must visit while visiting this hypnotic mall.

Fashion Avenue
155 million-year-old Dinosaur at Dubai Dino Display
Dubai ice rink (on the ground floor of the mall)
Ekart Zabeel
VR Park

Dubai is full of exciting spots and sometimes it feels really hard to cover all the spots at once. But you can visit all these top rankings to have an exciting trip.

Have awe feeling at Dubai Aquarium & underwater zoo

This place is really incredible. Like, have you ever imagined yourself wandering among the sea life. Yes! The experience is really gonna be hell fun.
Dubai Aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic animals that are almost over 140 species. The place is enriched with an engrossing experience in the heart of Downtown Dubai.
Surely you don’t want to miss this captivating attraction in such pleasurable weather of October.
Avail benefit of weather with some must Do’s in Dubai


Are you a gold lover? The right part of your journey has just started. Dubai is well known for its gold trade. So just come in and get lost in these streets and buy lovely jewelry of real gold. The retailers are here to give you discounts and bargain on these beautiful ornaments. You will find authentic jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals.
So don’t miss the chance of spending your money on such inspiring jewelry.


Like other dancers, the fountains of Dubai are also choreographed. This amazing fountain system is located on the 12 hectares of man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. These spectacular dancing fountains will give you a remarkable experience of your trip. Also visiting this place in such marvelous weather in October increases the joy.


If you are going to witness the beauty of Dubai, then how can you miss the taste of Dubai’s top place, The Dhow Cruise. The experience will be mind-blowing. You’ll get a sizzling experience of having delicious dishes with a fresh breeze gently blowing into your face. You’ll get amazing cuisines like:

“Jameela” Dinner Cruise___Dubai Creek
50-star Luxury Dinner Cruise___Dubai Marina
Buffet Cruise___Dubai Canal

These Dhow cruises will cover most of the Dubai highlights, so don’t even imagine missing the chance of exploring the dazzling beauty in such an inspiring manner.


The Atlantis Palm in Dubai is a perfect location to have a stay in such awful weather in October. The place is surrounded by palm trees that look more adorable in divine weather.
You can easily book a hotel, enjoy amazing chef dining, couple of spa treatments, and even more. The experience of staying in such a delicate place will be best and unforgettable.


If you are sick of paying extra on reservation costs, then don’t do it. Simply have a homey feeling at Ivory Grand Hotel Apartments and book any apartment without any reservation cost. This hotel is located in the downtown area of Dubai and it’s even more than just a place to stay. This captivating place offers self-catering accommodations with free wifi, a spa, and an outdoor gym too.
Surely you will have a good private time here at this place.


The place is best for tourists because of its affordable rates. The place is easily accessible and offers you a splendid view of Dubai’s fascinating ocean. You can reserve a room and also you can have a cuisine of your own choice. They offer the guests Indian food too so if you are tired of eating fast food and missing your home food, the sea view hotel should be in your top list.
Dubai is a lavish place where you can have the best and most unforgettable experience. Dubai welcomes all its tourists. From having a lavish lifestyle like a SHEIKH to exploring the dazzling beauty of Dubai on a tight budget, Dubai is all here to serve you according to your terms.
Planning a tour in October will make you able to have a fresh insight due to pleasant weather. So no matter whether you are a backpacker or an affluent traveler, just plan a trip and get lost in the sizzling beauty of this grand and opulent city. Don’t miss out on the famous places with amazing activities. Just make a lush travel bucket and make your October worth memorable by spending it in Dubai.

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