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Dubai is home to dozens of international conglomerates that reflect its multicultural nature. Hence, management looks for various ways in order to build camaraderie amongst the staff.
Corporate events are not only fun, they serve a better purpose of creating camaraderie within the team and business. According to the research, it has been suggested that team-building activities are one of the best opportunities for the team leader in order to learn more about the employees as well as discover new talents. Such activities break the invisible communication barriers to give a sense of togetherness.

Team-building activities and outdoor tours have a great positive impact on workplace productivity. For this purpose, the companies look for the best places for team-building activities in Dubai to engage colleagues. Let’s have a look at some of the best team-building activities in Dubai.

Yacht rental Dubai for Team Building Activities

private yacht rental dubai
Leave the confines of your office and the meeting rooms. Let’s have dinner on the corporate event yacht to show your clients how you value them by giving only the best benefits and rewards.
Attract your clients and show your existing clients how you value the partnership by taking them on a luxury yacht for dinner passing by the iconic landmarks and making it best for the team-building activities. On an exciting yacht rental in Dubai, you are allowed to choose from a wide fleet of yachts according to your needs.  You can organize a variety of corporate events on the yacht such as:

  • Client meetings
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Office staff parties
  • Product launches
  • Staff meetings
  • Awarding parties
  • Annual corporate events
  • Company functions

However, there’re multiple reasons to host some team building activities on the yacht in Dubai such as:

Develop team communication skills

Communication is a key when you and your team are enjoying on a yacht. From getting off the dock all the way to sunset, sailing on a yacht means everyone must work together. In order to get get safely and effective communication team members, onboard are key. Rather than for one of the managers to be appointed automatically, why not let the team take it in turns to lead. Allow yourself and team to have fun in the middle of the sea and indulge all on some board games or other ones.

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Encourage healthy competition

Allow your team to focus on the bigger picture to achieve a specific goal. Hosting a corporate team-building activity injects a sense of competition and adventure. Once your team has innovative skills, they’ll be seeming always under the watchful tutelage of experienced sailing. Yacht charter Dubai Sailing offers a number of competitive corporate team-building activities to have fun and learning at the same time.

A sense of togetherness

Sailing is fun when it’s done in a group. The cool breeze and shifting, a singular unity of purpose created by the team in a combined effort to navigate the yacht through the water.
Each individual put his/ her effort to make the trip memorable and successful. Team building activities on the yacht will significantly foster a sense of bonding between the members of the team.

Aventura Adventure Park

corporate trips

Do you remember when Greg in marketing told his story when he went climbing through the trees in the jungles? Here is the best time for everyone to get the chance to unleash their inner Tarzan at Aventura Adventure Park on a team building in Dubai. the activities range from Exploratory to Extreme climbing. Other activities include climbing across spider web-like ropes, everything from a 160-meter zip-line, a thrilling literal 25-meter Tarzan jump, surfboarding through the trees, and many more. It’s an amazing way to escape the confines of the office or your hectic routine for a session of team building. The activities include having two walking across the rope by helping each other. If one of them fails, don’t worry because safety always has your back. It can be a half-day or a full day of activities, Take that, Greg.
Price and Location

The price starts from Dhs400 per person.
Open Sun-Wed 1pm-10pm, Thu-Sat 9am-10pm.
Mushrif Park, Gate | Direction

Camel Polo

camel polo
You can play the sport of kings on horseback, but why not get the ships of the desert in order to play instead as part of a team-building activity? Camel Polo is just like its cousin in sport despite an Arabian twist.  Gather a team of at least eight and head over to the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club for non-stop giggles.
Polo is known as the oldest known team sport; it needs teams to score goals using a wooden mallet. Mallet makes a satisfying whack while hitting the ball. Keep in consideration, that you don’t have to do all because a trainer guides teams through the rules as well as steers your trusty hump-backed steed. However, you just have to focus on said “whacks” and score against the opposition.
The complete package also includes polo shirts and soft drinks to cool off. That means, there is no need to go out of your way for dressing the part. Keep in consideration, that the club is open during the winter months, the upcoming months are the perfect chance to give it a whirl.
Pricing and Location

AED 785.
From Oct-Apr. Mon-Wed 8.30am-11am.
Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, Arabian | Direction

Dragon Boat Racing

dragon racing
A long history is attached to this traditional sport from China. However, all you need to know is, that there’s a boat and a massive amount of team building to be done. It’s a kind of hefty workout making it ideal for the people who have had enough of leg day as well as those who want to get back to their arms.
Dragon Boat racing is quite popular in Dubai with various teams including The Dubai Marlins and Steelcraft. Why not become a team yourselves? There’s something satisfying about synchronizing each stroke to the timings by the front two paddlers. When another boat is right up the dragon tail, it gets better. It makes for an exciting race, full of spectacle as well as team camaraderie. It’s essential to know, synchronicity is the key, if it doesn’t spell out team building, we don’t know what does.

  • Multiple locations including Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort | Direction

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rush away
If you desire to star in the Amazing Race, Rush-A-Way makes it comes true in the streets of Dubai. Whether it be a scavenger hunt, a big race filled or a classic treasure hunt, it is fascinating to know that, the Rush-A-Way team musters up a route throughout the city for teams of four folks to complete. Are you thinking about what are the activities? The fun is in the surprise. However, you can expect to test your physical, mental as well as geographical skills with teamwork. Most importantly, there isn’t any I or U in a team. We suggest teaming up with a Dubai know-it-all – they know the ins and outs of the city in order to nab you the winning title.
Pricing and Location

Prices starts from Dhs140.
Open daily 9am-6pm.
Various locations in Dubai. | Direction

The Smash Room

Smash hit

The satisfaction of a teammate throwing a plate while you line up your baseball bat to smash is the biggest satisfaction in life. The only way to find out is to take the team and let them loose at The Smash Room in Dubai. From computers, printers, TVs, or all those items that have one way as well as another malfunctioned on you during your time in need at work, it’s time to get revenge.
Up to five members are allowed to enter a room, choose the weapon of choice and smash away. The act of destruction is an ocean of fun, as well as makes up for any workouts. The smash room is the more extreme team-building activity in Dubai.
Pricing and Location

AED197 per person.
Al Barsha
Open Sun-Thu 11am-10pm- Fri-Sat 9am-11pm. | Direction

Beach Olympics

olympic games

The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make your own event on the beaches of Dubai. You can live out the Olympic dreams with a corporate team-building company. Along with some old-school staples like a sack race or tug-of-war, how does water balloon volleyball sound? Such an amazing daft, we say.
At the end of the tournament, points are tallied in order to determine the Olympic Champions as well as the medals awarded. Keep in consideration, that nothing brings a team together like a competition. Ensure to hang your medal on the desk to let them know the triumph of the day.
Pricing and Location

Prices starts from, AED 165 per person (two hours, group of 16 minimum).
Mutiple locations including Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort


pint ball

Imagine an office communicating enough like SEAL team 6. It’s a skill in itself and teams learn once they shoot paintballs at each other. It is fascinating to know that Paintball offers a vast space along with obstacles for opposing teams in order to make their way with the colors of the rainbow.
Teams have camped with a flag in it. It’s up to the opposing team to nab as well as bring it back to their camp. As once you are splattered with paint, you’re out of the game. People who are efficient at Call of Duty will shine at this and it’s an amazing way to see how others shine. Everyone wants to shower their workmates with paint and you may start calling each other Alpha, Tango, or Charlie from finance.
Pricing and Location

Dhs95 per person.
Sat-Thu 9am-11pm- Fri 9am-10am; 2pm-11pm.
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Sharjah. | Direction

Mountain experiences in Hatta

In contrast to the Dubai metropolis, there are also some diverse and magnificent rural sights to be seen in the UAE. Such a place is Hatta. Set against the dramatic landscape of the Hajar Mountains running across the northern United Arab Emirates as well as through to Oman. Hatta is an exclave of Dubai and it’s only a 90-minute drive from the heart of the city. Moreover, it’s also considered home to some of the UAE’s most historical sites.
There are many tour companies that provide an extensive trip to Hatta as well as some historic areas across the UAE. In terms of team events, Hatta offers hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking trails where teams bond while enjoying the mountain scenery. If you are looking for some competitive fun, Hatta Wadi Hub also offers activities like archery, axe-throwing, and zorbing.
Moreover, What’s the greater way to bring a team together than being stuck in the Dubai dunes? It may sound worse than it is, but thanks to the UAE’s scenery and getting to serene landscapes. Going camping is a DIY daycation more than anything else. From Fossil Rock to go for a group hike in the Hajr Mountains, the empty desert brims with activities such as sand surfing and dune bashing.

Dhow sailing experience

private dhow cruise
There is a great need to know, that Dubai’s main sources of income at the turn of the 20th century revolved around trade as well as pearl diving. Seafaring traders traveled the length of the ancient silk route from Europe to China on a wooden dhow. Dubai’s pearl diving was a vital part of the economy till the development of cultured pearls from Japan. Now, the show plays a trading role by crossing the Indian Ocean to the Subcontinent.
In the daytime visitors alike enjoy the daytime trips with views of the Dubai skyline from the Arabian Gulf. However, in the evening, a dhow dinner cruise in Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina offers a relaxed social setting with a unique backdrop of the old and the ultra-modern Dubai cityscapes. You can also organize a variety of corporate events on dhow cruise to attract your clients and make the event more successful.

  • TEPfactor Dubai

TEPfactor Dubai Attraction Pass l iVenture Card Dubai
It’s one of the best physically challenging team-building activities in Dubai. If a team completes challenges successfully, the TEPfactor Dubai consider them 100% efficient. Bronze, silver, and gold are levels of difficulty to make sure that everyone is pushed to their limits. You are allowed to compete teams of two up to six people.
Every challenge has its own time limit. You’ll have to race against the clock along with each group taking part in mind-bending puzzles, heroic feats as well as other team challenges. It’s an engaging few hours. the team-building packages also include beverages, from much-needed coffee to fizzling sodas.
Pricing and Location

The prices start from AED 180 per person.
Sun-Thu 6.30pm-7.30pm- Fri-Sat 10.30am-11.30am.
The Walk, JBR.

Team building activities are one of the best ways to bring positivity among individuals. Dubai offers numerous outdoor and indoor team-building activities to discover more talent.


Why do companies need team building activities?

One of the primary goals of every team is to bring all the members together under a new light. When a team work together, it motivates them and test new challenges efficiently. Team building activities enhance valuable skills such as time management, communication, collaboration, problem solving and many more.

What are the popular team building activities to enjoy in Dubai?

Generally, companies think about hosting lunches, board games and creating a scavenger hunt in order to encourage employees’ participation. However, if you want to do something out-of-the-box, take your team for one of the above places for an utmost fun in Dubai.

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