Dubai- the city of gold is not only famous for shopping malls, high-end restaurants, as well as entertainment opportunities, it is also for majestic art galleries. While discovering its extravagance, you must enjoy the other intriguing side of Dubai that is in its art galleries and exhibition. In Dubai, the art is blooming day by day owing to the creative minds of local and regional.

If you are an art lover, then you must head to the beauties when in Dubai. While visiting various art pieces in Dubai, your heart, mind, and soul will be replete along with sheer tranquility. In Dubai, various art galleries offer exhibitions displaying the best works influenced by culture and history. Along with this, there’s plenty more to discover. Here you can spend a couple of hours in admiring the creative work of skilled artists.

Dubai is one of the popular hubs in term of art and entertainment in the world. There is no shortage of art galleries in order to admire the rich artistic flair. From modern Middle Eastern art to emerging talent, art galleries in the city of gold are holding the true colors of the creative scenery.

This blog is all about some of the best art galleries in Dubai and it’s going to so enthralling and informative. So, let’s begin.


XVA gallry

XVA is one of the leading art galleries in Dubai as well as the Middle East. The art gallery is located in the old quarters of Dubai in AI Fahidi, Dubai’s heritage district. XVA art gallery was established in 2003. It is specializing in contemporary art from numerous Arab countries. An art exhibition held at XVA significantly focuses in the art by regional and emerging artists. The artwork at XVA art gallery in Dubai depicts multiple cultural perspectives, challenging the existing biases. Along with this, the gallery also displays exhibitions locally as well as internationally. The gallery also participates in international art exhibitions.

It is fascinating to know that XVA offers expert art consultancy for both companies and individuals. It is one of the popular haunts for people looking at Middle Eastern and Indian art galleries. They provide art rotations for loaned work. In Dubai, these art halls are used for planning exhibitions and help in art transportation by providing art installation services.

Furthermore, XVA, is popular for blending the idea of a boutique hotel as well as the appeal of art gallery. This art gallery is featuring the works of artists such as Colleen Quigley, Mahmoud Hamadani, Samira Abbassy, and Alikhaan Abdollahi. It’s an ideal venue for guests in order to indulge in lip-smacking and good quality food in XVA’s in-house vegetarian restaurant.

The Empty Quarter

Empty Quarter

The Empty Quarter is the only art gallery in the UAE that is significantly devoted to fine art photography. The art gallery is co-founded by Emirati Princess Safa Al-Hamed and Saudi Princess HRH Reem Al-Faisal. The main reason of the popularity of the Empty Quarter is, it is one of the finest Dubai art galleries targeting internationally and emerging photographers. It is fascinating to know that; Empty Quarters is represented twice at “Paris Photo”. It has also won the BMW Paris Award in 2009. Moreover, the Empty Quarter has also hosted the Art Paris Art Fair in 2013 and the world tour titled “Prix Pictet Earth”.

The Third Line

third line

Another major entry in the list of famous art galleries in Dubai is the Third Line, which represents contemporary Middle Eastern art.

The Third line library was launched in December 2018. It is a great service platform in order to promote the work of rising artists as well as designers. In addition to the gallery’s offering the exhibition catalogs, artist monographs, and magazines, The Third Line also stocks limited edition from the gallery’s roster and other regional designers.

The hard work displayed in the third line gallery includes the likes of Amir H. Fallah, Tarek AI, Farah AI Qasimi, Hassan Hajjaj, and Huda Lutfi to name a few. Along with this, the book wing of the Third Line publishes written by regional artists. The main publications are In Absentia by Tarek AI – Ghoussein in 2009 and a monograph on Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian in 2011.

Alserkal Avenue


Alserkal Avenue is one of the cultural districts of contemporary art galleries. It’s a non-profit organization and homegrown businesse in the Al Quoz industrial area of Dubai. Alserkal Avenue is spread across 500,000 square feet. It is a vibrant community of designers, artisanal spaces visual as well as performing arts organizations in the United Arab Emirates. Along with this, Alserkal Avenue has allowed the Dubai arts to thrive over from past few decade, providing a consolidated home of over a dozen galleries, and artisanal and performing art spaces.

The Lawrie Shabibi

The Lawrie Shabibi

The Lawrie Shabibi Dubai is one of the contemporary art galleries in Dubai. This art gallery is popular for supporting North African and Middle Eastern contemporary artists. This well-known Al Quoz art gallery organizes historical art exhibitions. It also takes part in mediating with curators and collectors. There is a great need to know, Lawrie Shabibi is one of the contemporary art galleries in UAE that promote the long-term development of young international artists. They organize historical exhibitions while collaborating with artists from older generations. Moreover, they also work together with institutions, museums, curators, and collectors.

In terms of art museums in Dubai, The Lawrie Shabibi art gallery is a bridge of connection between Middle Eastern as well as International art community. The gallery conducts ehibitions, screenings and talks on regular basis.

Ayyam Gallery

Ayyam Gallery was founded in 2006. The art gallery has evolved to become a leading arts organization with a diverse range of established and emerging artists. Ayyam Gallery is also known as a blue-chip art space in Dubai. They have extensive collaboration in many countries such as Europe, Africa, United States, and Asia.

If you are truly an art lover, don’t miss visiting Ayyam Gallery. The gallery with non-profit outlook strives hard in order to take the art to the next level. Safwan Dahoul, Samia Halaby, Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, and Elias Izoli Sama Alshaibi are the popular artists who intrigued art enthusiasts along with their artwork.

The Workshop Dubai

The Workshop Dubai

The Workshop Dubai is a multi-concept space provides an extensive range of artistic experiences. The famous art galleries Vindemia and Fann À Porter are located inside the workshop. The best thing is, there is a separate floor for displaying interior design including, lighting, furniture, home accessories and many more items. You can also find a library and a café for relaxation.

Cuadro Fine Art Gallerycurdo art

In Dubai, Cuadro Fine Art Gallery is an exceptional platform for the artists who are proficient in art. The place offers extensive range of art exhibitions, educational programs, as well as art consultation. It significantly emphasizes on four areas including consultation, residency, exhibitions, and education. Furthermore, the exhibitions are beatified by Cuadro Education Programme with panel discussion, workshops, and lectures. Along with this, the gallery aims at showing their artwork in international art communities.

Meem Gallery

meem gallry

Meem Gallery was by Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi in 2007. Other founders of this art gallery were Charles Pocock and Mishal Hamed Kanoo. Meem Gallery in Dubai is popular for having amazing artwork of regional artists.The art gallery showcases the works of Zhivago Duncan and Mahmoud Obaidi. There is a great need to know, Meem Gallery is also well-known in hosting number of exhibitions and art fairs. It’s an ideal venue offering original art pieces for sale.

The main focus of Meem Gallery is on the promotion of art belonging to the Arabian region, Iranian, as well as North African. The art gallery is also holding solo and group art exhibitions significantly based on regional artists such as Dia Azzawi, Kamal Boullata, and Parviz Tanavoli. Meem Gallery is the witness artworks of renowned artists in Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Institut du Monde Arabe Paris, British Museum London, and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art Doha, to name a few.

The art gallery also deals with the in-house publication program. Noor Library for Middle Eastern Art, the region’s comprehensive resource centers for the arts is present at Meem gallery. It’s a huge resource center houses including over 16,000 books and journals regarding classical and ancient Middle Eastern art.

Carbon 12

carbon 12

Carbon 12 art gallery in Dubai was established in 2008. It initiated a comprehensive program of institution-grade artists. Carbon 12 is internationally active and continuously introducing established and emerging artists to the UAE art scene. Carbon 12 is supplementing its 6-8 annual exhibitions along with various contextual activities, publications and talks to engage the public as well as educational institutions. Hence, the organic and playful process that constitutes the production of Carbon 12’s artist is significantly facilitated by its location in Al Quoz.

Green Art Gallery

green art valley

Having been active in the UAE for 4 decades, Green Art Gallery was relaunched in 2019. This contemporary art space program is featuring a multi-general mix of artists from the Middle East. Salon d’art has evolved into an art space that represents a multi-generational mixture of artists from the Africa, South Asia, Turkey, Middle East, North and beyond. Green Art Gallery was started off with a petite art gallery, Now, it is considered as one the most well-known art galleries in Dubai towards authentic artwork. The gallery showcases numerous skilled artists with their exceptional artwork.

The Courtyard

Courtyard Gallery Dubai

The Courtyard in Dubai features a theatre with a 70-seat capacity, a coffee as well a juice bar. There is also an incubator business center, flower boutique, a bistro, home accessories and unique gift shop, printing, film and studios and spaces for interior designers. The courtyard was stablished in 1998. It was formed to offer a major platform for people to meet, interact and learn together while engaging in culture. Moreover, the place is also known for showcasing works of artists such as Albert Deman, Louis Toffoli, and Bernard Buffet.

Galley Isabelle van den Eynde

Galley Isabelle van den Eynde

Isabelle van den Eynde art gallery was established in 2006. It is considered as one of the first contemporary art spaces in the whole UAE. After that, the owner went on to launch her eponymous space in Alserkal Avenue in 2010. It is fascinating to know that Isabelle van den Eynde art gallery prides itself on collaborating with its artists in order to create insightful and provocative presentations. It also challenges the ideologies and conventions related to the notion of art display.

Showcase Gallery

Showcase Gallery Dubai - Mala Tourism

Showcase Gallery in Dubai was established in the 1990s. it is also considered as one of the first established galleries in the UAE. Showcase gallery has been run by Sharon Harvey for the last 14 years. He has grown Showcase to be known as one of the foremost contemporary art spaces from accomplished Middle Eastern and African talents. It is fascinating to know that, this art gallery has also the option of an in-house framing service along with over 300 framing options.

The Mojo Gallery

The Mojo Gallery

The Mojo Gallery is responsible to bring together multiple creative forms like design, art and media. The art exhibitions are significantly based on fine arts. Mojo art Gallery exhibits original paintings, video art, paperwork, conceptual photography, sculptures, and mixed media prints.

Grey Noise

grey noise

Grey Noise is representing a wide range of contemporary artists. It significantly focuses on works from the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe. Since their inception in 2008, Grey Noise have built a good reputation as a space for cutting-edge art from the region. Although they represent a small selection of artists such as Michael John Whelen and Caline Aoun, but their rosters are of a carefully curated nature.



Tashkeel in Dubai was established in 2008 by Sheikha Lateefa bint Maktoum. The art gallery thrives to nurture the growth of UAE representing art and design with the help of the Tashkeel Critical Practice Programme. The best thing about this art gallery is, it showcases art pieces regarding to fabricators, graphic designers, and artists who have roots in this region. Besides hosting workshops on etching, calligraphy, and embroidery- Tashkeel art gallery also provides a solid platform for art-related discussions.

Elmarsa Gallery

Elmarsa Gallery

Opened in 1994, Elmarsa art gallery significantly focuses on the talents of local artists. It provides a solid platform for artists all around the Middle East. It is fascinating to know that, the Elmaesa art gallery binds the region along with the beauty of art. With a novel approach, the masters leave no stone unturned in order to impress the visitors to see their surreal art. Always be ready to get enthralled with the compositions influenced by Arab, Mediterranean, and African cultures.

The Empty Quarter

The Empty Quarter is dedicated to striking fine art photography. The art gallery is established by Safa Al-Hamed and HRH Reem Al-Faisal. The Empty Quarter also promotes the work of international photographers such as Steve McCurry, Al-Moutasim Al Maskery, Bruno Barbey, and Marc Riboud. If you are in interested in photography, the Empty Quarter is indeed a boon.

Besides these art galleries, there are several other frequent pop-up exhibitions in JBR, Dubai Design District, Zabeel Park, and Al Quoz. The culture of street art IN the UAE is becoming popular. You can also check the nearest art gallery within your area.

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