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Event management is not an easy task to do. A Lot of things are required to make sure that everything works out well. Dubai has been famous for its lavishness and luxuries, you cannot miss out on its beauty, especially when there are a lot of opportunities you can avail of.

If you are planning to have an event celebrated in Dubai that gives long-lasting memories, choose one of the best event management companies in Dubai. To make it easy for you, we have shortlisted a few companies that help you host an event that lasts a mesmerizing impact on your guests.

2. Mala Tourism LLC


If you’re searching for an event planner that can create lasting memories for your most valuable clients, Mala AE may be the right fit.

Mala AE is critical to the growth of the Middle East’s event sector. They have successfully delivered bespoke events for chosen customers in the Middle East, from concept creation and conceptual design through management, implementation, and analysis.

  • Cruises they Offer:
    • Ocean Express Dhow Cruise Dubai
      • International Buffet with live cooking
      • 4 Levels of Deck to accommodate large gatherings
      • Time – 8:30 to 10:30 p.m
  • Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina
    • Duration is of 90 minutes
    • Tickets are valid of 1 day
    • Aromatic and delicious buffet (Both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian)
    • The lower deck is fully air-conditioned
  • Lotus Mega Yacht Cruise Dinner
    • Phone and printed vouchers are accepted.
    • Dinner Cruise Boarding at 6:30 – Departure at 7pm
    • Instant Confirmation


  • Dhow Cruise Corporate Event
    • Sail on blue waves for 180 minutes.
    • A perfect sitting arrangement that suits your corporate event is available.
    • What will it be covering!
      • Launch a new product
      • Annual conferences
      • Government summits
      • Industry exhibitions
      • Business parties
    • Variety of dinner with the best package
  • Engagement Parties
    • Duration: 3 hours
    • Perfect sitting arrangement and decor that makes your event delicate is available.
    • All sops, especially masks and social distancing, are strictly followed.
    • What it offers:
      • Welcome Drinks
      • Live Music & Performance
      • Traditional Coffer
      • Dinner
      • Complimentary Engagement Cake
      • Professional Photography

And the list goes on…!

2. Done Events

done events

The Done Events Team delivers unmatched full-service event management solutions for every occasion. They manage a diverse portfolio of events on a local, regional, and worldwide scale for a variety of charities and organizations, exemplifying dependability and dedication.

Done Events understands the value of making each event distinctive; as a consequence, they place a high premium on personalized client delivery, tailoring each execution to the client’s personality and brief.

  • Staff on Board: 30+
  • Number of events Catered: 200+
  • Languages: English & Arabic
  • Rating: 4/5

3. Mala Yachts Dubai

corporate yacht

Mala Yachts Dubai is a well-known platform that accommodates individuals from all walks of life. This platform is well-known in Dubai for delivering full-spectrum event management and production services to businesses and individuals alike. They conduct a wide range of corporate events, including gala dinners, conferences, and award ceremonies, among other things, for their clients. In the field of corporate event management, they have a multitude of knowledge and experience.

There are a variety of magnificent boats available for purchase from Mala Yachts, including a tiny 33-foot yacht and a 220-foot superyacht. You may select from a variety of options, ranging from small private meetings to major celebrations or events, depending on your requirements. Consider our boat fleet carefully and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Events They Cover:

They have the most spacious Yacht fleets on their list, so do not worry about the large gatherings. You can always have them for your events. They are covering the following!

  • Wedding
  • Corporate Event
  • Family Gathering
  • Engagement Party
  • Mega Yacht Dinner Cruises

And the list goes on.

The Yachts are categorized in the following:

  • Ultra Luxury Yacht
  • Medium Luxury
  • Event Yachts


4. Stride Plus

stride plus events

If you are looking to build global business networks for your projects, Stride Plus Events will employ innovative methods to connect you with your clients and audience members. Interior event designs that are superior and vibrant are always advantageous to the occasions they are used for, and they go hand in hand with their powerful connections.

  • Staff on Board: 15+
  • Number of events Catered: 50+
  • Languages: English & Arabic
  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Website: www.strideplus.com

5. Mosaic Live


They design high-quality events for your business while keeping in mind campaign objectives, financial constraints, and cultural contexts. As an event management company, we strive to create memorable events for our customers. Mosaic Live strives to provide exceptional service while keeping to financial constraints and brand guidelines. They plan, organize, execute, and manage a variety of events.

  • Staff on Board: 10+
  • Number of events Catered: 50+
  • Languages: English & Arabic
  • Rating: 4.⅕
  • Contact Details:
    • Info@mosaiclive.com
    • Mobile: +971 50 11 10 895
    • Phone: +97144456717
    • Website: www.mosaiclive.com

6. Sky High Events

sky high

As an industry leader in corporate event management, Sky High Events’ mission is to deliver exceptional service that goes above and beyond the norm. Their comprehensive event planning and destination management services help customers organize and execute their events more efficiently. They work closely with each customer to ensure that they fully grasp their requirements and the event’s overall impact.

  • Staff on Board: 10+
  • Number of events Catered: 70+
  • Languages: English & Arabic
  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: +971558448449
    • Email:info@skyhigh.ae
  • Website: www.skyhigh.ae
  • Rating: 3.9/5

7. Max Events Dubai

max dubai

Max Events is a one-stop-shop for all event categories. Our position in the market demonstrates our success and expertise in the event management industry, as over 50 businesses rely on us. Our strength has been in delivering comprehensive event planning and implementation services.

  • Staff on Board: 10+
  • Languages: English & Arabic
  • Rating: 3.9/5
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: +971558448449
    • Email:info@skyhigh.ae
  • Website: https://maxeventsdubai.com/

8. Urban Events


They have influenced a diverse range of sectors. They take pleasure in providing outstanding client service and flexibility. They place a premium on actual encounters that allow them to interact with consumers who own brands or items.

Additionally, they have received several accolades from reputable organizations such as MSME, MEA, and others. As an award-winning event agency, they place a premium on immersive events. They never compromise on quality and are always coming up with innovative ideas, paying close attention to detail, and executing flawlessly. Additionally, they incorporate themselves with the teams of their clients. They are adhered to by their clientele and never make a quality compromise.

  • Years of Experience: 30
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: +9714 4307446
    • Cell: +97150 3564011
    • Email: info@urbantevnets.ae
  • Website: urban events

9. The Event Company

the event dubai

They have influenced a diverse range of sectors. They take pleasure in providing outstanding client service and flexibility. They place a premium on actual encounters that allow them to interact with consumers who own brands or items.

Additionally, they have received several accolades from reputable organizations such as MSME, MEA, and others. As an award-winning event agency, they place a premium on immersive events. They never compromise on quality and are always coming up with innovative ideas, paying close attention to detail, and executing flawlessly. Additionally, they incorporate themselves with the teams of their clients. They are adhered to by their clientele and never make a quality compromise.

  • Years of Experience: 26
  • Hosted events: 831+
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: 971-58132-6888
    • Email: contact@eventcompany.ae

10. Emerald


Emerald is an enviable brand. Here, you may obtain the most innovative and cutting-edge items. Our skilled staff is available to assist you. It has received a variety of honors thus far.

This reputable platform has served over 15 countries worldwide. It was founded in the United Kingdom and immediately established itself as a reputable company. The committed and experienced team is here to support you in the best possible manner. They continue to produce incredible strategies that allow for the creation of a variety of corporate and marketing events. They have amassed considerable knowledge in this sector.

  • Years of Experience: 12+
  • Hosted events: 5000+
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: 971-4589-7322
    • Email: info@emeraldeventsme.com

11. Plan3Media


Plan3Media possesses a wealth of experience. As of today, it has conducted about 200 corporate events with finesse. Plan3Media is a reputable corporate event platform partner for prestigious businesses in Dubai. This platform’s primary services are event production, event marketing, and event management.

This reputable organization is widely considered as one of the best event management firms in the industry. It has catered around 500 events to over 200 customers, including Dubai Asset Management, Emaar, and Dubai Properties. They have unquestionably developed a preference for conceptualizing and executing events in the UAE. This exceptional organization offers a diverse range of services, including event production and management.

  • Years of Experience: 5
  • Hosted community events: 3000+
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: +971 55 952 0580
    • Email: info@plan3media.com
  • Website: plan3media.com

12. M&M Group


M&N is a reputable platform that is well-known for its bold ideas and extensive resources. They are global in scope, yet intimately local. They do play a critical role in assisting companies in connecting, engaging, and evolving as a result of experiences, events, and marketing. They are renowned for providing exceptional strategy-integrated events and experiences that help humans interact with companies and their target audience.

They are renowned for creating solutions that are uniquely tailored to your business. They are well-known for being excellent team players, as well as enthusiastic and competent professionals committed to achieving extraordinary outcomes. Additionally, the objective is to create each event in such a way that it is incredibly alive and real.

  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: +971522742400
    • Email: hi@mnm.ae
  • Website: mnm.ae

13. Great Wall Events

great wall

Great Wall Events is a prestigious platform that never compromises on service quality. It was founded in 2004 and has a wealth of expertise. With 10 years of expertise, the highly skilled crew is capable of managing anything from corporate launches to conferences, weddings to gala dinners and birthday celebrations, and so on.

Here, we have a staff in place to ensure that events are tailored to the unique requirements of our consumers. They would be presenting them with a really personalized and one-of-a-kind experience. This platform’s mission is to “serve the finest without sacrificing quality.” They are committed to providing you with the finest service possible without sacrificing quality.

  • Established in 2004
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: 9714-256-7280
    • Email:info@greatwallevents.com
  • Website: greatwallevent.com

14. Artes

Artes was founded in 1999 with a clear aim. They have evolved to become one of the major suppliers of event technology in the region. Additionally, they have been a reputable supplier of over 300 live music performances and 10,000 events around the GCC. They have won many hearts with their cutting-edge AV and stage solutions, as well as a broad selection of backline equipment and performers.

They are able to handle all aspects of your event from start to finish. Additionally, this team consists of highly qualified in-house engineers and technicians. They have always been there to assist clients with planning and implementation. They have been the ideal solution in terms of permanent installation in your venue when it comes to hunting.

  • Established in1999
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile:+971 4 – 323 4997
    • Email: Info@artesme.com
  • Website: artesme.com

15. DXB

DXB First has established itself as one of the leading event management firms in Dubai, winning the hearts of many. They are committed to making your occasion exceptional and unforgettable. They never skimp on quality. They have been dedicated to providing the greatest service for a long period of time. They have provided the greatest service within the allotted time. They are constantly on the lookout for the most innovative and wonderful ideas from all walks of life in order to make your event the finest possible.

They believe in providing their consumers with the finest service possible. As of now, they have served about 400 clients, all of whom are happy with the service and prefer it to others. Their crew is incredible, always striving to come up with innovative solutions without sacrificing the integrity of the concepts.

  • Experience: 5 years
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile:9715-0532-7368
    • Email: askkayzar@dxbfirst.com
  • Website: dxbfist.com

16. Craft Studio

Craft Studio is a well-known brand. It is recognized as a full-service event business in Dubai, presenting tailored events to private/corporate event planners, including style, party organization, entertainment, and venue design. They are always striving to make their events distinctive and memorable for everyone involved.

The Craft Studio will genuinely help you bring your concept to life. You would be experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s time to enlist the assistance of your professional team in order to prepare. This firm is well-known for its pros who will assist you throughout the process, from conception to manufacturing. The crew is here, composed of the greatest carpenters, innovative artists, and, indeed, entertainment. They are here to create incredible furniture, backdrops, and party accessories, among other things.

  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile: 9715-0558-6061
    • Email: info@craftstudio.ae
  • Website: ae

17. Electra

Electra has over 25 years of expertise. They have provided event and exhibition contracting solutions to worldwide and local event management companies, exhibition organizers, architects, and venus throughout the Middle East. They place a premium on high-quality in-house construction and exceptional client service. The renowned team is comprised of professionals in fields such as steel, energy, graphics, logistics, and textiles.

Additionally, this organization employs a staff of highly competent international engineers, designers, and project managers. As of now, almost 400 projects have been completed. There are 430 content employees here. The construction of a 25000 square meter in-house manufacturing plant has been completed.


  • Experience: 25+ years
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile:9714-456-3827
    • Email: info@electradubai.ae
  • Website: electradubai.ae

18. Orbit Events

ORBIT has established itself as reputable event management, entertainment, wedding planning, and communication company in the United Arab Emirates. They are incredibly specific in their approach to selecting desirable relationships, elevating activities as a result of live encounters, and integrating communication.

Additionally, they combine their creativity with over two decades of expertise producing hundreds of award-winning brand activations, experiences, and remarkable live events. They have established a solid reputation and are committed to cultivating a deep enthusiasm for designing appealing and powerful experiences. Additionally, they ensure that their consumers leave satisfied each and every time.

  • Experience: 20+
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile:+97142958339
    • Email:pragna@orbiteventsuae.com

19: Entouorageintl

Entouorageintl is a renowned platform that has been working as an independent live communications agency in the MENA area for the last 11 years in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, with a headquarters in New York City. They employ precise strategy in all areas of marketing, including advertising, public relations, social media, creative, and digital. Research is recognised as the cornerstone of any highly developed and successful tactics.

It has evolved into a consultant and brand guardian for all of the brands with whom it works. It achieves an intriguing balance of quickness, solidity, and professionalism. They are committed to both established and emerging brands. This illustrious firm has significantly expanded both its reach and portfolio.

  • Experience:11
  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile:9714-3388-834
    • Email: info@entourageintl.com

20: Adduba

Adduba has established itself as the greatest platform by adhering to the principle of bringing the best without sacrificing quality. It houses a 200-strong team. Additionally, you would have the ideal locations. They are the best customers due to the unique situation. Adduba has arrived with a very fantastic concept. It is well-known for offering 24/7 help at any time and from any location, making it a wonderful choice indeed.

It is time to pick it since it ensures an incredible experience and helps make your event the greatest and most memorable. They are always coming up with brilliant ideas. They are here to serve you with their customer-friendly and one-of-a-kind events. They are here to assure the clients’ convenience. They have strengthened their team by pursuing exceptional ideas and teams.

  • Contact Details:
    • Mobile:9710-52631-8888
    • Email: nfo@addubaevents.com

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